Stanhope speaks up for Todd Carney

johnboy 24 May 2007 12

Our Brave Leader has taken the unusual step of editorialising on behalf of the wayward Todd Carney.

We all know from the Bruford fiasco that the Chief Minister doesn’t believe in enforcing codes of conduct.

If this was a first offence we’d be more inclined to see it his way. We also wonder if a continued career in Rugby League is actually good for Todd Carney (or the community he has repeatedly been caught imperiling on the roads).

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12 Responses to Stanhope speaks up for Todd Carney
el el 8:10 pm 30 May 07

I thought his answer to this was a pearler too:

Muhammad Ali, Jessica Alba and Mum and Dad

Perhaps the problem with counting to 3 is causing all the drink-driving issues?

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 7:41 pm 30 May 07

Apparently he ran pretty fast away from the cops. So where the hell was this burst of speed last year when the Raiders barely scraped into the finals and were quickly dispatched?

In other news… someone’s kept Todd’s wikipedia entry up-to-date! And given a very cclean description of circumstances.

But I really like the “Most embarassing moment” answer on the official Raiders profile. I’ve lead a very boring life. I can list all three of mine, and none involved the local constabulary.

Special G Special G 6:04 pm 25 May 07

You have never noticed who young rugby league players idolise. Or any kid who loves a sport. They see the professional sports stars as role models. Therefore their actions off the field become newsworthy. Any suggestion otherwise is crap.

astrojax astrojax 12:47 pm 25 May 07

i have little time for league and the bogan thugs usually associated with it, but the point is that the rugby league club (i’ll say that again: rugby league club) employ this chap to play rugby league for them. so they pay him well, they can afford it.

i see no reason at all to associate this chap’s behaviour off the field with his capacity (i know nothing of his value as a player) to play – again ‘rugby league’ – with his capacity to act as anything other than a young cashed up bogan.

arrest him, do whatever the law must in relation to his actions as a citizen like anyone else – irrespective of whether or not another citizen may or may not play rugby league – but don’t conflate the two.

this whole ‘role model’ shit is a ridiculous imposition on pretty well everyone concerned.

if he flaunts the rules of the game or does something that brings the game – not just himself – into disrepute, then in that light the club, and game administrators, might take some action.

but for fuck’s sake, stop interupting my reading the paper with this garbage plastered all over it for absoloutely no reason at all that i can fathom…


[i feel better now]

bobbo123 bobbo123 11:17 am 25 May 07

The Raiders are keeping Carney.. going to stand by him and help him get his life in order.

If he was a crap lower grade player would they have stuck their neck out for him?

Obviously, the CM’s support did the trick??? Bizarre

stan_bowles stan_bowles 9:50 am 25 May 07

Interesting to compare this with the case of Newcastle (soccer) footballer Richard Johnston who also drove drunk and led police on a dangerous chase — similar charges and he’s copped six months jail and will most likely be released by his club.

Steve666 Steve666 9:11 am 25 May 07

Right.. so on the other page he is championing how many cars they have taken off ‘hoons’ regardless of how that might have affected those peoples lives/employment, and on this page he’s basically saying that poor Mr Carney needs our compassion? WTF!

I’m used to politicians contradicting themselves, (im still waiting for the dragway) but its not usually on their own website at the same time.

Thumper Thumper 7:58 am 25 May 07

One cannot be amazed at some of the rubbish that comes forth from this mans mouth.

Is he that out of touch with the community he purports to govern?

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:59 pm 24 May 07

I’m sure that stanhopeless has already issued a tender, for the casting of a magnificent bronze statue of carney

Mel Mel 10:53 pm 24 May 07

Do people seem to forget that these professional footballers make more money than most of us could ever dream of! What sort of example does it set when some 20yo who is on a 200k a year contract can act like this, and then have politicians in their corner… FFS indeed! I certainly wish someone would pay me that sort of money to do something I love doing. Most of them wouldn’t know what a days hard work feels like, you can’t tell me they have it tough!

Cameron Cameron 9:25 pm 24 May 07

Oh what I would give for the ACT to have the power to “recall” an elected official – a la Governor Davis in California.

It seems to me that Stanhope spews more and more crap with each passing day.

As for Carney, we DO expect him to have common sense and wisdom that is not only up there with his age bracket, but beyond it. We expect the same of ANY public figure – especially when they are apparent role models for youth.

el el 8:56 pm 24 May 07

What an utter, utter wanker Stanhope is (like we didn’t know already).

“Young footballers are not paragons. They are ordinary young men who happen to have a very specific talent — for playing football. We seem to expect that they will also exhibit qualities such as commonsense and a level wisdom [sic] which is simply beyond their years and experience.

Wisdom beyond their years and experience? FFS, as a 20 year old I didn’t consider it a special kind of intelligence or ‘wisdom’ to know that drink driving and running from police was a bad idea, and neither did my friends. What a ****ing cop-out, and just because he’s a ‘sports star’.

Good to see Stanhope concentrating on the important issues -such as defending a criminal that’s repeatedly endangered the lives of countless people with his recklessness on the roads.

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