Spring Forward this Sunday

johnboy 30 September 2010 12

Katy Gallagher is reminding you all to put your clocks forward at 2am on Sunday.

Alternatively you can wonder why your computer and your watch don’t match on Sunday morning, remember hearing something about daylight savings, and just adjust to match your computer.

On the plus side, more sun in the evenings and easier sleeping in thanks to darker mornings.

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12 Responses to Spring Forward this Sunday
cleo cleo 1:04 am 01 Oct 10

I just hate losing an hour until next year.

Thumper Thumper 3:56 pm 30 Sep 10

I hate when my cows fade…

bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 3:52 pm 30 Sep 10

Katy’s such a caring individual. Doesn’t want you to miss the NRL final, though I suspect most people would have notice by Sunday afternoon that something’s not quite right.

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 1:32 pm 30 Sep 10

Awww ripped off!! I was just starting to think the sun is coming up nice and early so I can thoroughly enjoy some of the morning before it’s time to start working!

deye deye 1:24 pm 30 Sep 10

set it to Daylight saving time all year around 🙂

H1NG0 H1NG0 1:01 pm 30 Sep 10

There is a microsoft update on Windows 7 to fix daylight savings. I noticed it installing last night.

Amanda Hugankis Amanda Hugankis 11:53 am 30 Sep 10

Who will think of the cows and my fading curtains!

shirty_bear shirty_bear 11:27 am 30 Sep 10

Sleep is never a problem, but I hate the way it confuses the chooks and fades the curtains.

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster 11:22 am 30 Sep 10

Daylight saving is a conspiracy to promote terrorism, pedophilia and to starve the population so we have to import more food from Communist and third world countries. The extra hour gives terrorists more time to plan and execute their attacks. Pedophiles love it because kids are out longer meaning more time for them to be abducted and molested. Terrorism and pedophilia did not exist before daylight saving came in. It has also caused crippling droughts because of the heightened evaporation caused by the extra hours of sunlight and heat. We have just experienced the worst drought in our history, terrorism is rampant and pedophiles are roaming the streets yet we are still hell-bent on sticking to daylight saving and causing even more problems, disruption and lowering of our standard of living.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 11:20 am 30 Sep 10

Inappropriate said :

I’d prefer it if the clocks didn’t change: my sleeping patterns don’t adjust well.

Time to emigrate to Queensland!

davesact davesact 11:05 am 30 Sep 10

Won’t anybody think of the effects on chooks… or the effect of the sun on the curtains on the west wall? an extra hour of sunshine won’t help anything.

Inappropriate Inappropriate 10:52 am 30 Sep 10

I’d prefer it if the clocks didn’t change: my sleeping patterns don’t adjust well.

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