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Stanhope urges calm.

By Thumper - 29 January 2008 47

The Daily telegraph is reporting that Mr Stanhope is playing down the alleged street violence of the past few weeks.

Rather than actually do anything about the perpetrators, Mr Stanhope wants a review of licensing laws and called on Canberrans to “be calm and objective”.

Sounds like it’s our fault again.

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47 Responses to
Stanhope urges calm.
Pandy 6:26 pm 29 Jan 08

Remember this guy?

Watch the video where he waved at them to “be calm and objective”:

Duke 6:17 pm 29 Jan 08

What about the nightclubs and bars which keep feeding booze to drunk people?

Jeez, you reckon that might have something to do with it???

Dante 5:21 pm 29 Jan 08

You, Mr Evil, are the winner.

Mr Evil 4:08 pm 29 Jan 08

I blame Tharwa residents for all this trouble!

They drive into town via Point Hut Xing (yay for Americanisms!) and proceed to start fights in Civic and Manuka because they are angry about not having a bridge.

Maybe more public art would calm people down?

Danman 4:07 pm 29 Jan 08

still got my 200 posts 🙂

Id like Mr Stanhope to go out on the beat on a Thur/Fri/Sat night and try and rationalise with these violent peopel and ask them in a calm level voice to ask them to be calm and objective.

Pink is ok for business shirts, Mrs Danman recently purchasing one for me, but I like to keep my collars down on my polos. I do no tlike to look like a poor imitation of nosferatu

Special G 4:05 pm 29 Jan 08

The Police chase thread had just got back on track talking about GPS tracking systems. I think the club violence thing is a blowout.

Holden Caulfield 3:47 pm 29 Jan 08

It’s okay. Jazz just closed off the Deakin police chase thread. Calmness has now been restored.

howdy 3:46 pm 29 Jan 08

Although they are quite handy for others trying to work out what night club to avoid. The collar up thing is apparently a ‘warning flag’.

Loose Brown 3:44 pm 29 Jan 08

Frankly I’m getting annoyed with the Daily Tele and their campaign against Stanhope. Just because he dared to point out that sitting in traffic for 40 mins each day is no way to live. Talk about insecure.

Mælinar 3:38 pm 29 Jan 08

There is no place in the wardrobe for pink polo shirts, no matter how metro you think you are.

neanderthalsis 3:37 pm 29 Jan 08

Maybe he will push for prohibition? Stop all sale of alcohol and voila, no problem with drunks (thats how the temperance folks think at least).

howdy 3:37 pm 29 Jan 08

I blame pink polo shirts.

hingo 3:33 pm 29 Jan 08

After Stanhope’s review, it will be decided that the best method of stopping the violence will be to have a person with a loud hailer repeating “Remain calm and objective!”. What planet does this guy live on?

chester 3:31 pm 29 Jan 08

Oh yeah, and scrag fight brewing between Katy and Jacqui.


(Humour me and do a story about it.)

chester 3:30 pm 29 Jan 08

“Sounds like it’s our fault again.”


Truly Thumper, you are wasted on this site. Anytime you get sick of it, email me and I’ll tell ya where all the fun happens on the internets.

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