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South Side Slasher….

By Deedee - 3 February 2010 39

I recently moved to Canberra – to Narrabundah actually…and within 1 week of being here I experienced the night slasher!

Who or what is the night slasher? you might ask…. Apparently, for the last 10 years or so there is a man who regularly sticks a blade into car tyres – if you are parked on the street……he does it in such a way that it can not be patched and must be replaced…

Initally I thought I had a slow leak (perhaps I had driven over nail!), so I took it to be replaced, then the next day; another slow leak – the tyre repair shop told me that this looked malicious. I really didn’t believe them – then this morning I woke to find another slashed tyre!

So after having to replace 3 tyres due to the night slasher in 1 week, I decided to call the Police. My report was logged, and I was told that there was really nothing that could be done about it. I was also told by the policeman that “I wouldn’t live in Narrabundah – it has a real problem with crime!”.  Great!… I thought as I have just signed a 12 month lease…

So I thought I would do the neighbourly thing and speak to our new neighbours about this ‘night slasher’ problem. Well it appears that they too have been struck my the ‘night slasher’ -approximately 6 times (including having all 4 tyres slashed in 1 night). We also discovered that almost everyone on our street and the few streets neighbouring have also experienced the night slasher..

So why, if this has been a known problem within the community, have the Police done absolutely nothing about this??? Surely the police can see the greater issue here.  All it would take is for someone to go for a long drive, with a slow leak and a weakend side wall of a tyre; have their tyre give out and veer into another car.  Would this constitute man slaughter if some one was killed?

Have you experienced the night slasher too?


A very annoyed new Canberra resident!

What’s Your opinion?

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39 Responses to
South Side Slasher….
Grrrr 12:44 pm 03 Feb 10

Video camera.

p1 12:27 pm 03 Feb 10

And get a sensor light.

and attach the sensor to half a dozen high wattage flood lights all pointing at your car…

Although Danman’s suggestion sounds more fun.

the rupert 12:23 pm 03 Feb 10

Give the Gaurdian Angles a call, they just opened a new chapter in Canberra…. that should keep them busy

Chupachup 11:14 am 03 Feb 10

I did some seaching and found the story I was thinking of, it was on the UK Telegraph website

“A cyclist who resented the “inconsiderate manner” of motorists took revenge by puncturing more than 1,700 car tyres in a 10-day period”

The full story is at:

Chupachup 11:02 am 03 Feb 10

I heard a similar story a while ago about a resident stabbing tyres with a screw driver, turns out he was a disgruntled cyclist. The police caught him and I think they caught him in the act. I don’t remember any more details but I think was in Canberra.

spinact 11:00 am 03 Feb 10

Cynical bunch of Rioters………..though the thought did cross my mind as well. May be spending to much time here…………

A sensor light would only light the way for the slasher. I agree with Niftydog, poisonous gas is the answer.

sezzle 10:50 am 03 Feb 10

By “in the street” do you also include driveways, or just people parked on the road/footpaths?

sloppery 10:43 am 03 Feb 10

Danman said :

Sounds like you need to hide in the bushes with a baseball bat – Nightslasher, meet your arch nemisis, night basher.

Hate to say it, but this is probably about the only solution that would actually work.

Spoono 10:16 am 03 Feb 10

Is there a local Tyre Service in Narrabundah? They could be drumming up business.

niftydog 10:01 am 03 Feb 10

Maybe he owns the local tire shop.

The answer is obvious; Fill your tires with poisonous gas.

tillyard 9:52 am 03 Feb 10

Surely the police could log it so whenever someone is in the area they’ll keep an eye out and randomly drive up the street, since Narrabundah appears to be full of crime?, surely there will be police cars nearby! I think you should call them again. And get a sensor light.

justbands 9:06 am 03 Feb 10

We have Police??? I thought they’d all been replaced by speed cameras….I certainly haven’t seen an actual copper for years.

PBO 8:52 am 03 Feb 10

Get a lynch mob together (should be easy on this site) and track him or her down and tar and feather them. I know that it sounds a bit extreme but is it illegal when it is done by a mob?

Danman 8:20 am 03 Feb 10

Sounds like you need to hide in the bushes with a baseball bat – Nightslasher, meet your arch nemisis, night basher.

Could be a bit of a wait if there is more than one operative though.

Hank 8:06 am 03 Feb 10

I haven’t heard of anything like this but god that must make you angry! Time for a bit of personal investigating I think!

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