Stanhope Pawns himself

Maelinar 30 May 2007 5

Anybody else notice Win Tv’s new advertisment with the glowing endorsement by none other than our fearless leader, Jon Stanhope ?

Isn’t there some kind of separation of powers kind of thinggy they are bound by ? What would the other channels think ?

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5 Responses to Stanhope Pawns himself
sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 7:25 pm 30 May 07

Saw it. I twisted my ankle in the rush to get to the PC and email “Media Watch”.

Dear Monica,

Why o why don’t you return my emails? Can it be thousands of others are submitting the same tips as me? I thought we had started something special, but now I just wish Stuart Littlemore would take me back. But he knows I emailed Paul Barry (shhhh, it’s embarassing so don’t tell anyone).

Anyways, there’s this guy called John Stanhope. You know – the one Piers Akerman makes the half-joke about being President of the Republic of Canberra every second column or “Insiders” episode.

John’s done a soundbite for the local Channel Nine News here in the ACT, saying how much he adores their craft. This could make make an interesting Mediawatch – are there any other political endorsements like this?


PS – I’ve sent the same tip to “Today Tonight”. They’re always exposing bad celebrity endorsements. It’s the same kind of thing.

PPS – I’ll let you know if Anna Coren says “hi”.

Thumper Thumper 3:39 pm 30 May 07

I saw it and found it bizarre. Quite an unusual step for a pollie to take, but it may be a genius move.

Reciprocal agreement?

KandyA KandyA 3:02 pm 30 May 07

WTF?! do WIN have better local news? I dunno – I only read theriotact

anyway who cares – was just another annoying add getting in the way of fantastic Kiwi sensationalist doco Neighbourhood Sh!tFiGHT!
WIN should do up a local version – I know a few houses that could carry the season themselves

Captain America Captain America 2:38 pm 30 May 07

Yep I saw the ad. Yet another reason to
a) Not vote for Stanhope
b) Never watch Win Television ever again.

Seriously, who at Win thought that Stanhope actually has enough respect left in the community that having him whore himself for their advertising would have any benefit?

S4anta S4anta 1:55 pm 30 May 07

i think you’ll find quite a few of them have.

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