Stanhope fires up at NSW authorities

Thumper 13 November 2007 12

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope has launched a stinging attack towards NSW authorities over the leaking of 1.5 million litres of raw sewage in Lake Burley Griffin, according to the SMH.

Mr Stanhope said, ‘People (were) continuing to use that (lake) for recreation for five days without notification of what was potentially a major health hazard as a result of the state of the Queanbeyan sewage works.’

He also added that ACT officials had long suspected Queanbeyan’s program of installing dual-flush toilets and water-conserving shower heads in homes was aimed more at postponing upgrades to its sewage works than saving water.

Strong words indeed, and warranted in my view.

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12 Responses to Stanhope fires up at NSW authorities
VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 11:55 pm 15 Nov 07

As a New South Welshman who lives in the QBN area, with a nice new gaol nearby, all I can say is “eat $hit”! Tralee and noise sharing, crap in your water… watch out, you never know what’s coming next!

Luke Luke 11:18 pm 15 Nov 07

Haha… it was a Joke.

Besides, they couldn’t put a toll on the roads INto Jerra… who’d pay?

thetruth thetruth 11:00 pm 15 Nov 07

What infrastructure????

But fine do it and watch a toll way on incoming roads.

I love it and entire economy built on the taxes from other people and canberrans bitch

Luke Luke 10:53 pm 15 Nov 07

Maybe the ACT should erect a toll booth on the road that links Jerrabomberra to the Monaro Highway? At least then we’d get some revenue to pay for the infrastructure consumed by Jerrabombonians…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:40 am 14 Nov 07

That’s it, I’m driving over to Struggletown and I’m going to do a big poo in their public pool!

I suggest we all do the same!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 10:52 am 14 Nov 07

As I’ve said before, while there are dormitory areas camped right on the ACT border, the ACT will always be fighting a losing battle to keep up with the required infrastructure, taxing a smaller base of residents to cover costs incurred by interstate residents.

The ACT should be expanded out to encompass all of Queanbeyan and out to Bungendore, and up to Murrumbateman – possibly right up to Yass as I believe the ACT should be connected to the country’s #1 highway.

Sustainable tax base giving all residents more affordability. Entire social and economic catchment under one government with no cross-subsidisation.

Yeah I’m probably dreaming, but some dreaming is OK right?

Mælinar Mælinar 8:04 am 14 Nov 07

caf – it’s reasonable to criticise both, this is the RiotACT.

caf caf 12:13 am 14 Nov 07

You were clearly criticising both, when either one or the other may merit criticism, but logically not both.

thetruth thetruth 11:49 pm 13 Nov 07

Thats the point… was I a little too subtle for you?? The Gaol is there – no consultation Stanhope has given up the right to lecture….

Just before the Gaol was announced we had the photo op of Whan and Stanhope shaking hands over the border as part of the NSW election. They voted Whan in and presto gaol – no consultation.

caf caf 11:42 pm 13 Nov 07

There seems to be a severe internal contradiction between these sentences:

“Pisses on them with a gaol that they didn’t want.” and “Lectures them on where their citizens can live.”

Either the ACT and Queanbeyan are entitled to make planning decisions without reference to the other (and therefore they shouldn’t “lecture” us on where we can put a gaol); or they should consult each other (and therefore making comment on Tralee is fair).

thetruth thetruth 9:50 pm 13 Nov 07

Nohope rapes Queanbeyan residents with water extraction taxes of $3 mill (which is $3 million of the $8 million profit on water). Pisses on them with a gaol that they didn’t want. Lectures them on where their citizens can live. Provides no cross border road system.

I am surprised they didn’t think of it before. Get real Stanhope.

ant ant 9:10 pm 13 Nov 07

Qbn city council is better off financially than some other councils after they re-did the boundaries. Palerang, east of Qbn, is struggling, and we are paying higher rates than Canberrans (this is rural, and there are NO services). Braidwood’s sewerage system was found to be in its death throes and townsfolk were facing humungous bills to upgrade and fix it. It’d be interesting to know more about Qbn’s sewerage system. Is it overdue for an upgrade?

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