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Stanhope refuses to meet local elders over land claims

By Thumper - 25 September 2006 55

In what could only be described as interesting, Mr Stanhope has apparently refused to meet with local Ngunnawal people in relation to land claims.

Opposition Indigenous affairs spokeswoman, Jacqui Burke, says this is disrespectful and is quick to point out that Mr Stanhope is comfortable with using the Indigenous community for his own political agenda.

Personally I find it somewhat odd that Mr Stanhope has refused discussions given his previous and apparent undying support for indigenous, migrant and other minority groups in the Territory. I would have thought this was an issue he would have jumped all over.

ABC article here.

UPDATED: Mr. Stanhope has put out a media release explaining the lengths he has gone to trying to include the Bell family in a resolution.

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55 Responses to
Stanhope refuses to meet local elders over land claims
Pandy 8:05 pm 25 Sep 06

What claims could they have?

All of the land as far as I know was at one time or another was leasehold sheep paddocks. That would effectively extinguish Aboriginal title claims.

Big Al 6:06 pm 25 Sep 06

Stanhope could be splitting straws on this to wriggle out of it. I’m not sure that any of the Bell families applications to register as a native title claimant have met threshold to date – could be wrong but it can be checked on the NTT website. If they’re not registered native title claimants, they’re essentially just another bunch of people vying for the Grand PooBah’s attentions.

caf 4:43 pm 25 Sep 06

I just don’t think the article says that, in black and white. It sounds more like a quote from a press release that implies that, without actually stating it.

nyssa76 4:33 pm 25 Sep 06

Oops “that they speak of”.

nyssa76 4:33 pm 25 Sep 06

caf, I don’t know about you but taking 8 MONTHS and still not complying? How could you not knowingly breach an order? And yes I read the article carefully. Last time I looked it shouldn’t take over 8 months to get a bloody discussion organised, thus fulfilling the requirements of the court order.

Chief Numpty would have known that it was the court’s order that they speak. If he didn’t he either 1) can’t read, 2) is blind, 3) is deaf or 4) ignorant.

VYBerlinaV8 4:32 pm 25 Sep 06

It’s interesting how publicly so many people want to be all high and mighty and acknowledge land claims, until they might have to actually do something about it.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

Thumper 4:21 pm 25 Sep 06

At the launch of the social plan he acknowledged both the Bells and Matilda House.

“I would like to acknowledge the Ngunnawal people, the traditional owners of the land we are meeting on. I respect their continuing culture and the unique contribution they make to the life of this region. I extend my respects to their elders, in particular Ngunnawal elders Ms Matilda House, Mrs Ruth Bell and Mr Don Bell.”

caf 4:20 pm 25 Sep 06

I would find it very surprising if the ACT Government were knowingly breaching a Federal Court order, and if you read the story carefully it does not actually say that they are. Like Heavs I suspect there is another side to this.

nyssa76 4:08 pm 25 Sep 06

Fact of the matter is, he was ordered to by the courts.

He’s breaching the conditions of a court order. So what if he doesn’t want to, he has to.

Why won’t Chief Numpty start listening to the people of Canberra – parents, Aboriginals, migrants – instead of trying to do what he “thinks” we want – which isn’t what we want.

Heavs 4:04 pm 25 Sep 06

Is there not a backstory about Sonic not recognising the Bell family as elders but rather preferring to listen to the House clan.

Mr Evil 3:43 pm 25 Sep 06

Was that the Ngunawal or the Ngunnawal people he was supposed to meet?

simto 3:38 pm 25 Sep 06

Is it a case of “he’s never done it”, or “he’s stopped doing it lately?”

barking toad 3:34 pm 25 Sep 06

The mayor might be worried that they’ll want to tie up “public space” which may impact on his fire sale of land for development to replenish the coffers he’s squandered.

Thumper 3:16 pm 25 Sep 06

Actually, that never occured to me….

James-T-Kirk 3:09 pm 25 Sep 06

I Laughed and Laughed.

Does this finally mean that we can drop the crap “We would like to acknowlege the original land owners …” crap at the start of all of the speaches….

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