State of the Riot – January 2009

johnboy 3 February 2009 35

[First filed: February 02, 2009 @ 09:43]

So that’s January dispensed with.

Here’s our monthly review of where the site’s going and what people are coming here for. January is traditionally a slow month so we’re very happy to have had a good one, readership’s well up on December and even November.

Key Stats:

Visits: 124,736, up from 116,095
Pageviews: 366,517, up from 323,107
Absolute unique visitors: 49,679, up from 49,286


While I’ve got you here a few house-keeping announcements.

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Fun stuff:

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in January were:

    1) The DIY Summernats reportage
    2) What’s the worst thing you’ve seen a diplomat doing?
    3) What do we know about the Yamba Drive flooding deaths
    4) Michelago Ghost House Photo
    5) Child porn enthusiast bleats about periodic detention
    6) Bad Kids down south
    7) Dog’s On Leads
    8) The accused Downer Murderer and me
    9) GDE Users, Unite!
    10) Flame of the week – In defence of Chic Henry
    11) Men on top of the Belconnen Remand Centre
    12) The Causeway behind the railway… Does it exist???
    13) What am I getting into at Kambah pool?
    14) Building a freak bike with the Rat Patrol
    15) Rudd Labor to sack 35000 public servants?
    16) User reviews of Three mobile broadband?
    17) Australia Day Eve Concert
    18) It’s on. The World Naked Bike Ride is coming to Canberra
    19) Summernats ends badly (well for us at lest)
    20) Learner Drivers on the Highways?

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in January were:

    1) riotact
    2) riot act
    3) the riot act
    4) riot act canberra
    5) the riotact
    6) dfo canberra
    7) freetv
    8) the-riotact
    9) christmas lights canberra
    10) plum jam recipe
    11) corinbank
    12) steve pratt
    13) riotact canberra
    14) canberra christmas lights
    15) wanniassa medical centre
    16) joel z750 youtube
    17) kenja
    18) pho phu quoc menu
    19) orphan magazine
    20) whoop whoop
    21) cit hairdressing
    22) wasabi manuka
    23) anu singh
    24) shane mortimer
    25) soul bar woden
    26) jessica wright
    27) danman riotact
    28) 2009 calendars
    29) charnwood stabbing
    30) jester ball canberra
    31) forde dog park
    32) grag giralang
    34) ginninderra falls
    35) riot-act
    36) act ikea delivery service
    37) borders canberra
    38) canberra centre parking
    39) degas canberra
    40) ginninderra creek murder
    41) tattoo canberra
    42) eat fyshwick
    43) afp officer child pornography
    44) canberra australian made motorbike apparel
    45) fenner hall wiki
    46) hill climb data for cyclists black mountain
    47) canberra
    48) mooseheads fight
    49) todd carney
    50) “monash drive” act
    51) peter leonard
    52) fireworks canberra
    53) canberra rebels bikies
    54) westfield belconnen expansion plan
    55) gershon report
    56) shitarium
    58) alistair coe
    59) braidwood bakery
    60) deakin swimming
    61) immigration bridge
    62) sarah daphne foo
    63) the riot act canberra
    64) weston park
    65) yarralumla nursery cafe
    66) crazy chester canberra
    67) griffin centre
    68) riot act act
    69) snippity gungahlin closed
    70) european wasps hotline canberra
    71) pasquale barbaro
    72) emma rainforth
    73) henry’s anger canberra
    75) european wasps canberra
    76) “christian kerr” crikey
    77) griffin centre canberra
    78) lake george wind farm
    79) susan winburn
    80) the riot-act
    81) todd rohl canberra
    82) trackside 08
    83) burlesque courses canberra
    84) canberra cabs
    85) flint restaurant
    86) canberra speedway racing
    87) dvaey riotact
    88) hail canberra
    89) review the magic flute street theatre
    90) woden valley community festival
    91) “canberra community support”
    92) charcoal restaurant canberra
    93) riotact kitchens
    94) kippax fair drug related
    95) national portrait gallery
    96) adsl2 rim gungahlin
    97) canberra australia day concert 2009
    98) canberra fireworks
    99) haunted canberra
    100) mraact

