State of the Riot – April 2009

johnboy 5 May 2009 16

[First filed: May 04, 2009 @ 11:32]

Robert Rankin’s new book Necrophenia has just pointed out to me that the average human life has less than a thousand months in it. So I hope you did something worthwhile with April.

Between Easter and Anzac Day, and a notable lack of underworld killings, it was a predictably slower month for us than March. So having tempered expectations, here’s our monthly review of where the site’s going and what people are coming here for.

Key Stats:

Visits: 150,443, down from 155,728
Pageviews: 404,025 down from 453,505
Absolute unique visitors: 61,641, down from 61,780

Considering the unavoidable factors inherent to April and the more prosaic nature of the month’s news I’m stoked to see the unique visitors have stayed over 60k.

(Note: These statistics are prepared by Google Analytics and compare the 30 days of April to the previous 30 days)


While I’ve got you here a few house-keeping announcements.

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Fun stuff:

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in April were:

    1. One HD delayed….
    2. Canberra’s Little Girls 3 v. Abductors 0
    3. Brumby Shawn Mackay dies in hospital
    4. Hmm Dirt! Must have hit a nerve…
    5. BAD MACCAS!!
    6. Parton makes his move – Mike Jeffreys cops the bone
    7. Worst Meal in Canberra?
    8. Why it’s best to stay indoors – parenting in public places
    9. Easter Road Death
    10. Belconnen Foreshore sexual assault?
    11. Farewell the Belconnen Bus Interchange
    12. 5 potential swine flu cases in Canberra – It’s not as bad as it sounds
    13. Braddon crawling with police – Details?
    14, Easter public holiday surcharges
    15. Defence contractor accused of Neo Nazi links.
    16. Childish storm in the Facebook teacup?
    17. Cyclists pay to use the road (So why say they don’t?)
    18. Everyone’s favourite criminal – Matthew Massey – Back in Custody.
    19. Minque learns to never mess with Sikhs
    20. Windscreen Cleaners, Northbourne Ave and the meaning of NO

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in April were:

    1. riot act
    2. riotact
    3. the riot act
    4. riot act canberra
    5. riotact canberra
    6. the riotact
    7. shawn mackay
    8. todd carney
    9. one hd
    10. one hd canberra
    11. beating retreat 1812 overture
    12. the riot act canberra
    13. margaret spalding
    14. dfo canberra
    16. megan minney
    17. vespa wrecker canberra
    18. one hd southern cross
    19. shari-lea hitchcock
    20. southern cross ten one hd
    21. central cafe gungahlin
    22. la cantina narrabundah
    23. riot-act
    24. crace
    25. dylan moran canberra
    26. burgman anglican college
    27. daylight savings canberra
    28. “andrew robertson” apis events
    29. “interested in buying it outrightly”
    30. emma k kittens
    31. heidi1 riotact
    32. mandalay bus canberra
    33. randall blair
    34. european wasps canberra
    35. lake george canberra
    36. kods riotact
    37. matthew massey
    38. catholic primary school harrison
    39. one hd in canberra
    40. anu singh
    41. shane mortimer
    42. climate emergency protest parliament house
    43. “thomas sorahan ”
    44. canberra photo spots
    45. dvaey riotact
    46. riot act act
    47. alistair coe
    48. postcode tattoos
    49. min mae
    50. no school closures until 2013 andrew barr
    51. jamie peisley
    53. canberra knifes illegal
    54. fighter plane joy flight canberra
    55. deakin swimming
    56. erin molan
    57. netspeed problems
    58. fisher vietnamese restaurant canberra
    59. charcoal restaurant canberra corkage
    60. free tv 2009
    61. canberra murder convictions
    62. mawson club
    63. todd carney nude
    64. canberra tattooists
    65. woolworths trading hours anzac day
    66. allclassfieds
    67. gumtree canberra
    68. “i saw a duck once”
    69. southern cross one hd
    70. swine flu canberra
    71. canberra nato facility
    72. cranleigh homestead latham
    73. jeremy hanson
    74. cit hairdressing
    75. griffith vietnamese
    76. dfo canberra opening hours
    77. body corporate managers canberra
    78. fiona patten
    79. batemans bay marine park
    80. the riot-act
    81. yum cha canberra deakin soccer club
    82. chic henry pay rise
    83. dods place greenway
    84. free to air tv in canberra more channels
    85. maelinar
    86. maram canberra
    87. melbourne cup chicken
    88. big poo queanbeyan
    89. uc gym
    90. wasabi manuka
    91. “margaret spalding”
    92. bock canberra band
    93. the maram erindale
    94. the riot
    95. “john hargreaves” drinking
    96. canberra’s+best+chippy
    97. john desmond thompson
    98. ngambri
    99. “logo cycles”
    100. canberra goss

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16 Responses to State of the Riot – April 2009
peterh peterh 10:09 am 06 May 09

johnboy said :

Skid – It’s more a case that the effort of compiling those stats offers no value.

Peterh – if the browser stats change significantly from last time we publish them there might be some value in doing it again.

Jb, can you please pass on my thanks to the developer that sorted out the IE problem with long threads? I noticed i was able to make a comment well after 150 comments the other day.

johnboy johnboy 10:00 am 06 May 09

Skid – It’s more a case that the effort of compiling those stats offers no value.

Peterh – if the browser stats change significantly from last time we publish them there might be some value in doing it again.

peterh peterh 9:58 am 06 May 09

what type of browsers were used to visit the RiotACT? you used to show the stats as per the browsers used, are there any new browsers being utilised to access RA?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:48 am 06 May 09

mean & median?
Or are they ‘confidential’?

johnboy johnboy 9:34 am 06 May 09

Top to the table is in the thousands, ranging down to high double figures.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:30 am 06 May 09

Jb, any chance you’d be able to give a rough guide to the frequency of some of those Google referrals?

Feathergirl Feathergirl 2:36 pm 05 May 09

Hehe, I was the one who used the search term “I saw a duck once” on Riotact (68). Love the duck stories. There is a billion-trillion* ducks at the Cotter at the moment. I imagine them having turf wars with the cockys. Yes, I don’t get out much now I have a sprog and am amused by little things…

I may be a bit dopey, but what is ‘one HD’? Isn’t it something to do with TV? I must have missed that article.

*billion-trillion is an estamate only.

dvaey dvaey 2:36 pm 04 May 09

45. dvaey riotact

Ive got a stalker. Yay me.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 1:03 pm 04 May 09

could we get stats on when most comments are posted, is it everyday or monday and does it wain as the month and year drags on?

johnboy johnboy 12:36 pm 04 May 09

Pseudo Nym said :

Sports: More popular than child abductions?

Or maybe the content we were offering on it here was of more interest.

It got googled a lot because other media don’t like covering the issue.

p1 p1 12:21 pm 04 May 09

68. “i saw a duck once”

Me Too!

Pseudo Nym Pseudo Nym 12:09 pm 04 May 09

Sports: More popular than child abductions?

aidan aidan 11:59 am 04 May 09

I’m a bit lazy .. care to hyperlink the most popular stories so I don’t have to bother to copy and paste them into my search bar?

grundy grundy 11:39 am 04 May 09

63. todd carney nude


88. big poo queanbeyan


Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:38 am 04 May 09

One HD is the new DFO…

And those AllClassifieds Scammers need a new document template to send their emails from, seems the consumers are onto their “buying it outrightly”.

johnboy johnboy 11:38 am 04 May 09

Min Mae kicks Erin Molan to the kerb!

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