Stanhope urges calm.

Thumper 29 January 2008 47

The Daily telegraph is reporting that Mr Stanhope is playing down the alleged street violence of the past few weeks.

Rather than actually do anything about the perpetrators, Mr Stanhope wants a review of licensing laws and called on Canberrans to “be calm and objective”.

Sounds like it’s our fault again.

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47 Responses to Stanhope urges calm.
Davo111 Davo111 10:08 pm 30 Jan 08

Higher punishments for alcohol related violence/vandalism etc – make them face the consequences of their own actions. Also, reduce drink prices back to normal for the people who can act sensibly. All back to normal /thread

Special G Special G 7:58 pm 30 Jan 08

There you go Mikey – lets blame everyone else for what the pissed idiots did. Put the blame where it lies with the people doing the drinking. If they want to sauce themselves up so much that they ‘don’t’ know what they are doing then they where the consequences.

No one is forcing them to tip the sh*t down their throats.

mikey mikey 7:26 pm 30 Jan 08

Everytime a pub or club kicks a troublesome punter out in the street, they make it the community’s problem after having profited nicely from filling up the punter on their premises. Licensed venues are too easily allowed to wash their hands of responsibility for the trouble they tip out onto the streets. Maybe neighbouring businesses in places such as Manuka should get together and collectively present the pub or club the bill for the damage done to their premises as a result of their serving practises. Sounds a bit litigious I know, but why should 9-5 business operators have to cop the extra cost of protecting their business because of the reckless practises of the pub down the street. Last time I looked, disgruntled punters weren’t trashing Manuka because Paperchain didn’t have the latest Harry Potter or because Baker’s Delight had run out of chocolate croissants. Extra police on the streets, sure, but let’s get those who help create the need for more police contribute more to covering the cost to the community as a result of their business practices.

vandam vandam 6:51 pm 30 Jan 08

The only power Police have in regards to sale of intox persons is to put together a report and pass it on liquor licensing. They then when they can, go out and check it out (investigate it) and then if found guilty impose restrictions on the club.

Police have their hands tied when dealing with the liquor laws.

I say cut off grog at 2am everywhere, get cabs in there and have a good Police presence. At least this way its easier to manage, rather than getting all clubs closing at different times.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:24 pm 30 Jan 08

Al Grassby was a nice man.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:39 pm 30 Jan 08

DMD – are you trying to tell us something?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:03 pm 30 Jan 08

I’ve only ever been cut off by a bartender who knew me. Even then, he let my friend buy drinks for me with a shake of the head and a sigh.

And f-k you Evil, Rum and Coke is awesome. I must be John Hargreaves.

Danman Danman 11:05 am 30 Jan 08

I have been told that about myself as well mael.

Mælinar Mælinar 10:33 am 30 Jan 08

I’m a perfect drunk: I can be absolutely legless, but seem completely sober when purchasing more drinks.

Swaggie Swaggie 10:17 am 30 Jan 08

I’ll have to disagree with you Duke and Ingeeg, refusing service in one bar just transgers the problem elsewhere, there’s no motivation to your average Moron to wake up to themselves and if you think that every bar and club will adhere to some intangible guideline in not serving alcohol to “intoxicated persons” you need to think again whereas bringing hom to them that they are responsible for their own actions, their own choices might just make them wake up to themselves. I’d also ask you at what stage you become intoxicated and liable to be refused service? Is it after 5 beers, 6, 8, 10? If you can order a drink in a reasonably coherent way you’ll always get served mate, put yourself behind the bar, barstaff are there to serve drinks not to act as Nannies because you dont know when you’ve had enough to drink.

howdy howdy 10:13 am 30 Jan 08

There is a solution. The govt could allow some sort of mild depressant/sleeping tablets that bar owners would be allowed to put in the drinks of patrons who are getting a bit rowdy.

Could cause outrage and drink spiking fears but think of the benefits of having the angry people fall pleasantly asleep in their chairs before any harm can be done… : )

If people can’t be calm, make them calm : P

Ah another pipe dream….

Mr Evil Mr Evil 10:05 am 30 Jan 08

Rum and Coke – especially pre-mixed – is to blame for ALL of the evils in society today.

I bet Hargreaves drinks that shit!

howdy howdy 9:47 am 30 Jan 08

American Gangsta rap is also to blame. Whether you like it or not, either way, it makes you angry.

This is the only situation where I will ever say that the masses need more idol to listen to.

