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Stanhope faces no confidence motion

By Thumper 17 June 2008 70

The ABC online is reporting that the ACT Opposition will move a motion of no confidence in Chief Minister Jon Stanhope over his involvement in the gas-fired power station planned for Tuggeranong in southern Canberra.

Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has given notice of his intention to move the no confidence motion next Wednesday.

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Stanhope faces no confidence motion
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soc84 1:41 pm 28 Jun 08

Cavalier (#31) I totally agree. It’s about time an intelligent woman like Giulia Jones got in. And Womens Forum Australia is doing great work to end the objectification of women and stop abortion. We need more people like this who are passionate about important issues like this that effect the vulnerable in our society.

peterh 10:15 am 26 Jun 08

this from
Mr Stanhope labelled the “doomed” no-confidence motion a stunt.

“This motion, which reads like something scribbled on the back of an envelope over a third bottle of wine, is not only without foundation or merit, it’s a contempt of this place,” the chief minister told the assembly.

3rd bottle of wine?? bottle?? what happened to glass??

what sort of binge drinking is this??

peterh 9:33 am 26 Jun 08

maybe they should put it to the vote…. now!

bring the election forward, don’t give them time to cover their mistakes up.

Special G 8:52 am 26 Jun 08

Crimes is reporting Stanhope beat the no-confidence motion. Is anyone really surprised when they hold the majority.

Thumper 8:14 am 26 Jun 08

Interestingly, I think we will see a parallel to the federal election if the Liberals get up in the next Territory election.

ALP will fall into a rabble in opposition and the Libs will have no idea when in power.

Of course, that relies on the Libs getting up whitch, even given the Stanhope backlash, is seemingly remote at this stage.

VicePope 11:01 pm 25 Jun 08

I suppose it’s a balancing act. A majority government will get more stuff done, although it will probably make mistakes on the way through.

Minority or unstable coalition government runs risks of splintering, shifting loyalties and paralysis by analysis – nothing substantial can get through to be done because of the different coalitions of interest. For example, where would government put a power station because anywhere will bring out its own nimbies who have a tame legislator on tap? End result, no power station at all. (Witness what’s likely to happen in the Senate with the government needing support from the Greens, Family First and the anti-pokies person. Stitching together a majority out of that is going to take massive and costly compromise, especially with Fielding of FF being a conservative at heart).

I’d suggest that the best option is probably a majority, but with an opposition that works rather than playing internal war games. We haven’t had such an opposition in the ACT for a while, and as a result government has been allowed to become careless. The other problem is talent – it would be difficult to fill five ministries with people worthy of the task because there are probably fewer than five in the whole Assembly. And for the appalling talent on display on the government side, we have the ALP and the electorate to blame. The Libs are probably even thinner. The major parties must have better people somewhere.

Whatsup 10:22 pm 25 Jun 08

A minority government is more accountable so it shouldn’t happen as much. There will be “others” who need to be convinced that proposals are sound before they are rammed through.

At the moment Stanhope is the puppet master pulling the controlling strings of the assembly. Share the love around, let others draw fire too.

imhotep 10:17 pm 25 Jun 08

Would a minority government be so bad? If the incumbents had to get support in the Assembly from other parties, would they have;

allowed developers a seemingly free rein,
closed schools unnecessarily,
built a single lane ‘expressway’
tried to get rid of a critical coroner
Arboretum… Al Grassby statue…etc.?

No, these are things that are done by a complacent government with too much power and too little accountability.

VicePope 9:24 pm 25 Jun 08

Whatsup – but Zed and co got a week off the Assembly on full pay …. when most workers throw a hissy and don’t turn up, it’s called a strike and they don’t get paid. If it ends up as a minority government after the election, expect a lot more of this kind of stuff …

Whatsup 8:09 pm 25 Jun 08

What a shock… the motion wasn’t supported !

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