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Starry nights all night. The Masterpieces go hardcore.

johnboy 17 April 2010 49

[First filed: Apr 15, 2010 @ 9:29]

All night, starry nights

I’ve been gagging to see the masterpieces exhibition at the National Gallery, but its runaway popularity has turned me off so far.

But in a grand finale the exhibition is staying open all through the night this Saturday.

And we’ve got 5 adult double passes to give away for the midnight to 6am slot! (RiotACT in no way endorses getting loaded in Kingston and puking on a Cezanne, the Pol Roger Champagne Bar (open till 3am) is where you should get loaded and leave the artwork alone).

This is open to all readers, just leave 25 words or less in the comments why you deserve it more than anyone else. The best 5 entries by 4pm, Friday 16 April 2010 get to collect their tickets from the cloak room.

After long minutes of intense scrutiny the winners are : Neanderthalsis, I Live in Macgregor, Icepoet, Sepi & Malteser.

Congratulations. You’ve been sent and email with some details on how to collect your tickets (unless you didn’t get it in which case it’s a lesson in keeping in your contact details updated. You should contact us through the site if that is the case)

The media release reads as follows:

National Gallery of Australia invites visitors to Spend the Night with the Masters: an exclusive overnight viewing of Masterpieces from Paris
FINAL WEEKEND: Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 April

In response to the overwhelming demand for Masterpieces from Paris, the National Gallery of Australia is offering an overnight viewing of the exhibition on Saturday 17 April, 2010.

Spend the Night with the Masters will run from 9pm on Saturday 17 April to 8am on Sunday 18 April, offering visitors a final chance to see the exhibition before it travels to Tokyo. The exhibition will close at 5pm on Sunday 18 April as the most successful exhibition ever held in Australia.

“This is the first time an exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia has been open through the night. Indeed, the Gallery will be open for 32 hours straight on the final weekend of the Masterpieces from Paris exhibition,” said Director Ron Radford AM, National Gallery of Australia.

Spend the Night with the Masters will feature overnight viewing of the exhibition, live music and entertainment, the Champagne Pol Roger bar, a Gallery foyer bar and a live broadcast nationally on ABC radio. Limited tickets will be sold for each evening session ensuring visitors can experience these masterpieces without the crowds.

Musicians from the ANU School of Music, including the Racheal Thoms Quartet and the Liam Budge Quartet, will be performing in the Gallery spaces. There will also be a performance of the minimalist master work by Terry Reily In C by other musicians from the School of Music.

ABC Local Radio’s overnight master, Rod Quinn, will be broadcasting live from the Gallery from 2am to 6am. There will also be prizes from the exhibition shop awarded to people wearing the best pyjamas.

The Pol Roger Sculpture Garden Bar will be open from 5pm to 10pm on Saturday evening, with an additional bar open in the Gallery foyer from 10pm to 3am.

On Sunday morning, visitors will be able to wake up with the masters, with breakfast options available in the National Gallery of Australia cafe from 7am to 10am. There will also be warm beverages and refreshments available for purchase from the coffee cart located outside the Gallery’s main entrance from midnight to 11am.

Tickets to Spend the Night with the Masters will be for timed entry sessions, with limited tickets available to ensure no queuing for these sessions.

Tickets are on sale now via Ticketek: or 132 849*

Group discount 10 or more | 1300 364 001* (*transaction fees from $3.95 apply)

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49 Responses to Starry nights all night. The Masterpieces go hardcore.
Rex Banner 3:12 pm 15 Apr 10

Pick me since as a tight bottomed newbie non-subscriber I can't enter the comp for the free tickets to the beer festival. Therefore weekend=boring.

SmirnOff 4:06 pm 15 Apr 10

I'd love to see Masterpieces from Paris,

but it's really hard to afford,

It'd be a truly spectacular experience,

to which I would certainly applaud!

s-s-a 4:34 pm 15 Apr 10

What I didn’t understand was parents who had taken their kids only to have them sit on the floor in the middle of the gallery and play with their Nintendo DS!?!?!

Our six year old would dearly love a "Intendo DS" but this is why she is not getting one. Today on a drive from Weston Ck to Belconnen she spontaneously launched into "I spy with my little eye..." on our way up the parkway.

