Spotlight falls on Gordon cat killings and six more lost cats as RSPCA steps up investigation

Glynis Quinlan 8 July 2019 27

The national ‘Faces we must never Forget’ Facebook page has put together this collage of the two cats killed in Gordon in May and six cats which have gone missing in the suburb in the past six months.

A national Facebook page dedicated to remembering cats and dogs who have been victims of cruelty has thrown the spotlight on the recent killings of two cats in Gordon and revealed that six other cats have gone missing in the suburb in the last six months.

‘The Faces we must never Forget’ page last week compiled a photo collage of the two dead cats and six missing cats, urging ‘anyone who knows anything’ about the dead or missing cats to report it to the RSPCA and the police.

Meanwhile, the RSPCA ACT has stepped up its investigation into the incidents with plans to actively engage with the community. Team members will visit two local shopping centres over the next three days to ask people in person whether they have any information about what happened.

“RIP Marley and Suzette killed by a cruel and heartless human likely living in the suburb of Gordon ACT. Sadly more victims of the apparent increasing evil living in our society,” stated ‘The Faces we must never Forget’ Facebook page.

Sydnee Cooke from Gordon with her affectionate cat Marley in happier days. Marley was killed in early May after someone broke into her mesh enclosure and attacked her. Photo: Supplied.

“In that same suburb in the last six months, six more cats have disappeared – Oscar, Merlin, Willow, Simba, Oscar and Hugh are missing from Gordon ACT.

“To have your loved cat cruelly killed intentionally by some evil blight on society is a pain and heartbreak we hope no-one else in Gordon has to experience. Knowing your loved cat is missing and possibly another victim of this cruelty is another heartbreaking pain.”

Since posting last week, the Facebook page has been informed that two of the missing cats have been located but they have discovered that two more cats have gone missing in Gordon.

“Hugh has been reunited and Simba was found deceased, believed to have been hit by a car, but unless a vet had seen him it is possible blunt force trauma could have been responsible,” a spokesperson for the Facebook page told Region Media.

“We have now discovered another two cats are missing from Gordon as well – Ghost and King.”

In May, Region Media reported on the deliberate killing of two cats in Gordon in less than a week. Alana Esmerian found her cat Suzette dead in her front yard due to “blunt force trauma” on May 8, only six days after fellow Gordon resident Sydnee Cooke found her cat Marley had died in pain after someone broke into her mesh enclosure and “aggressively attacked her”.

Six days after Marley was killed, Alana Esmerian found her cat Suzette (pictured) dead on her front lawn from “blunt force trauma”. Photos: Facebook (Alana Esmerian).

Suzette’s death also occurred in the same Gordon Street, Lewis Luxton Avenue, in which “some sick bastard” had shortly before thrown dog treats laced with fish hooks into the backyard of dog owner James Roberts – who luckily discovered them before they did harm.

The ‘Faces we must never Forget’ page asserts that someone must know something about the incidents and also the missing cats and is urging people to get in touch with the RSPCA or the police if they do.

Information on the Facebook page about the six missing cats in Gordon was compiled from other relevant pages including the Canberra Lost Pet Database and the stated hope is that the cats will be “safely reunited with their families or at least are found so that their owners may have closure”.

At the time of the cat deaths in May, RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson told Region Media she was “extremely saddened and disappointed” to hear of the senseless attacks and that the RSPCA’s Inspectorate team were collecting evidence in the area.

The RSPCA has been investigating the incidents over the past two months and is now “stepping up our efforts to engage with the public and increase opportunity for people to engage with us, to raise concerns or provide information”.

“RSPCA ACT is calling on support from the public as it continues to investigate the recent reports of animal cruelty in the Tuggeranong and the surrounding area,” Ms Robertson told Region Media today (July 8).

“RSPCA’s team members will be located at central areas in an effort to make it easier for the public to come forward with any information about the recent reports or simply to stop and chat about responsible pet ownership.

“We will be out at Tuggeranong South Point between 12:30 and 2:30 on Tuesday the 9th of July and Lanyon Marketplace between 9:30 and 11:30 on Thursday the 11th of July.”

However, Ms Robertson stressed that the RSPCA does not want to create any panic for people living in these areas.

“This initiative is not due to any increased threats or identified risks but rather our desire to engage with the community,” Ms Robertson said.

“We are aiming to speak to people who may have information which helps our investigations and to provide opportunity for people to bring previously unreported matters to our attention.

“Any information supplied can be kept confidential if required and any snippet of information may be the piece in the puzzle necessary to achieve a successful prosecution in the future.”

Anyone with information is also invited to get in touch with the RSPCA ACT’s Inspectorate team by emailing or calling the Shelter on 6287 8100.

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27 Responses to Spotlight falls on Gordon cat killings and six more lost cats as RSPCA steps up investigation
aussieobserver aussieobserver 9:29 pm 14 Jul 19

I’ve read some strange and insensitive comments suggesting that cats should be “contained”.

So because we have some psycho serial cat killer on the loose our cats should lose their freedom?

