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Stanhope bags out Greens

By Thumper - 6 March 2008 38

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has, rightly in my opinion, criticised the ACT greens for their proposal to devote this year’s entire budget surplus to retrofitting every house and building in Canberra with solar hot water heaters and insulation.

Mr Stanhope said that (this) “was yet further proof of the gross naivety of the Greens, and their leader, MLA Dr Deb Foskey.”

Mr Stanhope’s statement has suggested that the Greens have proposed putting the entire $200 million surplus into a capital fund for the retrofit project.

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38 Responses to
Stanhope bags out Greens
Thumper 8:45 am 07 Mar 08

I should add that, yes, the climate will change, but that’s a given considering the one constant thing about climate is that it will change over time.

Thumper 8:11 am 07 Mar 08

Like I said, a sanctimonious wanker.

Climate change happens sunshine, whether we do anything or not. 20K BP you could walk to tasmania and batemans bay was 15K inland.

In Europe they are experiencing some of the coldest weather on record.

Say, what ever happened to the previous catch call of global warming? I guess people realised that warming doesn’t mean getting colder as well. Hmm, better change it to ‘climate change’ instead.

sepi 9:56 pm 06 Mar 08

Solar hot water does pay for itself. That’s why people put it in.

And technology only improves when people support it – by using it, and encouraging continued production and improvement.

Two good reasons for supporting solar hot water systems.

barking toad 8:47 pm 06 Mar 08

Yes sepi, in theory. One day when technology improves the cost effectiveness it may be sensational.

Until then, the hippie dream is a tax on everyone with no benefit to anyone. Except the feelgood factor.

Mr Foskey made more sense defending the indefensible decision to snought in the public housing trough.

Ralph 7:07 pm 06 Mar 08

Working up ways to send the economy down the toilet, with no measurable impact on global CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately we’ll all have to pay for these mistakes.

Mælinar 6:18 pm 06 Mar 08


That’ll be why we have a Government Department called, surprisingly enough the Department of Climate Change. Still don’t believe me ?

Naturally, they’re just bumming around on the taxpayer dollar, since Climate Change isn’t attributable to human activity.

Then again, you dickheads didn’t believe the environment was in danger until they created that Department, and we’ve all heard that the fish stocks are ok as well (DAFF) haven’t we ?

Sometimes, some of you really do come across as fcuking retarded a$$holes.

Lets try to put it another way to save on character assasinations. There are a whole lot of people, right here in Canberra, that work in climate change sections – what do you dumbasses think they are doing ?

sepi 6:16 pm 06 Mar 08

I don’t see how solar hot water can be a bad idea.

barking toad 6:03 pm 06 Mar 08

Oh uber, you’ve been reading too many comics.

Here’s some facts :

1. Climate changes – warms & cools over millions of years driven by a multitude of factors;
2. Man’s activities may have some minimal contribution – unmeasurable;
3. Neither you or any green hippies can have any measurable impact stopping climate from changing;
4 What you and other gore disciples are bleating about is natural cyclical change in a complex system that playstations can’t come close to replicating let alone projecting;
5 Your 2500 “scientists” involved with the IPCC is a mythical number;
6 The IPCC is a political organisation controlled by government and non-government parties with agendas driven by a want to impose and control society at large (as well as make a quid);
7. If you are still concerned i’ll sell you some carbon credits at bargain prices to lift your level of smug self satisfaction.

The realist has spoken!

Ralph 5:50 pm 06 Mar 08

Funny uberwench, I always thought that science was about testing hypotheses, not concensus.

There is absolutely no scientific proof that CO2 is driving changes in the earth’s climate.

ubermensch 5:39 pm 06 Mar 08

Thumper, I wonder if you would have the courage to stand up in front of the 2500 expert climate scientists from over 130 countries that contribute to IPCC reports and accuse them of superstition and religiously analogous conspiracy mongering???

In the end, I suppose I should forgive you; climate science can be difficult for lay-persons (and in particular, for small-minded simpletons like yourself) to understand. But what you DO need to understand is that an inability to understand science is NOT a valid reason to lash out the way you have, accusing 98% of the scientific community of naivety (oh the irony!), no matter how many times you throw the term ‘sanctimonious’ around.

I could be wrong; but it certainly does seem that there might be a little intellectual tall-poppy syndrome underpinning your stance on this issue… perhaps a problem that you’d like to talk about???

Thumper 5:03 pm 06 Mar 08

God, another sanctimonious climate change doomsayer…

the climate will continue to get hotter and drier

yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it all before. Floods, pestilence, droughts, bushfires, extinction of the megafauna (oh, sorry, that already happened), biblical scale catastophes, cats loving dogs, etc etc…

ubermensch 4:35 pm 06 Mar 08

There is nothing rash or naïve about the Greens’ proposal. What IS naïve is the attitude of the major parties towards urgent environmental issues such as climate change. Stanhope calls Deb Foskey naïve, yet the ALP is acting – or failing to act – on the belief that climate change can be addressed with talk, committees, papers and, ummm, what was that last one again…. oh yeah: MORE TALK. Now THAT is naïve.

If any of you had even bothered to read Dr Foskey’s media release you would have realised that her proposal is based in large part on a system of loans. The ACT Government would provide initial funding for businesses and households to purchase solar panels, and the bulk of the cost of the installations would be paid for with energy savings.

This tactic is just so typical of the major parties: they claim the role of ‘ultra-sensible realists’ in order to try to marginalise any new ideas contrary to their current policy (and political) agenda of short-term mortgage belt-appeasement. Stanhope’s outburst is nothing but a highly-visible defence-mechanism designed to conceal the fact that the core obstacle preventing immediate and desperately needed action on issues of global urgency like climate change is NOT a lack of hard-headed bureaucrats such as Stanhope, but a lack of innovative ideas and political will.

But no doubt Stanhope (and his dupes) will have his way; the ALP (at all levels) will keep talking; Canberra’s population, along with its increasing demand for water, will continue to grow; the climate will continue to get hotter and drier; and our dams will continue to get lower. Needless to say, the global consequences of climate change are far more significant than falling dam levels…

hingo 3:45 pm 06 Mar 08

They are both retards. Simple as that.

barking toad 12:57 pm 06 Mar 08


For once I agree with the mayor.

I’m going to the pub.

Mælinar 10:36 am 06 Mar 08

Thats right, it should be a budgeted item, not a fund of convenience.

Harp as they may about the dwindling supply of basic requirements (water, electricity) that is their core responsibility as a local government, we’ve yet to see them do anything about it, apart from tell us nasty householders to stop using so much water, and considering drinking our own wee.

I’m discounting any plumbing improvements they have made, as they fall under standard works.

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