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Smoking now allowed in schools?

By Thumper - 4 November 2007 61

Sadly I can find nothing online about this. However, various radio stations are reporting that a girl at Stromlo High is allowed to smoke during school hours as she needs to do so to get through the stress of it all.

Apparently the school has given her the go ahead, and it is thought that she has a doctors certificate allowing her to do so.

Andrew Barr has declined to comment, saying that it is a departmental issue.

Interesting stuff from a government that paints smokers as the antichrist. And a typical Stanhope government piece of hypocrisy.

[The Age has now picked up the story here with the NSW Health Minister putting in her 2 cents worth. The Daily Terror, the Herald Sun and (including Sky news video footage) are all also carrying the ‘story’. I’m sure it’ll be on TT or ACA in days if it hasn’t been already – ed]

What’s Your opinion?

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61 Responses to
Smoking now allowed in schools?
VYBerlinaV8 12:31 pm 01 Nov 07

Typical spineless pandering to pain in the ass kids. How the heck are young people ever supposed to find their way in the world if we don’t provide a consistent framework for their behaviour! Besides, it’s not like she’s doing the HSC!

Mr Evil 11:12 am 01 Nov 07

“And from all reports she is not allowed to smoke within the school grounds but is allowed off grounds to have a durrie.”

How far off school – Westfield Woden? 🙂

Thumper 11:07 am 01 Nov 07

I believe I said ‘Stanhope government’

And from all reports she is not allowed to smoke within the school grounds but is allowed off grounds to have a durrie.

I wonder if Nyssa can add anything to this?

niftydog 11:07 am 01 Nov 07

All the kids caught smoking at my school got sent on a quit smoking program. I guess that’s too far out of the box for the Ed. Dept. to consider.

What’s next? Bong breaks?

Skidbladnir 11:04 am 01 Nov 07

Human – spine = Barr.

Schoolgirl + “medical smoke break” = compensation lawsuits waiting to happen, both from the passive smokers who develop cancer and want someone to blame, and compensation cases for not preventing her from developing a bad habit in her formative years when she gets cancer and wants someone to blame.
And if they decide to sue the School\Education Dept\Govt who did nothing, taxpayer funds are bound to be involved.

But @ the poster Re:: “typical Stanhope piece of hypocrisy”, lets not blame Stanhope, we’re dealing with the fairly standard Barr Bizarro (read Scorched Earth) policy here.

Mr Evil 10:57 am 01 Nov 07

And her school colleagues sue because of passive smoking………or because their rights have been breached……..!

Thumper 10:55 am 01 Nov 07

It does open up a whole new can of worms.

Mr Evil 10:45 am 01 Nov 07

And when she gets cancer, no doubt she’ll try and sue the ACT Education Dept.

MrMagoo 10:34 am 01 Nov 07

What a crock?? All the kids I went to school with who copped either a whack or detention for smoking in the dunnies will be filthy at this. Not too mention its a blatantant disregard for the policies of the Education Dept. not to allow smoking on school grounds.

Thumper 10:29 am 01 Nov 07

Nope, I actually agree with smoking restrictions, and I’m a smoker.

Whereas, you’re obviously just a sanctimonious tool.

EtFb 10:20 am 01 Nov 07

Interesting stuff from a government that paints smokers as the antichrist.

Sounds like a typical smoker’s “poor me” wail, there. I’d tell you to shut up and stop whingeing, but you’ll be dead soon so it hardly matters.

Lord Mælinar 10:10 am 01 Nov 07

Isn’t Andrew Barr the person responsible for the Department and therefore the most appropriate contact point ?

Spectra 10:10 am 01 Nov 07

“A departmental issue”? Isn’t he, as minister, responsible for said department? Wouldn’t that put him in the ideal position to comment on “departmental issues”?

Absent Diane 10:00 am 01 Nov 07

that is setting a really stupid precedent.

Mr Evil 9:38 am 01 Nov 07

If this is true, then this is ridiculous. Why can’t she wear nicotine patches?

Gee, what’s next; allowing teenagers to masturbate in class to get through the stress of it all????

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