Shouldn’t the gutless psycho who kills cats be locked up, rather than the cats?

marg51510 marg51510 8:10 am 12 Jul 19

This could not happen if cats were contained. Bring on cat containment across all of the ACT

Carly Ambler Carly Ambler 3:35 am 11 Jul 19

I believe it is these very cat containment laws that is making it easier for these dirty psychopaths to do this. Are cats really happy to be couped indoors? I think not. Yes they might live longer contained as many are also quick to claim but that’s because they aren’t at risk of being attacked. There is a rodent issue right now in the complex where I live (in a cat containment area). Why might that be? Yes cat’s unfortunately kill the native wildlife but they also help keep pests under control too. Oh by the way, it’s not cats that are killing off the poor koala to the point where it is endangered, it’s humans or more to the point councils who give permission for developers to destroy their habitat. For once, can we not be smarter and less selfish as a society?

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 9:13 am 11 Jul 19

    Carly Amber wrote, "Are cats really happy to be couped indoors?" I looked after an indoor cat once when its owners went on holidays. This cat had never been allowed outside; inside the house was its whole world. I was amazed at its constant efforts to escape the house. Another inside cat I know is the same. It also wants to go outside. Mentally, I don't think that second example, if fully coping with being locked inside. I have owned cats in the far past, and with the inside cats I have met, there is a difference with their mental well-being compared to cats who can come and go. The inside cats (especially the second example) is not fully coping with being locked up. Not as relaxed for starters as my cats had been, who would sleep inside at night, but go out in the daytime. They seemed much more mentally stable.

    Carly Ambler Carly Ambler 11:37 am 11 Jul 19

    Julie Macklin so sad. I worry about my little kitty’s mental health too

Christopher Cuba Rabanal Christopher Cuba Rabanal 8:53 pm 10 Jul 19

Animals do feel pain too

Christopher Cuba Rabanal Christopher Cuba Rabanal 8:52 pm 10 Jul 19

It’s actually very concerning and frightening that there’s an individual or group of them, killing or torturing animals (cats).

These psychos usually move to humans later on.

Jenny McInnes Jenny McInnes 6:45 pm 09 Jul 19

I spoke with an officer from the RSPCA today and he has said the RSPCA would like any information or anyone who has lost or had a pet injured to contact them. They are VERY concerned.

Julie Ross Julie Ross 2:30 pm 09 Jul 19

People are evil. I'm sure theres alot of people who hate cats for killing birds etc....and would love domestic cats banned all together, but they dont realize these animals are family members....and loved. I hope they catch these bastards.

Alexandra Peachey Alexandra Peachey 7:07 am 09 Jul 19

Nicky Heufel keep Elsa inside.

Brys Glasson Brys Glasson 6:41 am 09 Jul 19

Jack Dunn you know anything about this??

Marion Hedley Marion Hedley 5:56 am 09 Jul 19

Good luck guys xx

Alison Elliott Alison Elliott 10:41 pm 08 Jul 19

I saw posts this week where someone admitted quite proudly on fb to catching and killing cats here in Canberra and it's been reported to rspca and police.

    Jackie Fuller Jackie Fuller 10:34 am 09 Jul 19

    Alison Elliott can you screen shot the post ?

    Jackie Fuller Jackie Fuller 6:46 pm 09 Jul 19

    Alison Elliott name and people can go break his kneecaps 🤷‍♀️

    Alison Elliott Alison Elliott 6:50 pm 09 Jul 19

    The authorities can deal with him

Melinda Parrett Melinda Parrett 9:07 pm 08 Jul 19

Unless rspca have inspectors patrolling streets day and night I’m not sure what they can really do? People have to call in if they see suspicious behaviour. Whoever it is is a sick sick sick mongrel!

Debbie Kampowski Debbie Kampowski 8:56 pm 08 Jul 19

I’m glad they will be going out to speak to people, I for one want to know what happened to Merlin, and if possible Pumpkin who went missing in 2016

Nicole McGuire Nicole McGuire 8:53 pm 08 Jul 19

Serial killers in the making starting out with small animals. Gross

Doris Andrews Doris Andrews 8:46 pm 08 Jul 19

I agree cats should be contained BUT there is no excuse for any cruelty to a cat that is outside. Just how many sick and twisted people live in Canberra. If you know anyone who would such a thing be aware they are potential phsysopaths

Catherine Karcher Catherine Karcher 8:20 pm 08 Jul 19

Scary to think that these animal cruelty behaviours are common to serial killers. These people need to be found and locked up

    Cindy Bradley Cindy Bradley 9:09 pm 08 Jul 19

    Totally agree! I can’t stand cruelty to animals! A very sick twisted evil person out there, scary!

Jemima Michelle Livingstone Jemima Michelle Livingstone 8:16 pm 08 Jul 19

We are in Gordon and our cat, kitty, dissappeared in September 2018 never to be seen again. Our neighbours lost their cat not long before ours went missing, theirs was found on the oval in Banks dead with suspicious injuries. Who ever is doing this is a sick twisted person 😢

    Glynis Quinlan Glynis Quinlan 8:24 pm 08 Jul 19

    Jemima Michelle Livingstone very sad. It would be really good to let the RSPCA know about this if you haven’t already.

    Jemima Michelle Livingstone Jemima Michelle Livingstone 9:00 pm 08 Jul 19

    Glynis Quinlan i reported her when she went missing

    Adam Butchart Adam Butchart 10:38 pm 08 Jul 19

    Jenna Gray yep:

Sez Mum Sez Mum 8:15 pm 08 Jul 19

Not only the poor cats, also the chickens being set alight in Kambah. Dog baiting in the valley and other areas in Canberra. It's a bit of a worry.

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