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Spiderman he ain’t

By Ntp 11 July 2007 19

IBN News has this great little news item on criminal karma.

It appears our 45 year old anti hero has, while breaking into the Belconnen Mall, fallen from the ceiling and landed outside the entrance to Coles on the lower level. Given the height of the ceiling that’s a good three stories. Yesterday, and I suspect still, he was residing in hospital under escort awaiting him recovering enough to face charges. Honestly he’s lucky to be alive.

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Spiderman he ain’t
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Maelinar 8:25 am 12 Jul 07

I remember seeing grizzly images of a decapitated body of a guy who did the same thing but caught the back of his head on one of those spiky fences.

Snopes it, it’s true.

boomacat 9:05 pm 11 Jul 07

All I can say to all these stories is OUCH!

el 8:10 pm 11 Jul 07

The silly prick could’ve wandered in through the loading dock and caught the *lift* up (and yes, I believe even at that time of the morning…)

caf 6:43 pm 11 Jul 07

Maybe he’d just rewatched Mission Impossible.

GregW 6:26 pm 11 Jul 07

I don’t understand, he was attempting to break in through a ceiling 20m above floor level? How was he hoping to get down? Why would you not think the roof was alarmed, that there would be guards inside or camera’s? Why break in the first place, would it not be easier to simply shoplift? Once inside will you not still have trouble getting into stores with valuables; jewelers, department stores etc. Once you’ve gotten the valuables how do you get out?

Maybe I’m out of touch with the modern day burglar..

barking toad 4:25 pm 11 Jul 07

another public hospital bed wasted

booka 4:09 pm 11 Jul 07

I remember seeing grizzly images of a decapitated body of a guy who did the same thing but caught the back of his head on one of those spiky fences.


Maelinar 4:01 pm 11 Jul 07

Lets just call a spade a spade.

He was breaking in.

How else do you explain your whereabouts as being on the floor of Belconnen Mall after falling through the cieling at a time that is too early to consider ?

Jazz 3:16 pm 11 Jul 07

Ha, yeah i read that one too toriness, it was in the herald. He’d stolen a mazda 3, ended up doing a runner on foot and threw the pursuing police off by leaping fences in the local residents back yards. Apparently the dogs sniffed him out 1/2 hour later after leaping the wrong fence.

toriness 2:31 pm 11 Jul 07

this story is as hilarious as a story (can’t find it now to add link, dammit) i was reading this morning in about a crim who was being pursued in sydney and he jumped over a fence, unaware that there was a 20m drop on the other side.

2 broken legs.


if only criminal karma happened more often.

green_frogs_go_pop 2:18 pm 11 Jul 07

owch..darwin award wannabe?

Thumper 12:58 pm 11 Jul 07

How about, ‘while inexplicably crawling across the roof of Belconnen mall’.

Sucked in to the stupid prick.

caf 12:48 pm 11 Jul 07

I was referring to the “while breaking into the Belconnen Mall” clause which seems to be pretty categorical. Up to you of course…

Absent Diane 12:47 pm 11 Jul 07

isn’t it bizzare how stupid things happen to stupid people. well not really.

Ntp 12:45 pm 11 Jul 07

Caf I’ve said “it appears” and he isn’t alledged to have done anything as yet as he hasn’t been charged with anything yet. Good enough for me.

Mr Evil 12:35 pm 11 Jul 07

Don’t ya just hate that when your rubber suction gloves give out at a bad moment!

I hope the Police weren’t in pusuit of the ‘alledged’ criminal at the time, or it’ll all be their fault.

caf 12:18 pm 11 Jul 07

Karma indeed, but you might want to stick an “allegedly” in there until he’s had his day in court…

LlamaFrog 12:15 pm 11 Jul 07

that is a good fall, if he fell from the roof and not from the floor above, I agree he is lucky to be alive.

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