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Smokers are dying breed.

Thumper 26 October 2005 86

Firstly, sorry about the pun. Secondly I have as yet to find a link.

And thirdly, it appears that under our consultative sharing caring government that the only place that you will be allowed to smoke in the future will be in a small sealed box located on the windward side of Mount Tinderry, but not in bushfire season and not when the winds are blowing from the southeast, and definitely not if there happens to be any wildlife within a 100 klick radius.

Now I know smoking is not good, and I also realise that pubs and clubs are shocking for non smokers. Don’t flame me, I agree. However the latest had me in uproar. Apparently Foskey wants smoking banned from any covered enclosure. Yes, thats correct, any covered enclosure, as in carport, or even an eve off a building.

Is the government going to pay for the doctors bills and dry cleaning bills when people get dumped on by rain in winter?

Rational thought people, rational thought….

(Or else I’ll jump on my bugbear, that being fat people being allowed to eat at McDonalds! )


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86 Responses to Smokers are dying breed.
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el el 1:19 pm 26 Oct 05

That’s a brilliant generalisation you made there Jay, really.

Jay Wayward Jay Wayward 1:17 pm 26 Oct 05

Good old smokers. Putrid in smell, haggard in health and void of all responsibility.

Always believing that it is more their right to exercise an illogic principle, than it is for others to maintain good health.

If only the government would use the tax made on cigarettes to fund medical equipment for the treatment of lung and throat cancer caused from passive smoking.

Smokers of the world, It’s all about you isn’t it ? It’s just all about you.

el el 1:03 pm 26 Oct 05

Yep butts are definately litter, no arguments there (from me anyway). They take something in the area of a million years to go away.

I fully support fines for morons who can’t dispose of them properly.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:52 pm 26 Oct 05

And just what are cigarette butts if they are not litter ?

Last time I checked there was a substantial fine for littering which included cigarette butts

Maelinar Maelinar 12:49 pm 26 Oct 05

Sorry bonfire, I got the figure wrong.

“Over 4,500 fires a year are caused by cigarettes and smokers’ materials,” said QFRS Assistant Commissioner for Community Safety, Reg Christiansen.

Go and get fucked all you can’t be bothered to use the left hand side ashtray wankers.

Just as you can’t be sold alcohol when you’re drunk, which is a rule that has been put in place because of people abusing the system, there is now significant enough reason for smokers to have a rule put in place because they have abused the system.

Further statistics also on the QFRS site say that 7% of all bushfires in Australia are caused by discarded cigarettes.

Your whole ‘your smoke offends me’ response is also bullshit. I don’t go to a pub to smoke. I go to drink beer. Smokers also go to pubs to drink beer. Your analogy stunk more than your clothes do after a night on the town.

I don’t have an problems whatsoever with your enjoyment of smoking. I do however have a problem with having to breathe in your refuse, no matter which form it takes, be it bad breath, spittle, farts, smoke or whatever.

So you go piss off. Legally you have to if I’m offended by your smoke, to which end you can stick in your pipe and smoke it.

el el 12:19 pm 26 Oct 05

Well Maelinar, if it’s occuring regularly you should report them to Urban Services/City Rangers.

Ignorant f*cktards may not care about throwing butts out the window for environmental/bushfire reasons, but when they start receiving $200 fines in the mail for doing it they’ll think twice about using the “right hand side ashtray”.

bonfire bonfire 11:57 am 26 Oct 05

cigarette butts are not litter. its like saying trees shoudl be banned because leaves drop from them.

its a softhead argument.

as is the ‘ban cigarettes while driving because of all the bushfires’ one. 3000 a year you say ?

i say bullshit. more are caused by monkey bike riding teenage arsonists than joe blogg driving down the road with a peter jackson lit up.

there seems to be a real focus on portraying smokers as bad and whose behaviour must be corrected.

the whole ‘your smoke offends me’ argument is bullshit as well. if you know people smoke in pubs, yet you go there – how can you complain about the smoke ? these morons are the same ones who complain about aircraft noise when they buy a house under a flightpath.

so they think its reasonable to just ask for a ban on smoking, forgetting that there are people who like to smoke and will have their enjoyment ruined by whinging idiots.

piss off and join save the ridge.

im off for a smoke.

Maelinar Maelinar 10:52 am 26 Oct 05

Actually there’s a more significant reason, every year over 3000 bushfires are started in Queensland alone by the same very people who use their ashtrays but can’t seem to differentiate between an ashtray and the drivers side window.