I am not going to enter the comp, although I would dearly love to see the exhibition a third time. The woman in the white dress (2nd painting on the right as you enter) is my favourite I would happily stare at it from midnight to 6am!

georgesgenitals 6:45 pm 15 Apr 10

Give me the tickets, so I can onsell them for a profit. Why anyone would wnat to see a photo of some starts is beyond me.

gordito 7:50 pm 15 Apr 10

Another newbie posting for the tickets :) Apologies to all for the terrible attempt at poetry:

I was in Paris, but the masterpieces were gone,

Where I had left, they would adorn.

Missing them here, I would have to mourn.

grunge_hippy 8:05 pm 15 Apr 10

pick me so I can go after going to the beerfest and pretend to be all cultured like and stuff.

takahe 8:12 pm 15 Apr 10

Slaving for Kevin.

Will finish work 3am.

Is it still open?

cleo 8:43 pm 15 Apr 10

I would really like to go and see the paintings as I'm a fan, I only have copies on my walls,

thank you.

rjs 9:23 pm 15 Apr 10

Starry starry night,

floating in waning moonshine -

drunk civil servants.

Pastels, cream and grey

bright spots of vivid orange -

cheap champagne thrown up.

OpenYourMind 11:14 pm 15 Apr 10

Don't mean to be too pernickity, but do people realise that the painting pictured isn't the arguably more famous 'The Starry Night', but 'Starry Night Over the Rhone'?

toriness 12:02 am 16 Apr 10

go JB go, it's worth the wait. not as good as actually being in musee d'orsay but i won't skite about that.

prhhcd 9:05 am 16 Apr 10

I won't even try to compete with the poetry so here is my bid for 1 (one) ticket:

My partner is a budding artist and would love to go. We haven’t been able to afford it. Kitten season has been bad this year :(

BimboGeek 9:41 am 16 Apr 10

I spent all my money on lawyers, spiritual fulfillment and that bottomless pit called "business". Plus overnight is the only time I'm not working!

Hells_Bells74 2:42 pm 16 Apr 10

I didn't go for the same reason as you. It's my birthday dinner Saturday night, pick me and I can piss my boyfriend off afterwards :)

Brindabella 2:49 pm 16 Apr 10

Actually, I've just checked my schedule and it seems that I have an opening at 3:35 am that night! Who wouldda thought!?

Overheard 3:22 pm 16 Apr 10

I've been with my son's school group and we may have allegedly (or not) been able to be shepherded through the gift shop and in the back way. Maybe/maybe not.

ALL of the Gallery staff from the reception staff to the education personnel were absolute marvels of customer service and informative to a fault at their place and their pictures. Delightful.

Me, I don't know good art, I just know what I like. So while the presentation and the pictures are superb, I just can't appreciate them as much as most of the population. That gene was reserved for music and soccer!

But do pull out all the stops because it really is the chance of a lifetime if art's your thang.

My only numpty disappointment was that some works are (understandably) behind glass, making it hard to fully appreciate the piece.

Disclaimer: hav' nae read all of the above so stop me if it's all or part or mostly be said before.

housebound 3:27 pm 16 Apr 10

[quote comment="255784"]We don't 'deserve' to win the tickets anymore than anyone else. Gave up on the queues once. Resigned to the kids and us missing out.[/quote]

You should try. Afternoons are actually the best because soooo many people have given up and gone home. Try it just a couple of hours before the thing shuts (but your tickets online in advance, though). Well worth it.

Overheard 3:30 pm 16 Apr 10

P.S. If you've seen the 'White' paintings in the gallery and thought, Hmmm, that's a bit crap, then have a listen to Martin Pearson's classic take on them. Go here: and scroll down to the MP3 link to 'The Black Painting'. Priceless. The introduction (which is not on the site) is even funnier.

Malteser 4:20 pm 16 Apr 10

I guess I didn't win :(

I'm jealous! Who won so I can judge you... and well, hate you.

RiotPost 5:16 pm 16 Apr 10

The Winners have been chosen so check the email account linked to your RiotACT logon.

Which is a good reason to make sure the email account you used to register with RiotACT is up to date and still valid!

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