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Snakes in Canberra.

By Thumper - 6 January 2010 49

Over the past week and a bit the Thumper household has acquired a new resident, a large brown snake who, despite some persuasion, refuses to leave. Suprisingly it appears that there is not one person in the Territory who can remove snakes from residential areas and this includes ACT rangers who apparently no longer perform this duty.

Now, one must remember that killing snakes is illegal, and that most people who are bitten by snakes were in the process of trying to kill them. Therefore, one would suspect that snake removal would be a core part of any ranger’s job. Instead they advise that you spray the snake with water. Presumably they melt like wicked witches 😉

So Rioters, as a public service, if you do have a pesky snake in your yard or whatever, don’t bother calling anyone. You’ll just have to deal with it yourself.

(As for this particular snake, we are in the process of removing anything and everything that he can live under, as well as simply making life unpleasant for him so that he moves on)

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49 Responses to
Snakes in Canberra.
prhhcd 2:27 pm 06 Jan 10

Skidbladnir said :

Brown snakes are actually very affectionate creatures, but their ‘bite’ is terribly misunderstood by society.
They are simply trying to hug you with their mouths.

This message was brought to you by TAMS

You’re a funny guy! Skid!

Pommy bastard 2:21 pm 06 Jan 10

Introduce it to cfi’s goanna;

Death match!!!

basketcase 2:15 pm 06 Jan 10

Here in upper Latham, we have signs spread around the place to tell us what to do with snakes. See

Just phone 132281

They are pretty prolific at the moment, see them heading down to the creek to get a drink in this hot weather.

deezagood 2:11 pm 06 Jan 10

Thumper – if the WIRES group conduct snake removal training, I’m guessing they can remove snakes themselves? Perhaps the offer of a decent donation to that organisation might avoid the need for you to engage your shovel?? Let me know what you find out!

deezagood 2:08 pm 06 Jan 10

Brown snakes living in your yard is a worry Thumper; especially if you have pets or small children that visit or live there.

Queanbeyan Fireys have recently been trained in safe snake removal methods; I wonder if they might be able to assist over the border, if asked very nicely? Probably not, but I also wonder if our ACT Fireys might have had the same training? Worth investigating. You could also contact WIRES and see if they can recommend somebody locally? I’m sure there must be others in your situation thumper – and if not, what an opportunity for an enterpising individual!

RandomGit 1:44 pm 06 Jan 10

You need to spice your water in such a way that you don’t piss the snake off (ie. no chilli, lemon juice or petrol)

Cinnamon oil, clove oil and eugenol are effective snake repellents

Aurelius 1:31 pm 06 Jan 10

Following the govt advice and encouraging the snake to move on (possibly into a neighbouring property) is hardly the responsible path. What happens if the snake then bites your neighbour? This is abdication of municipal responsibilities of the worst order.
I’d suggest bureaucratic agitation.

amarooresident2 12:52 pm 06 Jan 10

This is the advice from TAMS

The thrust of it is – leave them alone and they will move on. No one is encouraging people to get rid of snakes themselves.

If the snake decides to take up residence though you would appear to be stuffed.

sloppery 12:42 pm 06 Jan 10

A long shovel, used quickly, will make the problem go away.

As an added benefit,

Jim Jones 12:37 pm 06 Jan 10

That’s insane – who the hell decided that it was a good idea for people to get rid of snakes themselves rather than getting rangers to do it?

Honestly, that’s about the most stupid thing I’ve heard in a long time: it’s the sort of decision that leads to deaths.

Skidbladnir 12:31 pm 06 Jan 10

Brown snakes are actually very affectionate creatures, but their ‘bite’ is terribly misunderstood by society.
They are simply trying to hug you with their mouths.

This message was brought to you by TAMS

H1NG0 12:22 pm 06 Jan 10

A shovel will sort it out. I am from regional NSW and this is how people deal with it there. Who the hell is going to travel to a farm to remove a snake? Seems like things are just as difficult in the ACT. At least you tried doing the legal thing.

indigoid 12:22 pm 06 Jan 10

I hear Steven Conroy is interested in eliminating snakes; you might consider inviting him over to try to kill it

The Brad 12:06 pm 06 Jan 10

Did you tell them you have a child? (even if you don’t)

Telling a govt run agency that you have a child works wonders for removing snakes. My kid goes to a child care that had a brown snake in the vicinity, and it was removed pronto…not sure which group did that, but I can try to find out if necessary.

dr phil 12:00 pm 06 Jan 10

Did you ring the zoo and the snake man at gold creek?

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