Of course everybody uses their ashtrays, the only problem is that 3000 bushfires a year is a significant enough statistic to argue that it’s similar to all those chaps in jail who didn’t do the crime either.

The catch is while I’ve been driving through Coppins Crossing, there are regular instances where I’ve seen people using the right hand side ashtray, even after they’ve been past the ‘bushfire affected area’ sign.

Now if I could blow their tyres, I’m sure they’d reconsider the benefits of not using the right hand side ashtray and might use the left hand side one, but I’m sure that’d offend somebody out there’s respective human rights or welfare or wellbeing or something like that.

el el 10:45 am 26 Oct 05

And the relevance to smoking OYM? Did they test people’s driving skills while they were smoking?

Didn’t think so.

Jeezus guys, smoking isn’t a challenging mental/phsyical task like you make it out to be.

To ban smoking in cars, you’d be best to ban eating/drinking too. Shut down all the drive-through take away joints too. From my experience, eating whilst driving is 100 times more difficult than haivng a smoke.

Chalker Chalker 10:34 am 26 Oct 05

It could be argued that your concentration is lowered from the distraction of tapping ash off a cigarette every few drags, taking your eyes off the road to make sure the ash goes in the ashtray and not on the car floor, not having both hands on the wheel, the smoke irritating the drivers eyes making it more dificult for them to see road conditions, the stimulatory effects of the nicotine including increased blood pressure resulting in greater stress induced incidences of road rage… (the last few are getting a bit far fetched maybe, but the first ones I think are quite legitimate).

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 10:30 am 26 Oct 05

Same reason as why we have the law banning using a mobile phone while driving? Did you see Mythbusters the other night where they tested the skills of drivers using mobile phones and when drunk?

el el 10:17 am 26 Oct 05

I personally believe that smoking while driving should also be banned.

What the fuck for? What harm am I doing to anyone if I decide to light up while I’m driving? I use the ashtray so butts aren’t an issue either.


OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 10:11 am 26 Oct 05

Bulldog you are not being discriminated against. Why should you have the right to smoke in a public place (cinemas, shopping centres, pubs, clubs etc.) at the expense of my health and wellbeing. I like to go out to pubs and clubs and don’t appreciate the direct health affects (eyes, coughing etc.) and the indirect affects such as my clothes and shoes stinking of smoke. No one is saying you can’t smoke, just we don’t want you to smoke in a public or work place that affects others.

I personally believe that smoking while driving should also be banned.

While in the UK I spoke to quite a few people from Ireland about the ban on smoking in pubs there. Even the smokers agreed that they enjoyed not having the smoke in the pubs. I remember also being in a club in Hawaii and there was a dedicated room for smokers. A girl I was travelling with who was a smoker refused to go in there because it was too smokey!

ssanta ssanta 10:06 am 26 Oct 05

I doubt that the smoking lobby will be seen as sensitive ethnic group of the ACT that needs their views looked after by a legislative body, unless euthenasia becomes legal…

bulldog bulldog 9:34 am 26 Oct 05

Am a smoker, I agree with the litter issue; I try and find a bin wherever possible.

In cafe/restaurant areas I don’t think an undercover ban is too much to ask. In pubs and clubs smoking areas seem to be working provided that the venues air handling units are up to the task.

That being said, smokers are being victimised and villified. Why is it acceptable to discriminate against one group and not another?

T_Bone T_Bone 9:17 am 26 Oct 05

The litter is my biggest gripe with smokers not the location. I thought the greens member might be more concerned about all those butts going down the stormwater.

Jey Jey 9:02 am 26 Oct 05

“Greens MLA Deb Foskey is moving to have the rules disallowed and says there should just be a blanket ban.”

Found a link for you Thumper, but there’s only that one sentence about Foskey’s comments. Had a look on the ACT Green’s site but there wasn’t nothin’

ssanta ssanta 8:58 am 26 Oct 05

I smoke. Yet I agree with this, as strange as it amy seem. The one thing that shits me abouyt ym fellow smokers is thier amazing ability (and mine) to be able to throw cigerette(sp?) butts around with gay abandon making the placwe look very messy indeed.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:48 am 26 Oct 05

Would that include purpose built smoking shelters ?

Jey Jey 8:44 am 26 Oct 05

hmmm you think the greens would be all for civil freedoms, like their drug policies.
Bit of a contradiction.

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