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Sleep woes 18 March 2010 50

I’ve always had problems with tiredness, and recently this has become worse due to job worries. Until recently I was getting better sleep than normal which had been interrupted by a noisy neighbour, but worries over looking for work and lack of money have been stressing me out. I never can seem to get enough sleep. I have been tossing and turning at night with worry. My brain simply just does not seem to shut down.

I generally can not drink hot drinks, so tea would not be a good option. Coffee of course would keep me awake. Also, I am a non drinker, so a wine before bed would also be a on option. My bed is pretty comfortable, so that’s not the cause of missed sleep. So I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what works for them in terms of getting a good night’s sleep?

Even when I get a solid night’s sleep I am often very tired. I mean pretty exhausted. I’ve had test after test as to why over the years. It is not iron deficiency. I just get sleepy and occasionally a little dizzy or disorientated in the afternoons. I can usually pull myself together and focus on things, but it is not always easy. Anyone else get this? Know what might be causing it? Or best still, how to cure it / get over it?


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50 Responses to Sleep woes
SolarPowered 5:51 pm 19 Mar 10

If you are light headed in the afternoon, try to avoid sugary snacks and coffee (hard, I know). Have something like nuts or a banana. No caffeine after 3ish. And then try to clear your head at bedtime with a good book. Something engaging that you will lose yourself in for about half an hour. I also find yoga works really well – a good workout and stretch. Or you could just tap your partner on the shoulder – I’m always sleepy after some nudge-nudge 😉

Good luck.

DavoDavo 4:42 pm 19 Mar 10

Ooo, a bridge? How much?

lolly123 4:30 pm 19 Mar 10

Melatonin. This is a chemical that the brain produces naturally to relax you and you can buy it as a supplement. It’s not a sleeping pill so you can’t get addicted nor do you wake up with the ‘drug hangover’ the next day. It helps to bump you asleep and you stay asleep.

Check it out on the web 🙂

ricci 4:21 pm 19 Mar 10

Sex before bed works for me.

Dazzlar 4:05 pm 19 Mar 10

#35 – really? Do tell! As for the bridge, I’d only be interested in it if it has views of Sydney Harbour!

astrojax 12:43 pm 19 Mar 10

Dazzlar said :

#32 – wow! this sounds amazing and like it could really work for me. Where do I get it?

troll-sniffer has them, but i have them cheaper and have a bridge that may also interest you… 🙂

Dazzlar 11:59 am 19 Mar 10

#32 – wow! this sounds amazing and like it could really work for me. Where do I get it?

Buzz2600 10:27 am 19 Mar 10

Re-reading your original post & comments … +1 for meditation and relaxation music/therapy. There are CDs available which will guide you through a meditation with calming music. I use this simple meditation technique when i can’t sleep …

Relaxing in bed, lights out and only quiet calming music on (if anything) to help muffle any other noise and distractions. Try counting your long slow breathes, 1,2,3,4 in … 1,2,3,4 out. Imagine with each breath inhaling fresh rejuvenating (white) air and exhaling old stale (dark) air. Eyes closed, focus on a single image (usually a bright globe of light) in your mind this helps to remove distracting thoughts by having a single focus while breathing. Imagine the light being breathed into your body, warming and calming your body with each new breath.

Practice it a few times … it works if you can distract your mind and find ‘single mindfulness’. Exercise after work, herbal tea, or #5 Juice Terry’s suggestion might be other solutions. Namaste! 🙂

troll-sniffer 10:12 am 19 Mar 10

astrojax said :

otherwise, reiki will also help :)~

I’m in the process of developing a Reiki-like distance sleep therapy course. Once you’ve registered and paid the upfront deposit I will send you an s-meter (managed to get a couple of these second hand from a wacky church and have swapped the ‘e’ for an ‘s’). Once you have taken the nightly s-meter test, you simply phone me the readings and I will draw out just the right amount of your Guleia (trademark registered) energy (the sleep deprivation energy we all have stored in our minds) and you can sleep soundly. Guaranteed.

Disclaimer. While the Guleia treatment and s-meter work for most people there is no guarantee that the system will work for you. By accepting this treatment you acknowledge that it may not work as advertised in every circumstance and you agree to make no claim on the founder nor franchised agents of the Guleia system as to the efficacy or proven scientific capability therein notwithstanding the inadequate use of legalese in this paragraph to hide true intent and purpose.

