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State of the Riot – July 2008

By johnboy - 1 August 2008 57

We’re re-instating the State of the Riot as a monthly feature. For new players there’s some fun stuff in the keywords down the page.

In the meantime, well, that’s a gratifying bounce on my return! Better than I hoped for and thank you all for reading and, where appropriate, for contributing.

Visits: 95,998 – Up 14.01%
Pageviews: 296,721 – Up 23.24%
Absolute unique visitors: 37,223 – Up 12.28%


While I’ve got you here a few house-keeping announcements. If you’re one of the thousands of Canberrans enjoying reading RiotACT perhaps you should consider supporting us? You can just make a donation

Alternatively you could take out a premium subscription.

If you have goods or services to advertise you could advertise with us.

Failing that Facebookers can just become a fan. We like fans.

Now, a note to our many fans in the wider Canberra media community. We all lift stuff from each other. No Question. RiotACT does it more than most. But we do credit the sources of our stories. So if we have made your life easier by giving you story ideas maybe, just maybe, giving us a plug back will help insure we’re here to help you out for years to come??

And isn’t it a little ridiculous referring to “a Canberra website” as if there’s only one?

Fun stuff

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in July were:

    1) Murder most foul in Charnwood
    2) New DFO Fyshwick will make airport seem “Brand Depleted”
    3) Ice, Meth and E soon to be sold by the cops
    4) Parton boned from 106???
    5) Raider implicated in All Bar Nun fight last night
    6) Goodbye Starbucks – you were never good enough for this town
    7) Glebe Park – the lover’s lane of Canberra
    8) The Return of the King… or, a dog to vomit.
    9) Is Marist College Legal?
    10) ACT government commissions review of suicide attempt
    11) WIN News gets it right
    12) Trimming down the bride…
    13) Canberra most haunted?
    14) GDE duplication is GO GO GO
    15) WTF? More Marist Trickery – Are these guys marist brothers or master magicians?
    16) Down Memory Lane
    17) Creation of a Marist Ex-students and Families lobby Group – Interest sought
    18) Reasons why the ACT is better than NSW – Jon Stanhope
    19) Police activity in Dickson
    20) The Kenja Trust presents “Guilty until proven innocent”

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in July were:

    1) riot act
    2) riotact
    3) the riot act
    4) riot act canberra
    5) the riotact
    6) mark parton
    7) riotact canberra
    8) the riot-act
    9) dfo fyshwick
    10) riot-act
    12) riot+act
    13) all bar nun fights
    14) todd carney
    15) helen volmari
    16) car+accident+on+majura
    17) canberra airport
    18) fraser court
    19) gde duplication
    21) flint restaurant
    22) chester
    23) the riotact rudd public servants
    24) the riot act canberra
    25) tonk system addict review
    26) ha ha bar belconnen
    27) dfo canberra
    28) foskey staffer roland
    29) grapevine voip
    30) limestone lizzy
    31) “barrel of monkeys” + canberra + band
    32) anu singh
    33) contented soul act
    34) riotact south vietnam
    35) wasabi dickson
    36) raiders+earth+hour
    37) griffith vietnamese
    38) nyssa76 anissa
    39) underground base canberra
    40) “overheard” canberra
    41) wasp’s nests
    42) massage canberra
    43) “lincoln hawkins”
    44) dale seaman daramalan
    45) hall ps
    46) canberra long-term parking
    47) best plumber canberra riotact
    48) riot act act
    49) jess wright
    50) cornucopia haunted
    51) angela shanahan
    52) my hat is a red saucepan
    53) richard mulcahy
    54) bootcamp in canberra
    55) riot act goolia
    56) 73549138494000
    57) gungahlin community council
    58) skidbladnir
    59) charnwood murder
    60) noodle house menu tuggeranong
    61) video ezy
    62) elvin group
    63) plaka pizza
    64) blossy canberra
    65) capital+city+punkfest
    66) canberra brewery
    67) dickson noodle house
    68) carney poll best player
    69) sausages site:
    70) act computer fairs 2008
    71) charcoal restaurant canberra menu
    72) crusty demons
    73) “police convention in civic” 2008
    74) events torch relay act map
    75) three mothers thai
    77) cam sullings
    78) katie bender parents
    79) “identical strangers” “canberra” “band”
    80) fireworks canberra
    81) “gungahlin drive”
    82) defence hq bungendore stupid
    83) delissio curtin
    84) new action bus timetable
    85) nyssa76 housing joker
    86) burgman anglican college
    87) craigslist canberra
    88) danman
    89) dendy premium cinema menu
    90) hansel & gretel coffee
    91) hughes canberra
    92) paintball canberra
    93) yum cha deakin
    94) central cafe queanbeyan
    95) kate carnell dui
    96) scumdorg+canberra
    97) westfield woden expansion
    98) canberra interstate rego
    99) daramalan victim
    100) adventure playground in gordon

Also for all the nerds here’s the breakdown on web-broswers used to read us:

    Internet Explorer 61.79%
    Firefox 29.30%
    Safari 7.04%
    Opera 1.00%
    Mozilla 0.40%

And operating systems:

    1. Windows – 87.53%
    2. Macintosh – 10.17%
    3. Linux – 1.81%
    4. iPod – 0.14%
    5. SymbianOS – 0.10%
    6. iPhone – 0.08%
    7. Playstation 3 – 0.08%
    8. (not set) – 0.06%
    9. SunOS – 0.01%
    10. Danger Hiptop – 0.01%

(There were also a views from a Nintendo Wii and a PalmOS but too few to make the percentages).


