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SpeakOut rally covered by RiotACT

By Thumper 15 February 2008 13

The following was emailed to me this afternoon by an RA reader.

The rally was held across from the AFP HQ in civic. A number of public servsnts were sitting around the grassed area eating lunch, reading books and generally soaking up the delightful midday sun.

Graeme Dunstan, organiser of SpeakOut, dressed in a pair of shorts, a blue southern cross singlet and baseball cap then disrupted the serenity by speaking briefly about terrorism, Aboriginals affairs, and some other stuff that I can’t recall due to it’s lack of cohesion and sense. After which he read a long, and incredibly boring poem. I had the distinct impression that Mr Dunstan believed that David Hicks was simply a misunderstood young man who accidentally found himself shooting AK47s in Afghanistan, and that the Bali bombings were all an Australian plot designed by JW Howard to ensure he was elected.

The crowd at this time, in low single figures, was vastly outnumbered by the media.

Following this a short fat man from the Socialist Alliance took the stage, well, stood behind the microphone, and began to rant about saving whales, Aboriginal rights, and terrorism of civil liberties. Again, his speech really made no sense and in a circular sort of way, rambled on about, well, nothing really.

When he finished two people half clapped.

Then a woman stepped up and declared Australia was as bad in human rights stakes as Burma and the former Soviet Union, forgetting of course that in days gone by she would have been praising the Soviet Union.

No one clapped and there appeared to be a bit of confusion as to what was supposed to happen now.

As it was, Anna McConville stepped to the microphone, claiming she was a long time fighter for peace, and a long time adversary of the united States. She then launched into an incredibly rambling an incoherent tirade against Australia, the US, and the UK, calling them the world’s biggest terrorists and citing, predictably, Iraq, Palestine, global warming, and private security firms as proof of her convictions. She followed this up by evoking the name of Habib as the crowd swelled to about five interested people. Using Habib as a catalyst she then launched into the police, armed forces, and other government agencies who were all out to ensure that the individual had no freedom at all.

At this point I was almost going to ask her why she was allowed to disrupt everyone’s lunchtime if her assumptions were correct.

The crowd then grew weary and dipped back to about two, although they could have been media for all I could tell.

To finish she then stated ‘if they come for me tonight, then they will come for you tomorrow’, and indignantly stormed off to, well, no applause at all.

She really should have taken her medication this morning.

Once again, our organiser friend took the stage and quoted Buddha and something about the truth. He then proceeded to state loudly that Mick (Keelty) had blood on his ‘hands’ and stated that he (Keelty) had forced refugees at gunpoint into a leaky boat so they could die at sea to enhance his (Keelty’s) anti terrorism stance. He then blamed Keelty for the Bali 9 although I don’t think addressed the issue of how Keelty managed to stash all that heroin in thir bags before boarding an international flight. No matter, facts and reality are obviously in this world.

Sadly, by this time I was tiring of the stirring speech and so, with the words ‘blood on your hands Mick’, I wandered away to leave the media and audience of about two to ponder the questions that had been put forward.

All in all this was an enjoyable outing, but as my mother once said to me when I was small, it’s not nice to laugh at retards and loons, it’s not their fault.

Professor HP Lamington
Brindabella Bugle.

[Ed. thumpers original story on the protest against mick keelty is here ]

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13 Responses to
SpeakOut rally covered by RiotACT
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Peanut 4:20 pm 16 Feb 08

Re the Peace Bus/Kombivan – did you notice that it had washing hanging up on a line inside it? Very professional!

ant 10:55 am 16 Feb 08

And no one threw stuff at him. I’m very disappointed.

Thumper 9:35 am 16 Feb 08

It seemed as if it were a self penned, and extremely bad poem…

Think Vogon poetry, but worse…

ant 10:12 pm 15 Feb 08

He read a POEM?! In PUBLIC?! Well that’s it then! Hopeless! where was the tar and feathers, that’s what I want to know.

NickD 9:11 pm 15 Feb 08

The tiny crowd of bemused public servants was very polite. I liked how the protesters ‘peace bus’ was actually a van.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 5:29 pm 15 Feb 08

Jesus, *that’s* what that garbage was?

Yet another jack-of-all-protests-rolled-into-one at the front of AFP HQ – did they try and light a campfire on the grass like the last bunch of retards that ‘protested’ like this?

Ralph 4:11 pm 15 Feb 08

That will be the ABC spin.

aa1990 3:53 pm 15 Feb 08

thanks Thumper. A great report. Will be interesting to see how many people the media put the numbers at…”a large crowd gathered today calling for Mick Keelty’s head…well known speakers rallyed the support of fellow…”

Crikey 3:46 pm 15 Feb 08

Very good commentary. What a bunch of wankers. I agree, they should go and live in North Korea for a while.

piperdoon 3:35 pm 15 Feb 08

now that’s reporting! love it. Don Quixote obviously lives.

hingo 3:31 pm 15 Feb 08


Ava 3:21 pm 15 Feb 08

haha that was a nice read. I walked past too and saw a few loonies brandishing the Eureka flag and lacking personal hygiene with no crowd at all.

Ralph 3:21 pm 15 Feb 08

Ship them all off to North Korea.

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