Buzz2600 9:52 am 19 Mar 10

Perhaps you have cronic fatigue or something similar? Stress can bring it on. I hope you find the solution & get better soon!

astrojax 9:41 am 19 Mar 10

a good pile of the latest publically available government policy documents could help…

of course, the advice about seeking professional help is good – and as for warm evening beverages, milk, not tea (though chamomile might be good, and it needn’t be hot – steep and let cool, drink at will) is best.

otherwise, reiki will also help :)~

Danman 9:25 am 19 Mar 10


Lots of it.

By days end I would have ridden 160km this week (16km ride to work, 16 home, repeat 5 times).

I also have a young daughter who I have been getting up 3 to 4 times a night to change and feed, yet still full of energy.

Sleeping problems need not always be accountable to ‘sleeping problems’, sedentry lifestyle and poor eating habits are among a myriad of daytime activities that can cause sleeplessness

Oh and +a bazillion for getting a reference to Dr May in Deakin sleep clinic… That got my obstructive sleep apnoea sorted quick smart about 8 years ago – never felt better.

Of course, you could OD on valerian skullcap too – that should help.

prhhcd 9:11 am 19 Mar 10

you need to see your GP to discuss. Have an anxiety assessment. The other thing I have done is set a routine – like you do with a baby. This allows the body to “prepare” for sleep. Meaning you do exactly the same things every night before you go to bed – say for 40 mins. Mine is shower, brush teeth, pee, read for 15 mins, lights out. This works really well. Its one of the things sleep specialists recommend too. Good luck!

deezagood 9:09 am 19 Mar 10

I think a lot of people suffer in this way. You need to go an see your GP to get some help, especially if none of the other suggestions here work for you. For quick relief without a prescription, try taking half of a Restavit tablet (these are a non-prescription sedative/antihystamine readily available from the chemist) about an hour before bed. They don’t zonk you out, but I find they help me to get back to sleep if I wake up during the night. Obviously just a short-term survival measure though – you need to see your doctor.

PURSUTE 8:55 am 19 Mar 10

Regular exercise works for me.

I have always had trouble with sleeping, particularly during stressfull times. In the last couple of years I have discovered a love for cycling, and it has made a huge difference to my sleep paterns.

At the moment I ride just for the sake of it once or twice a week, and commute on a bike whenever it is practical. If I am having trouble sleeping, I’ll force myself out of the house for a ride, even for just 20 minutes, and it really helps.

From the reading I have done about it, I understand that getting your heart rate up and the endorphins (SP?) flowing regularly is the important thing, you don’t have to be super fit or anything. Try and find something you like to do, whether it be walking, kicking a footy or shooting some hoops at the local school.

Coach 8:29 am 19 Mar 10

You have already got a stack of great suggestions here. Whether they work or not is totally up to you.

The key to it all is that the right answer lies inside you. You created your unique situation and you have the solution inside you. “But how do I find it”? That’s the challenge.

The first bit of awareness that might help you is that anything you fight against, will fight back even harder, because you are giving it energy. That applies to every addiction, every bad habit, anything you don’t want to have in your life. You need to stop fighting against it and let go of it. (You might need some help with that)

The problem with all the different drugs you can take, is that they are designed to either replicate or fight against a chemical reaction that happens naturally in your body. By learning that you can control anything that happens in your body, your mind and your emotions (not an easy thing to accept or learn because it goes against everything our society and our media tell us) the quality of your life, your health and your happiness will skyrocket. (I speak from personal experience)

The problem with these comments is that as people read them, they have to go through the filters of their existing beliefs first, and what arrives is totally different to what I actually wrote.

Good luck with your journey.

eyeLikeCarrots 8:10 am 19 Mar 10

facet said :

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea (stopped breathing over 600 times per night). After treatment, I feel fantastic. See you GP get some tests done. The technology for testing and treating sleep apnea has improved a lot in recent years.

facet – what treatment were you given for this ?

steveu 8:05 am 19 Mar 10

Daily exercise (a good session, not just a walk) I find helps alot of things, state of mind, clearing my head etc. Just not too close to bedtime thats all. You really have to persist and after a couple of months and see how you go. Good luck! 🙂

indigoid 7:50 am 19 Mar 10

Maybe you need to eat more and/or better food. Energy does not magically appear. Your body needs fuel

facet 7:31 am 19 Mar 10

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea (stopped breathing over 600 times per night). After treatment, I feel fantastic. See you GP get some tests done. The technology for testing and treating sleep apnea has improved a lot in recent years.

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