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Snakes in Canberra.

By Thumper 6 January 2010 49

Over the past week and a bit the Thumper household has acquired a new resident, a large brown snake who, despite some persuasion, refuses to leave. Suprisingly it appears that there is not one person in the Territory who can remove snakes from residential areas and this includes ACT rangers who apparently no longer perform this duty.

Now, one must remember that killing snakes is illegal, and that most people who are bitten by snakes were in the process of trying to kill them. Therefore, one would suspect that snake removal would be a core part of any ranger’s job. Instead they advise that you spray the snake with water. Presumably they melt like wicked witches 😉

So Rioters, as a public service, if you do have a pesky snake in your yard or whatever, don’t bother calling anyone. You’ll just have to deal with it yourself.

(As for this particular snake, we are in the process of removing anything and everything that he can live under, as well as simply making life unpleasant for him so that he moves on)

What’s Your opinion?

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Snakes in Canberra.
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kwpendragon 8:21 pm 24 Jan 10

Sorry, I should have said the reason I mentioned my background and philosophy was that the ACT rangers made the comment ‘oh you sure you haven’t just seen a blue tongue?’ and implied we were snake haters. You see why I don’t post much?! Maybe I should, I need the practice!

kwpendragon 6:04 pm 24 Jan 10

Sorry…that would be labor!

kwpendragon 5:57 pm 24 Jan 10

Hi flicka

Mrs Thumper here. I don’t post much but I read the Act a bit. Just to put the whole story as there are a lot of assumptions being made here – I have spoken to at least 8 people over the past 3 plus weeks trying to get something done. This has ranged from the ACT Government, urban rangers, the National Zoo and Aquarium, RSPCA Wildlife and have looked up commercial pest controllers. By the way snake handlers are listed in the yellow pages index but when you turn to the section they don’t exist. I have mentioned that we removed the mouse food source and all hiding places including the shelter sheds for the ducks, have made life as uncomfortable as possible for Mr or Mrs Snakey but it is still here – seems taken up residence. I have seem him several times. I also mentioned the child and old lady who likes gardening next door and the numerous pet animals in surrounding back yards. And yes, I even offered to pay for a snake removal – in fact I have continually offered to pay. But to no avail. I even asked if they had the contact of a commercial handler – seems they don’t exist because (as RSPCA Wildlife told me) they apparently can’t get licensed from the ACT Government. I have an environmental science background, he is a beautiful creature and I have a strong animal welfare and rights philosophy. Hence we would just like him relocated before one of the neighbours who may not be so oriented takes the metter into their own hands. Or someone gets a nasty bite which could happen accidentally and easily enough no matter how vigilant you are being. Not good enough Mr Stanhope – from a former labour voter.

flicka 9:53 pm 22 Jan 10

Oush, seriously, the Rangers have a hard enough time keeping up with all the dogs Canberrans seem to discard on the streets, or allow dangerous dogs they own out into the public without a leash. Let’s not get on about the fact they’re trying to stop people putting echidnas in buckets and cleaning up after kangaroos that have been hit by cars.

It’s a snake. By the time a ranger gets out there, most of the time it has moved on. They’re pretty fast in the hot weather. We live in Australia, not some exotic creature that’s escaped from the zoo. We also live in the bush capital, being surrounded by bush, this is the price we pay.

And it’s easy to cope with snakes, I’ve lived with them growing up on a farm, and never had to kill one because I obeyed the simple rules that all children should be taught.

If you want a ranger in every house, then be prepared to pay more taxes. If you don’t want to pay more taxes, then if the snake has moved into your house, it’s called a pest exterminator. It’s your own home. You don’t expect the government to pay for a wall falling down, or a busted pipe. You deal with it.

Sorry, but this whole desire for the government to do every little thing annoys me. I would hands down, prefer those Rangers to be dealing with injured animals and dangerous dogs than chasing after snakes in someone else’s home that they saw once. You’ll be wanting them to chase after red back spiders and white tails next.

Katietonia 9:18 am 11 Jan 10

Pandy said :

I have dogs. Snakes want to bite dogs. I kill snake. Simple

I used to have a jack russel x dachshund, she killed a few brown snakes in our backyard before we knew they were even there. Looking out the window to see your dog violently throwing a pretty large snake around is never pleasant though.

Postalgeek 10:39 am 08 Jan 10

TP 3000 said :

My current dog has actually caught a few brown snakes on a property out Cooma way. He sneaks up & grabs them right behind the head & bites. He has never needed medical attention because of it.

Your ‘previous’ dogs didn’t master the technique?

TP 3000 11:00 pm 07 Jan 10

My current dog has actually caught a few brown snakes on a property out Cooma way. He sneaks up & grabs them right behind the head & bites. He has never needed medical attention because of it.

spinact 4:21 pm 07 Jan 10

ramblingted said :

Aside from that, I guess Samuel L Jackson’s your man..

He’s only interested if they’re airborne

barking toad 12:56 pm 07 Jan 10

Get a mongoose

Or a shotty.

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