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Stanhope gets on his high (civil rights) horse again

By Thumper 9 September 2005 18

Apparently those nasty feds are thinking of increasing Police powers at airports including making it acrime to leave an unattended bag at the said airport, among other things.

Now most people would think that this is a good thing especially because people have the right to travel safely and without the fear of being blasted into a million lit bits.

But not our brave leader. To him it is, as everything these days, an infringement of basic human civil rights.

Okay Jon, like gagging the coroner, like Quamby detention centre, like Seven Storey Simon doing whatever he wants, like Katy ‘Evil One’ Gallagher closing schools and being not responsible. What about those civil rights to having a say in the process rather than being steam rolled?

No link of the Stanhope tirade but it may come up as a press release at a later date.

The SMH has this about the proposed laws.

Oh, and CNN here:

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Stanhope gets on his high (civil rights) horse again
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MrX(orY) 11:11 am 10 Sep 05

If Comrade Nohope was serious about not infringing basic human civil rights he should leave Canberra the fuck alone

johnboy 8:18 am 10 Sep 05

Even Stanhope hungrily eyes the new powers.

While still we wait for a terrorism incident that couldn’t have been prevented by the powers available before 9/11 if only for a modicum of competence on the part of security services.

colsim 3:37 pm 09 Sep 05

A happy medium would be a good start Thumper, here’s hoping

Thumper 1:44 pm 09 Sep 05

I’ve sworn off mentioning those fires.

Although you do realise that we had a huge blaze 12 months previous to that when Stromolo Forest all but burnt down.

Funny how that one kind of slipped under the radar….

Maelinar 1:34 pm 09 Sep 05

2003 fire enquiry spring to mind thumper ?

The embarrasing thing about how long that one is dragging on is that the year it occured is in the title…

Their only problem at the moment is nobody seems any way inclined to forget 🙂

Thumper 1:13 pm 09 Sep 05


I think thats because the current government uses consultation simply to meet its own agenda.

For instance, Ginninderra High, no consultation, and yet on others, which sadly escape me at the present, it drags on for so long that nothing actually happens and everone foprgets.

There has to be a happy medium in between the two extremes.

rose 1:07 pm 09 Sep 05

What’s wrong with proving something is going to work before implementing it?

colsim 12:56 pm 09 Sep 05

I have to confess I get most of my ACT news through this site so I couldn’t really say what positive things the ACT gov gets up to – though I am pretty happy about upcoming smoking bans.

The summary of the legislative agenda that was in another post didn’t particularly rock my world though.

As for consultation – if governments aren’t being accused of consulting too little, they’re accused of taking too long to implement plans and policy.

Hard to win when you run the show.

bonfire 12:23 pm 09 Sep 05

frankly i dont think stanhope and his comrades give a shit about canberrans individual rights and freedoms. they foist ideologically driven whimsys upon us, and act all hurt when we are ungrateful. they ignore or do not seek feedback on contentious issues, yet attack anyone who comes up with alternative suggestions for ANYTHING. they view everything through a the prism of adversarial power politics where you are either with them or are the enemy.

im sick of the sneaky things that now just occur. as soon as they achieved majority govt, any real semblance of consultation just evaporated.

at least when we had a non-majority govt real debate occurred.

Thumper 12:17 pm 09 Sep 05

Interestingly, I think Howard’s lost the plot in a number of areas and has run out of ideas.

I can’t wait till the next federal election so we can at least balance up the Senate again.

colsim 11:53 am 09 Sep 05

Yeah, sounds like a high-horse tirade to me.

As an elected leader, Stanhope has every right to say his piece about issues which impact on his employers – us. Government isn’t just about making sure the buses run on time.

Never mind my neocon comrades, only 3 more years till you get to vote for whatever Carnell wannabe your mob puts up in the next election. 🙂

(I know I’m getting off topic, but so what, this one seems to have turned into yet another Labor bashing exercise and I’m feeling feisty)

DT 11:26 am 09 Sep 05

What did he say in his tirade? I heard him interviewed on ABC earlier this morning and was surprised to hear him say he generally supported the new measures (but it was a shame Howard hadn’t released the details).

Just found this on the ABC website:

PM must prove terrorism laws will help: Stanhope
ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope says he supports measures to make the community safer but the Federal Government must prove the worth of its new counter-terrorism proposals.

The Federal Government yesterday announced new laws that include allowing suspected terrorists to be held up to 14 days without being charged.

The proposed laws would also compel airlines to disclose information to law-enforcement agencies and make it an offence to leave baggage unattended at airports.

Mr Stanhope says he is concerned at the lack of detail in Prime Minister John Howard’s proposals.

“I understand that the Prime Minister describes these laws as necessary to protect our way of life,” he said.

“Our way of life is essentially around the respect for democracy, for the rule of law and for human rights, and there is an irony in protecting our way of life through actually attacking those things that are so fundamental to the values that we hold dear.”

Mr Stanhope says Mr Howard must show how his proposals will make the community safer.

“I think it’s important we don’t get into this chest-thumping competition to see who is the toughest on terrorism without actually actually achieving a result for the community,” he said.

ssanta 9:58 am 09 Sep 05

2CC.. best pull that cardy up around your neck. It is cold outside and the sky seems to be falling…

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:47 am 09 Sep 05

I thought I had misheard it, but smirked anyway…and see, I still haven’t mentioned that radio station’s name….

Mr Evil 9:36 am 09 Sep 05

Mayor of Manuka; that’s funny.

Chris 9:17 am 09 Sep 05

Did anyone else grin (like me) when Jason on 2CC called the Dear Comrade the Mayor of Manuka this am ?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:15 am 09 Sep 05

What happens if a 5 year old drops a bag of jelly beans at said airport? It’s an unattened bag, so do somebody must surely get told off…it would be entertaining.

Seriously Jon, we don’t care about your thoughts on national issues, just shut up and get on with your job of running the ACT, if we want to hear your thoughts on national issues we will elect you to the national parliament. It is unfortunate that national and international media gave him so much airtime.

Maelinar 8:50 am 09 Sep 05

One of the things I’d love to see on such things as Uni Orientation and other important social events on the calendar, is a concerted effort to leave as many bags as possible unnatended at said airport.

The laughs would be priceless..

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