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By Samuel Gordon-Stewart - 10 August 2005 36

It was just snowing in Dickson/Ainslie

The canadian standing next to me said “You guys act like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen snow!”

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
bohemianphilosophy 5:38 pm 10 Aug 05

It was heavy a while ago at southside, Lanyon. Stopped now.

wonsworld 5:04 pm 10 Aug 05

ahh Thumper…. when in doubt, turn life into a musical *L*

Thumper 4:58 pm 10 Aug 05

‘And the cotton is Hiiiiiiiiggghhhhhhhh….’

Thumper 4:57 pm 10 Aug 05

Dogs and Cats living together!

What have we become!

wonsworld 4:56 pm 10 Aug 05

it’s snowin’ in Dickson agin!

Children are cryin’ and fish lay dyin’ in the gutters…. Oh the humanity…. the humanity!!!

shilo 4:54 pm 10 Aug 05

confirmed snow in Woden area!

Thumper 4:51 pm 10 Aug 05


Did you cavort?

Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in snow?

I just ran inside as quickly as possible….

And an update, absolutely nil, none, zip, zilch snow for the past 30 minutes or so in Charnwood. Bloody cold though…

I just had a thought, maybe all the bogans shovelled up the snow so they could put their beers in it, given that their fridges are probably already overflowing with Chateau Du Cardboard, Essence of Goon, and VBs.

Disclaimer: I live right on Tilyard Drive so I reckon I can safely say that I’m not really in Charnwood as the real Charnwood starts at about the primary school and continues westerly until it meets Dunlop where it gets confused so it turns around and comes back again, but only until it reaches the school where there exists some magical field which holds the bogans back.

LurkerGal 4:49 pm 10 Aug 05

Oh C’mon AD! It would have given us something to look at! Nothing cool EVER happens in the front courtyard!

areaman 4:31 pm 10 Aug 05

I can confirm the Snow sighting on the corner of Mort & Bunda, it comes in waves but pretty much melts when it hits the ground. ActewAGL has a pretty good mesure of how cold it feels out in civic currently:

Absent Diane 4:28 pm 10 Aug 05

It snowed pretty big time in hellconen… i wanted to go out and eat it and/or piss on it….. but that would have looked largely unprofessional : )

bonfire 4:24 pm 10 Aug 05

flurries in belco.

its quite pretty.

hope i can ski in to work tomorrow. now that would be cool!

Thumper 4:24 pm 10 Aug 05

I hate snow. Saw to much of it in Washington DC winters….

Oh yeah, it snowed heaps in Charnwood and even stuck to the ground for a while…

wonsworld 4:23 pm 10 Aug 05

I rickon thar be more comin’’s comin’ from the west

andy 4:06 pm 10 Aug 05

confirm alleged sighting of snow, corner mort and bunda st.
confirm sighting of iresponsible public servant cavorting on the road letting the snow fall on me.
there wasn’t much though, and yep melting pretty much as it hit the ground.
was cool though

biggreenman 4:02 pm 10 Aug 05

yep, very light sprinkling of snow in Barton. Melting as soon as it hit the ground.

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