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Speech therapy ACT not up to standard

mitcore 27 November 2008 110

Hi all I am mitcore and I have joined this group to see if I could get voices to help make the goverment stand up and listen to the shortage of speech therapist and other specialist in the area.

We do not have enough, I am going on Stateline to voice this opinion and to get help for my son, who is very delayed and unable to talk.

I am not to sure on what to do about it, I would like some help to make the ACT  goverment listen to us as parents and as career of special need kids,

Please give me your thoughts and opinions on how we can achieve the best result

Thanks all.

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110 Responses to Speech therapy ACT not up to standard
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mitcore mitcore 5:02 pm 01 Dec 08

thanks, will do,

poptop poptop 4:58 pm 01 Dec 08

Good luck with it Cathy. Let us know how it all goes.

I think the therapists will be cheering for you.

mitcore mitcore 4:56 pm 01 Dec 08

i thought it went well,
now we wait to see what happens, i go the ACT therapy with dylan tom, I am hoping they dont hand me my butt,
LOL fingers and toes are crossed

poptop poptop 3:24 pm 01 Dec 08

Terrific – thanks Fiona!

I managed to miss Stateline on Friday and so haven’t event STARTED my letter to the Minister for Health.

Tonight, for sure! =-)

Soolin Soolin 6:08 am 29 Nov 08

Hi Carmel, saw on this week’s Stateline that you had a meeting with Katy Gallagher, hope some good came from this!

Granny Granny 10:37 pm 28 Nov 08

Ok, great thanks, Cathy!

: )

mitcore mitcore 10:31 pm 28 Nov 08

hi carmel, sure no problem, i saw your one as well,

granny they are re running the episode tom, i think at noon,
on ABC1 set top box and ABC for normal telly

November 28:
Gift of speech.
Fast young women.
Dying art of piano tuning.
The Colour Red.
ABC1 FRIDAY 7.30PM. Sat Noon.

they havent up loaded it yet, have a look tom and from the above i am assuiming it is a re run

Carmel Carmel 9:20 pm 28 Nov 08

HI Cathy

Saw you on Stateline tonight

I appeared the week before on the sppeech therapy issue. I will get your details off Stateline and get in contact with you

mitcore mitcore 8:23 pm 28 Nov 08

thanks granny i am waiting also for it to hit the site
thank you for waiting just to see me it means alot

mitcore mitcore 8:22 pm 28 Nov 08

true, i was more embaressed about them showing my non renovated back yard, LOL why not the front it is much nicer LOL

it turned out well though i was happy with it and dylan was great

it was the way i would have liked it to have gone

Granny Granny 8:14 pm 28 Nov 08

Well, we were watching the wrong thing it turns out, because it wasn’t on the the one we were tuned in to.

I’m so disappointed to have missed it – I never watch telly and I was watching specially. I’ll have to wait for the footage to go up on the website.


I’m so glad it went well, though, and I’m now more impatient to see it than ever!

Congratulations, Cathy!!

: )

mitcore mitcore 7:57 pm 28 Nov 08

thanks you
i was blushing the whole time

sepi sepi 7:55 pm 28 Nov 08

i missed the start.

you were great, but they could have explained a bit more about the lack of access to public and private specialists in the ACT

mitcore mitcore 7:52 pm 28 Nov 08

It went well i thought

what did you all think?

deezagood deezagood 7:48 pm 28 Nov 08

I agree with Soolin – what a lovely little man. I hope that help comes very soon to you and your son.

Soolin Soolin 7:37 pm 28 Nov 08

Cathy, you were brilliant! You are very lucky to have such a lovely boy as Dylan, he seems very receptive to learning. I hear your frustration on wanting a diagnosis and not knowing whether it is a long-term issue. Now I’ll get writing and hopefully get our kids some help right now!

Granny Granny 7:25 pm 28 Nov 08

mitcore said :

Fiona said :

this one

I haven’t actually looked at it I am ashamed to say, but I think that is from ACT Labor, not the Rudd government.

mitcore mitcore 6:36 pm 28 Nov 08

nope still cant find it poptop, i did what you did and nothing

you are truly special with the google magic LOL

mitcore mitcore 6:32 pm 28 Nov 08

thanks, i could get the video to run through the stateline web site

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