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Speed camera causes accident?

By rtsnoz - 21 September 2007 76

I will start by making it clear that I do not know anything about this incident. It is simply a suggestion.

Heading south on the Tuggeranong parkway tonight at about 5:20 traffic was slow, VERY slow. Turns out, police had closed the section of the parkway which heads under the cotter road, co-incidentally also where a (revenue raising & dangerous in my oppinion) speed camera is placed.

Is it known why the road was closed in this section? I presume it was due to some kind of car accident – caused by somebody hitting the breaks upon reaching the speed camera?

What’s Your opinion?

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76 Responses to
Speed camera causes accident?
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:43 pm 21 Sep 07

It was a three car accident in which one car ended up on its roof. I don’t know any more than that about the accident.

I do know that by 6pm traffic was at a standstill all the way back beyond the Lady Denman Drive to Parkway entrance.

The operation on Lady Denman on Thursday appears to have caught a few people. I counted four cars parked there without rego plates this morning.

futto 9:23 pm 21 Sep 07

On the plus side, at least we have our new camera to have taken pictures of the whole thing for later review.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:02 pm 21 Sep 07

Regardless of safety factors, speed limits and the best of intentions, accidents sometimes happen. Usually by driver error.

sepi 8:55 pm 21 Sep 07

It can’t be that safe, or there wouldn’t have been an accident.

And if the accident was caused by the driver suddenly noticing the speed camera and braking, then couldn’t it also have been caused by any other event that caused them to brake – eg – bird flies out, sneeze, etc. Thus perhaps the speed limit is correct.

barney 8:49 pm 21 Sep 07

burninator : Funny you should say that. The day before on Lady Denman drive there was about 15 cops doing breath-testing or something. I agree with you.

asp 8:34 pm 21 Sep 07

Mix 106 was reporting at 5pm that a car had flipped on the underpass under the parkway leading the Lady Denman drive. Related?

hatemondays 8:32 pm 21 Sep 07

I wondered how long it would be until there was an accident at that speed camera site.

burninator 8:17 pm 21 Sep 07

Just came through there from Belco, around 6.40pm. Took me 30 minutes to get from the very start of the parkway (at glenlock) to the cotter road exit, where I jumped off to get to tuggers via woden. Still took me well over an hour in total.

If it has been backed up since 5.20, you’d think they could spare one cop to redirect people at the start of the parkway! There’s your tax dollars at work!

rtsnoz 8:04 pm 21 Sep 07

hrm. Website doesn’t seem to be working. try.

rtsnoz 7:55 pm 21 Sep 07

sorry, forgot to leave my website 🙂

rtsnoz 7:54 pm 21 Sep 07

This camera on the Tuggeranong parkway is definetly a revenue raiser. This piece of road is perfectly safe, and slight speeding would not create an extra safety issue. If you would like some help with your videos etc, have a look at my website and contact me through there.

Jonathon Reynolds 7:45 pm 21 Sep 07

I have just started playing with YouTube as I want to create a political commentary blog to address issues in the run up to the ACT Election 2008.

Coincidentally my first attempt was on speed camera:

(Yes, I know the camera work is shaky, I was experimenting with a device to hand hold the camera and should have used a tripod instead)

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:27 pm 21 Sep 07

Looked to be a fairly serious accident. I had the exact same thought – Wondering if someone had slammed on the brakes and been cleaned up by car/s behind?

barney 7:11 pm 21 Sep 07

I don’t know anything about where or why or what the incident was, but our bus driver notified us of the fact and we went a different way.

I will say this though. The Tuggeranong Parkway is exactly that “A parking zone”, or just another area to park your car. This is of course around the “Grid-Lock Interchange” area obviously. Actually, I think as I am posting this message, the Parking Zone is still blocked. It’s not very good on any given day, but I am glad my bus had the chance to divert before heading down that way…

rtsnoz 7:08 pm 21 Sep 07

I’ve just heard that it was a 3 car pile-up.

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