Stanhope feeling… frisky?

Art 4 August 2009 10

Comrades, the state media brings us joyous news of our dear leader’s drive to continue his role overseeing our fine territory.

Jon Stanhope is quoted as saying:

    “I do feel remarkably well, actually, and incredibly young and energetic, almost frisky.”

I’m not sure, frisky? Jon has a lot of salt & pepper going, oh well, I guess it works for border collies.

Let us recap, many in his own party do not support him. Many in the community do not support him and I would suggest many of those who do, only do so because of a lack of alternatives.

I guess the saying is true; “there’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness” I say good for him.

I look forward to our dear leader showing off his youth and vigour around our city centre. Perhaps a tax payer funded Porsche 911, or for the sake of the environment, a Tesla Roadstar.

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10 Responses to Stanhope feeling… frisky?
bd84 bd84 9:18 pm 04 Aug 09

Someone snip him, one of him is more than enough.

Art Art 5:05 pm 04 Aug 09

trevar said :

I am loathe to speculate as to what public artworks he may commission while he’s feeling frisky…

Hmm, best to avoid speculation. Given how many of the existing artworks involve the use of long lengths of solid steel, anything ones imagination could come up with would be too disturbing.

housebound housebound 1:53 pm 04 Aug 09

JB: I think maybe you let the ALP and the electorate off too lightly.

At the local ALP conference in 2007 or 8, the man was given a standing ovation.

Despite seeing a collapse in his first preference votes, he still got more than a quota all by himself. (ok, he had help from the Libs and swathes of government and ALP advertising, but he still did it.)

And he didn’t _lose_ the election completely. He didn’t win it either, but the power-at-all-costs model suggests the difference matters only to idealists.

Ridding us of Stanhope won’t solve all our problems. The Labor right will still have the running.

astrojax astrojax 1:25 pm 04 Aug 09

dare i say it, i find myself agreeing with toad!

Wraith Wraith 1:21 pm 04 Aug 09

He’ll be dribbling everywhere now.

trevar trevar 1:05 pm 04 Aug 09

I am loathe to speculate as to what public artworks he may commission while he’s feeling frisky…

SheepGroper SheepGroper 12:46 pm 04 Aug 09

Nothing one of those little rubber bands they use on calves and lambs can’t fix.

housebound housebound 12:07 pm 04 Aug 09


Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:28 am 04 Aug 09

Stanhope feeling… frisky?

An image I now cannot get out of my head… Thanks.

barking toad barking toad 11:10 am 04 Aug 09

I’d recommend one of those gay recumbent cycles!

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