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Small 3.7 Earthquake Shakes Canberra via Wee Jasper

By obediah - 20 April 2012 42

earthquake plot

Woken by a small quake this morning. GeoScience Australia seems to agree with this assessment.

Did many others feel this one?

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Small 3.7 Earthquake Shakes Canberra via Wee Jasper
dtc 9:40 am 20 Apr 12

Seriously, if a tiny earthquake wakes you up, you need a better mattress.

trevar 9:26 am 20 Apr 12

Nice to know Poseidon hasn’t forgotten us in his recent binge…

Rawhide Kid Part3 9:25 am 20 Apr 12

Who says Canberra doesn’t “Shake, Rattle and Roll”.

ForReal 9:18 am 20 Apr 12

Wow, 5:10am..that’s odd!

Didn’t sound like a possum on the roof, more like someone running along the deck.

How’s the cat? Nope, hasn’t moved. But he always flinches with strange noises.

Shit, I’m starting to ‘hear’ things in my sleep – have I done that before? surely not – hasn’t there’s always been a reason.

Oh I know, maybe it was an earthquake, wouldn’t that be cool if it was! Nah, that’s not it, we *never* get earthquakes.

Wish I wasn’t tossing and turning; is old age is catching me up – wonder if my Pop heard things in his sleep. And what’s with this silly cat?

“Good morning and welcome to Breakfast, Fran Kelly with you. On today’s program….north Canberra residents were awoken by a tremor in the early hours this morning….”

Phew – time for a new cat!

Watson 9:17 am 20 Apr 12

I’ve slept through 4 earthquakes in my life so far. I’d rather be a sound sleeper than worry about missing out on the experience apparently. (I am miffed about missing out!)

johnboy 9:11 am 20 Apr 12

unless it’s just exhausted its resilience.

Gungahlin Al 9:09 am 20 Apr 12

Also feeling dudded. That’s two earthquakes in Canberra I’ve managed to sleep through…Wife on the other hand is crowing (with nonchalance) that she was awake and felt the whole thing.

On the up side, I can now crow that apart from being really energy-efficient and comfortable, my house is also earthquake resistant! 🙂

eily 9:05 am 20 Apr 12

Woken up by both my bedroom windows rattling like mad. Couldn’t feel anything myself though.

Special G 9:04 am 20 Apr 12

No quake people. Just people getting frisky to get some workers compensation.

Jivrashia 9:03 am 20 Apr 12

Yes, in Lyneham.

More heard than felt. At first it was not so dissimlar to a 16 wheeler travelling in the distance, but then the sound got slightly louder such that I imagined a jet engine plane flying past.

madamcholet 8:55 am 20 Apr 12

I feel dudded as I didn’t hear or feel a thing. I was woken up at 5.50 by a son with the heebie jeebies wanting to go for a wee though.

Darkfalz 8:47 am 20 Apr 12

Didn’t feel it. Probably would have just thought it was a big truck going past.

jessieduck 8:39 am 20 Apr 12

Yep, I definitely felt it. It was like a big truck driving past without the noise.

gertel 8:38 am 20 Apr 12

Yep 5.10 by my clock – I didn’t feel vibration but the sound of things vibrating was quite loud.

pptvb 8:30 am 20 Apr 12

It woke me up. There was a fair bit of shaking!

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