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Sleep woes 18 March 2010 50

I’ve always had problems with tiredness, and recently this has become worse due to job worries. Until recently I was getting better sleep than normal which had been interrupted by a noisy neighbour, but worries over looking for work and lack of money have been stressing me out. I never can seem to get enough sleep. I have been tossing and turning at night with worry. My brain simply just does not seem to shut down.

I generally can not drink hot drinks, so tea would not be a good option. Coffee of course would keep me awake. Also, I am a non drinker, so a wine before bed would also be a on option. My bed is pretty comfortable, so that’s not the cause of missed sleep. So I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what works for them in terms of getting a good night’s sleep?

Even when I get a solid night’s sleep I am often very tired. I mean pretty exhausted. I’ve had test after test as to why over the years. It is not iron deficiency. I just get sleepy and occasionally a little dizzy or disorientated in the afternoons. I can usually pull myself together and focus on things, but it is not always easy. Anyone else get this? Know what might be causing it? Or best still, how to cure it / get over it?


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50 Responses to Sleep woes
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GardeningGirl 2:01 am 19 Mar 10

Last year I was feeling particularly stressed for a few weeks and whenever I had a bad night's sleep and was busy the next day it seemed to all catch up with me, often in the afternoons, and cause something similar to what you describe.

Though it's not that common for me, at various times I've had trouble sleeping and years ago I worked out a trick of doing something repetitive that requires a certain amount of concentration. It usually involves going through the alphabet thinking of things in a certain category, eg names, cities, countries, etc.

I hope things get better for you soon.

lucym 11:56 pm 18 Mar 10

A few things I use occasionally to get to sleep (or get back to sleep)

- I think about gardening and planning new areas of my garden (do you have a hobby that you enjoy that involves planning something)

- eat/drink something sugary - a mars bar, a teaspoon of honey or sugar, a sugary drink - sometimes low blood sugar stops you sleeping

- ear plugs - I have fairly good hearing and putting ear plugs into at least one ear cuts down noise that I don't even realise is annoying me

- if none of the above works, a couple of panadol removes discomfort and sends me to sleep (even if I am not in pain !?)

CoffinRX2 11:13 pm 18 Mar 10

Get some anti-anxiety stuff from your doctor. .... allows your brain to shut down and go blank and not worrying about everything.

Xanax/Alprazolam works great

TAD 10:23 pm 18 Mar 10

I had the same problem and found a relaxation audio track settles me down now.

If you have a iphone, I would recommend the apps "Deep Sleep" and "Relax" with a Scottish hypnotist Andrew Johnson. ($3.99)

Although it sounds a bit mumbo jumbo, he just guides you to relax through controlled breathing, relaxing your body and a music track. Its a 15-20 min track that knocks me out quite well.

gargamel 10:21 pm 18 Mar 10

Neuroprogtammer 2 sheesh!

Think I need to get to sleep...

gargamel 10:20 pm 18 Mar 10

Neuroprommar 2 that is...

gargamel 10:19 pm 18 Mar 10

I use Transparent Software's Neuroprammer 2. It is an entrainment prorgam - plays what sounds like white noise that your head can get in sync with. It has a heap of different programs - sleep apnia is one.

I used to have times where I'd get no more than 2 hours sleep - I use the package regularly and haven't had sleep problems since starting. Using the program allows me to get 5-6 hours sleep and feel great. Of course I aim for a bit more than that and can get readily.

NP2 has some funky programs too like OOB but you will need to get used to such programs to get anything out of them. They're pretty cool though.

I know that there's a 30 day demo - google it and have a crack I reckon.

Genie 9:36 pm 18 Mar 10

Hot shower 2 hours before you wanna go to sleep.

If your anxious keep a notepad by your bed, then if your awake constantly worrying or thinking about it, you can write it down and look at it in the morning.

Anna Key 9:35 pm 18 Mar 10

Drive around Canberra documenting our driving habits

androo 9:29 pm 18 Mar 10

fresh sheets - there's nothing like a sleep in nice, fresh sheets.

temperature - lighten the doona, keep a little cooler rather than too warm.

ambiance - a CD of a tropical thunderstorm... leave that playing (on repeat) and fall asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. Or light classical music. Best sleep :)

andy pandy 9:26 pm 18 Mar 10

If you can't sleep due to worrying etc... try to do something to distract yourself, such as read a book or watch some tv for twenty minutes or so. I have found both work for me as it takes my mind off what ever I am worrying about and allows me to sleep. Other than that take VG's advice.

Bosworth 9:09 pm 18 Mar 10

maybe you have sleep apnea

cleo 9:01 pm 18 Mar 10

Don't stay on computer at night, and don't watch tv in bedroom. drink horlicks before bed, maybe have a read.

Kim F 8:55 pm 18 Mar 10

Learning to meditate can help you "empty" your mind of the worry.

PsydFX 8:37 pm 18 Mar 10

I am kind of the same. I have a really hard time getting to sleep at night, and then I feel like I am getting my best sleep around the time I am supposed to get up - which leaves me feeling a bit tired and drowsey all day.

I ended up getting the Sleep Cycle app for my iPhone, and it does actually seem to make a big difference. Basically you set the time in which you need to get up, and the app will wake you up within 30 minutes of that time when you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle.

If you don't have an iPhone, you can buy wrist watch type devices that do the same thing.

Juice Terry 8:32 pm 18 Mar 10

You were close to a solution when you said "pull yourself together". Drop the 'together' and you've got your answer. Works every time.

screaming banshee 7:23 pm 18 Mar 10

I sometimes have a half-cup of warm milk which does the trick, drink it sitting on the bed (legs on the floor) then lay down.

Less turning and more of the other one can help too.

vg 7:20 pm 18 Mar 10

Wrong place to ask. See your GP and ask for a referral to the sleep clinic in Deakin if necessary

knuckles 7:03 pm 18 Mar 10

A teaspoon of cement in a glass of water will probably help with all your issues.

Eby 7:01 pm 18 Mar 10

It's possible you may have some issues with anxiety, which would affect your sleep and go towards explaining why you can't shut your brain down - I would recommend visiting your GP for an anxiety assessment.

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