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Stanhope faces no confidence motion

By Thumper - 17 June 2008 70

The ABC online is reporting that the ACT Opposition will move a motion of no confidence in Chief Minister Jon Stanhope over his involvement in the gas-fired power station planned for Tuggeranong in southern Canberra.

Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has given notice of his intention to move the no confidence motion next Wednesday.

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70 Responses to
Stanhope faces no confidence motion
imhotep 9:15 pm 17 Jun 08

VicePope said :

VicePope..”So, it’s a sort of vote-yourself-a-bludge operation”.

I don’t agree. Surely it’s the job of an opposition to question the government over what it does, that’s all they CAN do, after all.

The no-confidence motion HAS highlighted this issue. IMO this is the kind of thing the opposition should be doing, rather than fighting amongst themselves.

Headbonius 8:45 pm 17 Jun 08

Bowel motion El? Really? I would never have guessed. What did you think I was envisioning impaling itself upon his spiky head?

VicePope 8:20 pm 17 Jun 08

17 in the Assembly. The ALP has nine. Does Zed think one of them is going to vote with the Libs, as well as getting Foskey and Mulcahy? If not, he’s urinating in the wind. It gives the Assembly a week off having to do the actual Assembly thing. So, it’s a sort of vote-yourself-a-bludge operation.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:14 pm 17 Jun 08

Good to see our pollies doing useful things to take care of the ACT. What a bunch of oxygen thieves.

Ari 8:01 pm 17 Jun 08

Mr Evil, as a long-time Don Lane fan I find it grossly offensive* that you should link Stanhope to such inoffensive and pleasurable activities.

The glass coffee table was second-hand from Revolve.

* bolded words = having fun with quotes from Stanhope in “angry voice” mode.

Given Skid’s earlier remarks, we will all have to start footnoting our posts now.

Primal 7:54 pm 17 Jun 08

dalryk said :

I never really understood the point of no-confidence motions. If you don’t have the numbers it’s doomed to fail, and if you had the numbers, you’d be the government.

Hence why you “give notice of it” rather than just “do it”. The doing is pointless, it’s the talking beforehand that brings the magic.

el 7:03 pm 17 Jun 08

I think Mr Evil may have been talking about a bowel motion.

Headbonius 6:48 pm 17 Jun 08

Mr Evil, I spotted Sonic today, he crossed the road and past about 3 feet from me. Besides being revolted I cannot help but think how your motion may impale itself on his spiky hair!

imhotep 5:41 pm 17 Jun 08

Going by what I read in the Canberra Times today (yes yes, I know), the power station site selection process definitely has a ‘wiff’ about it, and Stanhope’s aggressive ‘clarifications’ only make it look more dodgy.

God help us if we re-elect this lot. If only the Libs could get their act together…

Mr Evil 5:21 pm 17 Jun 08

I’d like to pass a motion on Stanhope’s head!

maloomike 4:40 pm 17 Jun 08

Its a political stunt to keep the debate about the power station in the media. I agree with Maelinar though, the opposition need not quote a reason, other than incompetence.

MrMagoo 4:10 pm 17 Jun 08

Well if wanna be chairman Zed does this it takes attention away from the fact that his ‘mob’ aren’t really doing anything else. Besides posing for ads for the Election

P.S. And aren’t we gonna be sick of those ads by the time the Election rolls around?

Clown Killer 4:07 pm 17 Jun 08

Yeah, this looks like the Liberals trying to pretend to be an opposition.

dalryk 4:03 pm 17 Jun 08

I never really understood the point of no-confidence motions. If you don’t have the numbers it’s doomed to fail, and if you had the numbers, you’d be the government.

Mælinar 3:56 pm 17 Jun 08

He’d probably be all right just calling it a ‘no confidence in Stanhope’ motion, no need to quote any particular reason.

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