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One great brand after the next

Smokers are dying breed.

Thumper 26 October 2005 86

Firstly, sorry about the pun. Secondly I have as yet to find a link.

And thirdly, it appears that under our consultative sharing caring government that the only place that you will be allowed to smoke in the future will be in a small sealed box located on the windward side of Mount Tinderry, but not in bushfire season and not when the winds are blowing from the southeast, and definitely not if there happens to be any wildlife within a 100 klick radius.

Now I know smoking is not good, and I also realise that pubs and clubs are shocking for non smokers. Don’t flame me, I agree. However the latest had me in uproar. Apparently Foskey wants smoking banned from any covered enclosure. Yes, thats correct, any covered enclosure, as in carport, or even an eve off a building.

Is the government going to pay for the doctors bills and dry cleaning bills when people get dumped on by rain in winter?

Rational thought people, rational thought….

(Or else I’ll jump on my bugbear, that being fat people being allowed to eat at McDonalds! )


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86 Responses to Smokers are dying breed.
Kramer Kramer 2:10 pm 27 Oct 05

As a non-smoker I find smokers hilarious, their actions say something like “Look at me! I have rolled up burning leaves in my hand! I can breathe fire and blow smoke! I must be a dragon!!!”

Time to grow up kiddies, it’s no longer cool.

bonfire bonfire 12:59 pm 27 Oct 05

the words ran nicely together.

i do not hate everything – i love walking among my fellow man enjoying freedom and nature.

people on this blog have some weird ideas about me.

im a sweetheart – really.

live and let live i say.

i apologise to all the softheads who disagree with me, drop around for a brandy and ciggarette one night.

i should add that i just saw a recumbent cyclist go past, and the invitation does not extend to them.

Jay Wayward Jay Wayward 12:43 pm 27 Oct 05

Keep your pants on el. You obviously didn’t bother reading my apology to Lurker Gal. I realised i’d made a generalisation, so i apologised and made an amendment to my original comment.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 11:35 am 27 Oct 05

Nicely said Maelinar!

The same goes for me, I would NEVER EVER eat a tofu burger on a chick pea bun. Geez some people have distorted views!

And your last point “Apart from the crap that’s coming from whichever mouse is in control of your head at the moment” – teehee I am STILL laughing!

My god this post has turned out into such a WAR

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:25 am 27 Oct 05

Bonfire your a pisser bro… you hate everything its golden!!! HAHA

Bodhichitta Bodhichitta 10:14 am 27 Oct 05

LOL I like Bonfires suggestion that hippies dont like smokers…something backwards there.

Other than that, this whole argument is a waste of time. Let these people smoke as much as they want, the sooner they kill themselves the happier Ill be.

el el 10:06 am 27 Oct 05

Well, there seems to be generalisations being made from both sides (Jay, Bonfire). FWIW, I made the point about the butts taking something like a million years to dissappear. No, I’m not a “softhead”, I’m a smoker too and get just as pissed off at anti-smoking zealots.

I get equally pissed off by non courteous smokers that give the rest of us a bad name.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:47 am 27 Oct 05

bonfire, just where did the non-smoker image for you get distorted into this tofu burger and chick pea bun eating image ?

You’re so valiantly standing up for the anti-anti-smoker side you’ve lost track of just what you’re saying.

Now I’m not exactly regarded on this site as being quiet and polite, I also have my pedestals I get up on and speak about.

I certainly don’t come up with wild analogies about people that aren’t based in some level of fact, for instance as a non-smoker you won’t EVER see me eat a tofu burger with a chick pea bun. I do not even know what these items are.

I am a beer swilling, meat guzzling blond headed and all my bits are functioning hetro male. (one of the last) I see television advertising that purports females to be the dominant sex and laugh my head off, in front of my wife. (I especially like that tractor ad where the wife takes the cash-back money at the end). And I’m not a redneck.

Now can you see me eating a tofu burger in downtown gayville ?

