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So who are all these interested Summernats bidders?

By johnboy 11 December 2008 49

The Canberra Times’ Megan Doherty has been having a dig and asking motorsport venues if they’ve been approaching Canberra’s Chic Henry for the chance to host his Summernats hoonfest.

Oddly enough she wasn’t able to find any despite Chic’s annual claims that they’re lining up for the chance to take it off our hands.

The Western Sydney International Dragway admitted they were interested after Chic approached them recently.

But they’d want to see an end to the booze and the boobs before they’d take it. Even worse: ‘It also wanted to avoid attracting ”the hoon mentality”.’

There goes that negotiating position.

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
So who are all these interested Summernats bidders?
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ant 10:52 pm 12 Dec 08

The Deni ute muster is a good-humoured affair. The guys and gals are there to show off their utes, and admire other utes. There’s no conept of women as being things to terrorise and bark at. Tehy drink, but they’re not angry.

The Deni ute muster is nothing like the Yobbonats.

Doctor Evil 9:11 pm 12 Dec 08

I hear what you’re saying Duke, but don’t forget that Eastern Creek is a big complex too where noise isn’t a problem, and they have a quarter-mile of something we don’t 😉

Duke 1:00 pm 12 Dec 08

Dr Evil – sorry, i misread your post from yesterday about crowd numbers. But if other people have the same attitude as you, the crowd numbers could actually increase if the yobbo elements were removed. I have heard other people say they would go if it weren’t for the drunkeness and sexism.

I do think EPIC Canberra is one of the few venues that can host this event. EPIC can hold big crowds and provides camping facilities. It also has an internal road network so cars can drive around and multiple pavillions for traders. There are plenty of hotels, shops, petrol stations nearby.

Canberra has good infrastructure – EPIC is just off the highway on the edge of the city and for the most part away from residents. Canberra is also centrally located and an easy city to get around.

I’m not sure where else you would find this combination.

Felix the Cat 8:30 pm 11 Dec 08

Duke said :

But as somebody who has camped for several years on Mount Panorama during the Bathurst 1000 can I just say that Summernats has nothing, NOTHING on Bathurst when it comes to pack-of-dogs behaviour. Think of Bathurst as Summernats X 10. There are places on the mountain the cops are too scared to go to – yet that town embraces the event.

I have only been to Bathurst (car race) once during the day and found it quite a (pleasant)contrast to Summernats. There were hardly any Security or Police at Mt Panorama, including up the top of the mountain where all the alleged yobbos hang out. I only saw one obviously drunk person who wasn’t being violent, just stumbling around mumbling incoherently to himself. I saw no half (or fully…) naked females and no packs of guys yelling at girls to “show us ya t*ts”. It was all quite amicable, it was almost boring!

Summernats on the other hand, last year when I went there (during the day) I was only there for a few minutes before some skank was showing her t*ts and there were dozens of security guards seen walking around.

Duke said :

The likely reason other cities are not signing up for Summernats is because they simply can’t handle that volume of people and cars. We get 100 thousand to Canberra – imagine how many they would get if it were held in Sydney. Maybe double or triple that. There would be mayhem.

I would of thought somewhere like Eastern Creek would of been the ideal spot. Should be handle large(r) numbers of entrants and spectators with plenty of room for cruising, camping and other exhibitions such as the dyno comps and trade stands.

Duke said :

The only viable alternative to Canberra is a well-placed country town prepared to donate some serious acreage to the event.

What about Deniliquin where they hold the annual ute muster? The residents of the area should be well used to drunk bogans and noisey V8s.

Doctor Evil 7:34 pm 11 Dec 08

Maybe we could do a swap with Sydney – Sexpo for Summernats.

I’ll just pop out and start a dark trenchcoat/sunglassess business……

fabforty 7:07 pm 11 Dec 08

Chic knows that getting rid of the booze and boobs would decimate his profits. Family-friendly car enthusiast’s event – pfft ! Its a pity the NSW government has higher standards than the ACT government. Its seems we will sell out for anything. Perhaps the tobacco industry should come here for a world expo. If its looks profitable it will be welcomed with open arms.

dexi 6:00 pm 11 Dec 08

Your right PsydFX, looking does not make you anything but human. You would have to call her a slut, whore, trollop, etc etc, to be a mysogynist.

PsydFX 5:15 pm 11 Dec 08

dexi said :

Sure PB

You can get wasted, watch boobies and be a jerk. You can even do these and discuss stripping down the diff on the ute. Its called multi tasking male misogyny. Its a great yob tradition as practise in the sheds and yards all over Oz. It will never be stopped as long as fine breasts and good beer exist. The only thing that can halt it is the missus.

Why does looking at something that is on display make someone a misogynist.

Pommy bastard 5:06 pm 11 Dec 08

dexi said :

Sure PB

You can get wasted, watch boobies and be a jerk.

Not my cuppa I’m afraid.

You can even do these and discuss stripping down the diff on the ute.


Stripping down the “diff” on a “ute” is also beyond my ken.

Its called multi tasking male misogyny.

I bow to your superior knowledge of such things.

Its a great yob tradition as practise in the sheds and yards all over Oz. It will never be stopped as long as fine breasts and good beer exist. The only thing that can halt it is the missus.

But not at Summernats one presumes…

Words Bone-on of U2, music Bob Getorf…

It’s Christmastime,
there’s no need to be afraid
At Christmastime,
we let in light and we banish shade
And in our world of Ute’s and MG’s
we can spread a smile of joy
Show a bloke your boobies, at Christmastime

But say a prayer,
pray for the beer boys
At Christmastime it’s not hard,
not even viewing buns
When there’s a world outside your window,
and it’s a of beer and tits
Where the best cheer flowing
is the bitter ale of beers
And the Christmas boobies shown there
are the best of Summernats
Well tonight thank God it’s them
instead of you

Beer and boobs
Beer and boobs
Beer and boobs
Let them know it’s Summernats again

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