For all the nerds here’s the breakdown on web-browsers used to read us:

    Internet Explorer 54.45%
    Firefox 32.75%
    Safari 8.34%
    Chrome 1.91%
    Opera 1.46%

And operating systems:

    1. Windows – 85.17%
    2. Macintosh – 11.76%
    3. Linux – 1.93%
    4. iPhone – 0.61%
    5. iPod – 0.17%
    6. SymbianOS – 0.11%
    7. Danger Hiptop – 0.05%
    8. Playstation3 – 0.01%
    9. SunOS – 0.01%
    10. Playstation Portable – 0.01%

(There were also a few visits from the Nintendo Wii, PalmOS and Android and BSDs but too few to make the percentages. Also our first ever two hits from the Android platform!).

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35 Responses to State of the Riot – January 2009
LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 5:44 pm 02 Feb 09

I so hope 26 and 83 are related.

Passy Passy 4:37 pm 02 Feb 09

12) steve pratt

Number 12! Elections sometimes do some good, don’t they?

R. Slicker R. Slicker 2:40 pm 02 Feb 09

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster said :

Whoop Whoop?

Shouldn’t that be Woop Woop?

johnboy johnboy 2:36 pm 02 Feb 09

Gungahlin Al said :

So there was more than one person sufficently lacking in the requisite number of cans in their six-pack to do a Google search on “whoop whoop”??
Or “grag giralang” or “dvaey riotact”?
What am I missing?

I suspect you see mouth breathers find a certain search which gives them a page they take an interest in, then they keep using it to find their way back.

johnboy johnboy 2:32 pm 02 Feb 09

We’re not going to discuss the inner working of the business here.

But suffice to say clicking doesn’t do much for us.

Saving up your bandwidth fees and giving it to us would be worth a lot more.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:26 pm 02 Feb 09

johnboy said :

Well it’s a matter of choice and conscience. But those googleads make a lot more money for google than us.

What about the other display ads, do they make more for you than the google ads, and are they also a click for income proposition (ie. the more we click, the more you get)?

Do you have enough display ads to scrap the google ones altogether?

Granny Granny 2:22 pm 02 Feb 09

I can’t believe you’ve never searched for whoop whoop, Gungahlin Al!

: D

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:10 pm 02 Feb 09

So there was more than one person sufficently lacking in the requisite number of cans in their six-pack to do a Google search on “whoop whoop”??
Or “grag giralang” or “dvaey riotact”?
What am I missing?

Granny Granny 1:30 pm 02 Feb 09

Me too, p1!

: )

A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster A Noisy Noise Annoys An Oyster 1:28 pm 02 Feb 09

Whoop Whoop?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:41 pm 02 Feb 09

Search rankings have evolved well beyond frequency of word usage.
(Otherwise pages which contained nothing but the words sex videos sex videos sex videos… would be ranked at number 1 for searches on sex videos, instead of the results people have learned to appreciate)

p1 p1 12:33 pm 02 Feb 09

In that case, I shall be including a link to the plum jam post in all of my posts on all other websites I post on. 🙂

Granny Granny 12:29 pm 02 Feb 09

ohhhhh ….

: P

Granny Granny 12:28 pm 02 Feb 09

I think it should be our new mission in life. Plum jam should be mentioned in practically every post, along with convicted ferret torturers Thomas Sorahan and Adriano Larobina.

; )

johnboy johnboy 12:28 pm 02 Feb 09

Kiddies, it really doesn’t work that way.

You need to mention plum jam and link to us from OTHER websites.

p1 p1 12:26 pm 02 Feb 09

Mentioning what? Plum Jam?

aidan aidan 12:23 pm 02 Feb 09

RiotACT ranks #31 if you put it into (notice the absence of “au” on the end):

But keep mentioning it and RiotACT could make the front page …

Granny Granny 12:20 pm 02 Feb 09

We have the fifth best plum jam in the world here in Canberra. The tourism people could do something with that.

Do I have to think of everything?

: D

p1 p1 12:20 pm 02 Feb 09

Wow. How do we rate on other condiments?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:12 pm 02 Feb 09

My mistake, made a typo.
We are actually #5 worldwide when you spell correctly.

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