Danman Danman 9:35 am 30 Jan 08

I mostly drink and entertain at my house or that of a friends. No dickheads, I chose the company , no cover charge, no taxi, no exuberantly priced drinks, no skanks, no boofheads, always good food, always good company, always good times, and I can sleep where I fall and be safe in the fact that I will not a) get raped b)get mugged or c) get taken in to protective custody (love those plastic beds with no pillow) but will wake up with the only punishment being that which I have self inflicted.

I go out, yes, but for dinner, If I wanna get Mr Magoo’d its usually at my place or that of a friend, or while camping… me old or boring or whatever, but I never really got into night clubs or waking up next to strangers for that matter.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 9:35 am 30 Jan 08

I hope there is no responsible service of alcohol at the cricket today….

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:30 am 30 Jan 08

To be honest, none of this stuff impacts on me anyway. You can avoid these tools and their pink polo shirts (collars up or otherwise) by applying a couple of Ingeegoodbee’s simple criteria to drinking.

1. I don’t drink anywhere where you have to queue to get in – even if there’s no queue, if I’ve seen one there before I avoid the place.

2. If it dosn’t do table service and allow you to run up a bill then it’s out as well.

3. If there’s no wine list then think again.

If in any doubt look for the three tell tale words – “Jack Lives Here” chances are, whoever “Jack’s” mates are, they’re pissant little turds – and as such the place should be avoided.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:14 am 30 Jan 08

“There is no place in the wardrobe for pink polo shirts, no matter how metro you think you are.”

There’s only one time I’m ever going to completely and utterly agree with you, Maelinar. This is it.

I have had a f-king gutful of these overconfident little sh-ts with popped collars and oversized sunglasses who strut around like they’re hardest men on earth because they regularly get forcably removed by security staff at Mooseheads for starting fights they could never possibly finish. It’s d-cks like them that make being drunk at 4am and dancing like a fool to 80’s pop and 90’s gangsta rap much less of an enjoyable to-be-regretted-in-the-morning experience. It’s always bloody time to go home once the pink-shirts start riling up with twenty a side. I’m drunk, it’ 5am, I think I got the lyrics to House of Pain’s jump song right and I swear if I could put on an irish accent and if I could rap, I would be a better rapper. I do not want to go home. Take your sh-t outside and get beaten up by the cops – and leave your hot girlfriend behind so I can fail to pick her up.

Sorry, it had to come out sometime.

Whilst strictly licensing laws might seem an obvious solution, it really sucks for those who can more or less handle themselves on the piss (not regarding stupid-talk and stunts-whilst-invincibles). I agree with Swaggie to an extent; it is their decision to get sh-tfaced and if getting sh-tfaced makes them violent, then they should think about staying off the grog. Sure, like every young man, I’ve been involved in ‘incedents’, but I can safely say I’ve never been the instigator. There’s always a least 1 arrogant f-k who can’t hold his grog and seems to do nothing but try to make everyone else’s night a misery.

Alcohol is a wonderful drug, that’s why it’s legal. I feel it’s my god-given right to abuse it. Those who cannot take the responsibilities that come with this right should have something injected into their bloodstream that kills them once it combines with alcohol. Then I will piss on their corpses.

Thumper Thumper 11:55 pm 29 Jan 08

Yep Pandy, I agree.

Let’s bulldoze OPH, afterall we can build a block of flats on it.

And Lanyon homestead, sel, it off and develop it. Afterall, a place by the river….

Blundells might as well go. A 20 storey hotel would be brilliant there.

In fact, lets tear down the whole of the city including the Melbourne and Sydney building, they are crap afterall….

Davo111 Davo111 11:49 pm 29 Jan 08

The bars and clubs have to get their crap together – but with no enforcement they’re unlikely to be motivated to do so.
Yeah its happened already mate, all the pubs have just increased their prices. I hope you’re happy. Unfortunatly (as usual) its come down to small percentage of people who f*k it up for the rest of us.

Pandy Pandy 11:33 pm 29 Jan 08

As I have said in another thread, this government is not responsible for the decay in this wooden bridge. They were responsible in seeking a long tern solution.

Geez if heritage was such a big deal we would never have the Hume Highway. Or we would have built a concrete bridge over at Nelligen replacing the punt.

Sure Thawra deserves a bridge, but it doe snot need to be wooden.

you need to get of your blame game and being an apologist for Val Jefferies.

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