Just how do you know there aren’t mountains of cigarette butts out there jarhead ?

When was the last time you went strolling through some ancient garbage dumps where the only thing that has survived are nappies and cigarette butts ?

For your info, the last time I did was about 3 weeks ago now.

Apart from the crap that’s coming from whichever mouse is in control of your head at the moment, do YOU have any facts that back up what you’re saying ?

bonfire bonfire 9:45 am 27 Oct 05

i doubt it, i cant stand women who smoke. its very unattractive.

Indi Indi 8:32 am 27 Oct 05

I wonder if there is any truth (or empirical evidence) in the attraction of smokers (male) to smokers (female).

As you say Thumper, that increased ‘cool’ was the primary motivation to smoke and provided many ‘inroads’ with the ladies…of course now only maintaining a limited lung capacity due to smoking has taken away that ‘cool’ edge.

Thumper Thumper 7:51 am 27 Oct 05

Well at least its good to see you are actually following the argument. Oh, thats right, you’re not.

I am smoker. In fact, I posted the original post. I think the anti smoking lobby is rather over zealous. Did you read any of that?

Obviously not from the tone of your last post.

Anyway, thats your opinion, I have no problem with it.

bonfire bonfire 5:19 pm 26 Oct 05

i see your point thumper, lets just remove freedom of choice from people.

ban smokers. ban fat people.

i reckon we should ban softheads like yourself jackbooting your social engineering agenda over every one else. unlike the monkey bike gangs, joe bloggs having a durry doesnt constitute a public menace.

actually no i dont think we should ban softheads and their onanistic view spouting, because you are perfectly entitled to hold those opinions. my right to ban anything ends at the tip of my nose.

but i dont like smelling baby poo, so i refuse to change nappies, whats the alternative – ban babys shitting ? if you dont want to smell cigarette smoke – stay away from places people smoke.

if you go to a cafe and see an ashtray, maybe you will realise that smokers are welcome. dont sit down there, go somehere else where the hippies can serve you a tofu burger and chick pea bun.

the butt argument is a nonsense. show me this giant cigarette butt mountain thats a million years old. softhead statements are not axioms. they spout these things to guilt people out.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:57 pm 26 Oct 05

Anyway, you have to admit that smokers at least are paying something towards any medical treatment they may require in later life, unlike drug addicts that cost us all a great deal!

bulldog bulldog 4:46 pm 26 Oct 05

scary stuff Mr E; have seen it happen on numerous occasions. Makes you wonder.

At least most smokers I know aren’t in denial. “I smoke but I usually manage to get up and walk around daily; so I won’t have any health and fitness problems”.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:39 pm 26 Oct 05

I thought it was okay to eat lots of greasy fast food, so long as you have Diet Coke with it.

bulldog bulldog 4:36 pm 26 Oct 05

It’s okay Indi, all the downsides are offset by increased ‘cool’. I won’t encourage you to take it up again, but I’m certain you might get a bit more action…

Thumper Thumper 4:35 pm 26 Oct 05

You’re right of course Indi, the powers that be will roll out any old stat simply to prove that everything about it is evil, bad and nasty and that you must be a pariah if you smoke.

And yet the government is quite ahppy to rake in the bucks from the taxes.

Indi Indi 4:26 pm 26 Oct 05

And how about the theory that smoking can impact negatively on your IQ – the powers that be are going to great lengths to get ppl to stop smoking. It also can affect your eyesight and ability to reproduce apparently…god I miss smoking!

Thumper Thumper 4:08 pm 26 Oct 05

Unless you are stuck in the 8 items only lane at Woolies and are getting squashed against a railing.

Seriously, obesity has overtaken smoking as the Western World’s number one killer.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 4:03 pm 26 Oct 05

Mael: Yes we are. Fat people sweat more! So they are smelly, which impacts on us!

*Disclaimer: LG is not anti fat people and is also not exactly a stick figure herself.

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