Smoking now allowed in schools?

Thumper 4 November 2007 61

Sadly I can find nothing online about this. However, various radio stations are reporting that a girl at Stromlo High is allowed to smoke during school hours as she needs to do so to get through the stress of it all.

Apparently the school has given her the go ahead, and it is thought that she has a doctors certificate allowing her to do so.

Andrew Barr has declined to comment, saying that it is a departmental issue.

Interesting stuff from a government that paints smokers as the antichrist. And a typical Stanhope government piece of hypocrisy.

[The Age has now picked up the story here with the NSW Health Minister putting in her 2 cents worth. The Daily Terror, the Herald Sun and (including Sky news video footage) are all also carrying the ‘story’. I’m sure it’ll be on TT or ACA in days if it hasn’t been already – ed]

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61 Responses to Smoking now allowed in schools?
peterh peterh 4:12 pm 10 Jun 09

Thumper said :

Nope, I actually agree with smoking restrictions, and I’m a smoker.

Whereas, you’re obviously just a sanctimonious tool.


I am a smoker, and I don’t smoke in the car, in the house, I move away from others, and i remember the 6 of the best I got on both hands for smoking at school. I just made sure i held out till after school.

mzih8u mzih8u 3:58 pm 10 Jun 09

what quack gave her a medical certificate to allow her to smoke!!!

Danman Danman 3:56 pm 10 Jun 09

Old thread.. but you’re in uniform, therefore representing your school.

I am sure that your school has no interest in promoting itself as a school that endorses underage tobacco use.

Location is null, if you’re in uniform, you’re representing your school.

key-282 key-282 3:25 pm 10 Jun 09

As a student in yr12, I understand that they can stop students smoking on the school grounds.

What I don’t understand is how they can’t allow us to smoke in school uniform. I even got told off for having a smoke while sitting in my car out the front of the school. We can be facing a suspension if it is reported by someone to the school.

It is a load of crap, if we are off school grounds, what is the problem?

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 5:33 pm 13 Nov 07

Why should it be the schools responsibility to be “more proactive to help her”? Teachers and support staff have got *ACTUAL* student problems to deal with 😉

Each Canberra school has a “no smoking” policy. Not a “no smoking* (* unless)” policy.

The results of the “softly, softly” parenting approach used by the parents of the child in question(Deano quoted from the Telegraph) speaks for itself.

Nyssa – congrats on the quiting smoking (brackets comment was to Mr Evil).

Pandy Pandy 10:48 pm 04 Nov 07

Where can I get the job as ACT breeding bag abortionist?

Deano Deano 8:43 pm 04 Nov 07

My favourite bit in the Telegraph’s story was her mum saying her daughter started smoking because she was bribing her with six cigarettes a day to get her to do her chores and behave in school. And now, surprise surprise, she is addicted to nicotine.

Forget banning smoking – we should ban these people from breeding.

bd84 bd84 8:31 pm 04 Nov 07

Smoking has been allowed on College grounds for decades, until they banned it in the last few months, and most people don’t turn 18 until they are in year 12. Seems like an easy way of getting around the smoking detention rules in high schools lol.. though she’s going to smoke either way obviously, I think the school could have done something more proactive to help her out though.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:31 pm 04 Nov 07

Well would you rather she skips off school bounds for the lunch period. She’d easily get away with it. There’s a photo of her in the Tele, she’d pass for a college student any day.
My point is, it’s much easier and more effective this way. Lots of 16 year olds smoke, but at least in this case, she isn’t fucking up her education by doing so. It seems to be controlled as well. Her mum gives her six a day. I do about twice that.

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:09 pm 04 Nov 07

DMD, no one has the balls to hand out the fines….flat out plain and simple.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:41 pm 04 Nov 07

So how does it work with colleges then? (The ban hasn’t come in yet.)

nyssa76 nyssa76 5:40 pm 04 Nov 07

DMD, the carpark is still classified as Govt property – which means you can’t smoke there.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:47 pm 04 Nov 07

During reading the Daily Telegraph’s ‘exclusive’ on this story (I live with someone who subscribes to it and it’s on the kitchen table before you begin to question my reading of tabloids disguised as newspapers), I noted the school said she smoked in the carpark, away from other students and (I presume) still in view of teachers. I don’t actually see much of a problem with that. She’s sixteen, only two years prior to being an adult. Her parents are aware of her habits. She’s not smoking around other students. Who cares? If you ban her from doing that, she’ll just do it in the toilets, get caught than get suspended which will affect her education.
Just more ranting from from the idiot corners of the media who’d rather clutter their pages with useless crap than report on real news stories (this story apparently warranted a huge front-page headline and a full-page report whereas reports of the family first party electing to set the coalition ahead of labor in their preferences got single column.)

poo666 poo666 3:11 pm 04 Nov 07

In the ninemsn story her mum says,

“I told [the school] her major problem is when she is stressed, if she could just have a cigarette to calm her down and stop her getting angry,” she said

If she has problems with anger wouldn’t it be better for her to go to anger management then getting addicted to ciggs, it’s nuts.

VicePope VicePope 1:54 pm 04 Nov 07

This silly story made the front page, and the editorial, in the Terror. There must have been no good news for the Libs since Garrett attempted to be pleasant to the diminutive Mr Price while waiting for a plane.

Seriously. I have one worry. In X years, the girl’s lungs will be a smoking ruin of one kind or another. And then she’ll sue the ACT Government for encouraging or facilitating her smoking. Anyone who thinks this far fetched needs to read some of the several million Veterans Entitlements cases on smoking (where all that is different is the standard of proof).

schmerica_ schmerica_ 10:11 am 04 Nov 07

My brother goes to Stromlo and brought home the note above. He also said that the girl never even had a medical certificate and that she just said that ‘The doctors said I have to smoke’

The school then said ‘Well… no sweetheart you don’t HAVE to smoke’ and proceeded to tell her not to leave school grounds because she didn’t have permission. People are just getting uppity over an event that didn’t even take place to start with?

catja catja 9:21 am 04 Nov 07

I am a smoker and I find this totally out of line especially in schools, Everyone is on the bandwagon about how bad smoking is and are trying to get young people not to take up the habit, so where does this leave the general workplace and other schools in how they are going to stop this from happening else where.

w3st0nFTW w3st0nFTW 2:11 am 03 Nov 07

why does it matter if your dumb enough to smoke at >18 why pick on a 14yo they both share the same thing ‘cancer’. Hypocrites

She might as well be pumping a few cones down too who cares its the same in the end.

Special G Special G 7:43 pm 02 Nov 07

patches or a nine volt battery maybe – it works to stop dogs barking

che che 7:38 pm 02 Nov 07

make her use patches, simple as

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