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Stanhope gets concessions re terrorism laws

By Thumper 15 December 2005 11

The on-line CT (which has been updated) is reporting that the ACT will have a sunset clause of five years with regard to the new terrorism laws.

Now personally I think this is a sensible move and I congratulate Mr Stanhope on this but I am a bit confused as to what will happen in five years time with other State Governments having a ten year sun set clause.

I would also have to say that it probably makes Canberra a more attractive target as the laws have been watered down a bit in comparison to other States.

What’s Your opinion?

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Stanhope gets concessions re terrorism laws
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RandomGit 2:50 pm 15 Dec 05

terubo, you’re overestimating the exposure of Canberra to foreign audiences.

They’ll be picking their targets based on what appears on CNN and the BBC the most.

terubo 2:30 pm 15 Dec 05

Granted, Mael., but I think they were in places somewhat more vulnerable. Here Protective Services chasps are a-plenty. Doubt they’d waste their time here…but I won’t bet on it!

Maelinar 12:12 pm 15 Dec 05

Foreign Embassies, especially American ones have a habit of being blown up terubo…

I recall a spate of about 4 or 5 bombing attacks prior to the Gulf War which had the Yanks finally starting to think “Are there people out there that don’t like us ?”.

Somewhat disappointingly, they never did get the message though.

terubo 12:07 pm 15 Dec 05

I’d have thought, RG and others, that Canbers is TTNO: symbolic nature of the nation’s capital, Parlt., Defence HQ etc. Embassies not so important.

Maelinar 11:38 am 15 Dec 05

Terrorism Target Numero Uno: Cronulla Beach.

I’d be hard pressed to choose between Australian icons such as the harbour bridge, any given embassy in Canberra, or a soft target like an airport or a train system for a close second place though…

Unbeliever 11:32 am 15 Dec 05

Yet again, we’ve all swallowed the bulls#*~! of anti-terrorism laws. These bills, federal and state and territories – including the ACT’s, are about individual terror acts and will do nothing to prevent terrorism.

Terrorism is a much broader manifestation, that none of the laws proposed by any Australian govt. addresses – issues like worldwide distribution of resources, foreign policies of supporting despotic regimes for our capitalistic gains, basic access to clean water, shelter and food in developing countries – all of which contribute to spawning desperate human acts of terror.

We’ve all swallowed the semantic tripe (dangerously so) of believing that laws will prevent terrorism, where at best they only deal with individual acts of terror and at worst do nothing to prevent even these acts – as in the case of the most recent London bombings.

Politicians on both sides have been efficient at confusing these two keys issues – which is dangerously naive in the longer term.

RandomGit 10:50 am 15 Dec 05

High profile targets. Sydney, Melbourne.

Not Canberra. I’ve got my reasons to be scared but not because I’m in Canberra.

Absent Diane 10:28 am 15 Dec 05

can’t stand howard… but agree with his anti-terrorism laws.. as sad as that is… I really think that there needs to be greater effort in this city to make those like me who are scared shitless of being blown to bits while in a bus…..the thing about most terror attacks we have seen is that they have been completely unexpected and random… so realistically there is abso. no way of telling whether canbsy is a target’ or not

Thumper 10:19 am 15 Dec 05


I agree, most self respecting terrorists wouldn’t even know where canberra is…


che 9:57 am 15 Dec 05

lets face it they’ll do some planning and training outside the ACT (theres too many dog walkers and not enought space here) so if/when the Secret Polizi catch them they’ll still be able to charge/hold them for whatever they like

colsim 9:49 am 15 Dec 05

I’m going to go out on a limb here Thumper and guess that terrorists probably don’t pay too much mind to which laws they’re breaking and the possible ramifications (particularly suicide bombers) and would still target areas where they can cause the most death and destruction.

Besides which, don’t you know we’ll all be barcoded/rfid-chipped within 5 years 🙂

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