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57 Responses to
State of the Riot – July 2008
johnboy 2:01 pm 01 Aug 08

Thanks Tyler, and you go right on expecting thanks for slagging a product I was trying to promote.

Really appreciated.

Your feedback will, however be taken on board, not that is was anything we weren’t already aware of.

tylersmayhem 1:57 pm 01 Aug 08

Holy crap – I was simply providing some feedback JB & Granny! I have had a look again at my previous post, and I still can’t see any sarcasm, rudeness or anything malicious.

Perhaps John Boy, if you would like people to keep subscribing the the “John Boy Show” and paying your salary, you should not jump down potential subscribers throats when they prompt for more value for a subscription. I pay to subscribe to various other forums, and I have made suggestions in the past, but never have I had the type of response as the one you have sent.

Just keep your pretty graphs coming so you can continue to justify your job to your advertisers, and maybe not depend on subscriptions!

[Ed. (Jazz) subscriptions do not pay JB’s salary]

Granny 1:45 pm 01 Aug 08

johnboy said :

Also you forget the most important benefit of a subscription…

… threatening not to renew it when something is written which you dislike.

I would prefer just to be moderated.

: )

peterh 1:35 pm 01 Aug 08

I would love to subscribe, but she who must be obeyed watches me like a hawk. haven’t made any frivolous purchases for many years now….

but am saving my change at work. One day.

Mr Evil 1:23 pm 01 Aug 08

johnboy said :

Also you forget the most important benefit of a subscription…

A RiotACT Christmas card for each subscriber? 🙂

Mr Evil 1:22 pm 01 Aug 08

Gungahlin Al said :

There isn’t a need to recycle so many of Stanhope’s media releases for instance. Some of them are up there with the recent “I just got a new memory card for my camera and took 15 pictures of my shoe” post.

Would the solution be to maybe just have a weekly “What’s Sonic Up to Now” post, a bit like the Police updates?

Gungahlin Al said :

BTW been meaning to say: good on Jazz, Thumper, and the other guys for holding things together over recent months.

Hear, hear!

johnboy 1:22 pm 01 Aug 08

Also you forget the most important benefit of a subscription…

… threatening not to renew it when something is written which you dislike.

Skidbladnir 1:13 pm 01 Aug 08

In part, I’m with Al, and curious how the digital camera story made it past QA.
“I bought a camera and helped you waste some of your bandwidth” is not news.

Maybe make the 5 star listing bigger & somewhere unobtrusive (and put in a Bayesian filtering algo!) to give interesting stories some more simmering time…

Numbers 1-10 (with the exception of dfo and parton) are mostly just signs that people don’t know how to use an address bar, and only remember Google.

30: She’s possibly dead, and we still love her?

52: There’s got to be a story behind that…
58: I don’t remember searching for myself… Who was it?

Granny 1:12 pm 01 Aug 08

I have the power, Tylersmayhem! I decide what goes and what stays … even if it has no comments.

; )

If you disagree with my ratings, what are you going to do about it? *hehe*

johnboy 1:08 pm 01 Aug 08

Gosh Tyler, maybe if you took out the sub the starring would reflect your values? Or maybe you want to support a publication from which you derive much enjoyment? Or maybe you don’t want to take out premium membership? All fine options.

Caf, I’m well aware of the dishonest culture of print media, but asking never hurt.

tylersmayhem 1:05 pm 01 Aug 08

To be honest, I still really don’t see the added value in paying $50 per year. I’m first to admit that $50 over a years is nothing (Less than 14c a day) – but for the added benefits of being able to rate a story (many times I see a story which never gets any comments, but has a full 5 stars?!) – and the thingy to keep track of where you were up to really isn’t all that great.

Granny 1:05 pm 01 Aug 08

The premium subscription has the coveted ‘Granny’ award seal of approval.

caf 1:04 pm 01 Aug 08

You can ask print media to mention RiotACT by name, but I doubt it’ll happen. It’s just not their way to plug competitors – they’ve been doing it to each other for years (with stories simply mentioning “another newspaper” or similar when necessary), it’s the culture of print media.

johnboy 1:00 pm 01 Aug 08

It’s a balance of which I am painfully aware.

While we like to get high level debate it’s sadly not our only priority.

Also you have to understand that encouraging reader contributions is important to us, so we will tend to run stuff from readers that we might have rejected if we came up with it ourselves.

Gungahlin Al 12:47 pm 01 Aug 08

Good to see this back JB.

But something been meaning to mention – I think we’ve gone from too few to too many articles. We are back at the old state of content turning over so fast that there is seldom the opportunity for debate to develop.

There isn’t a need to recycle so many of Stanhope’s media releases for instance. Some of them are up there with the recent “I just got a new memory card for my camera and took 15 pictures of my shoe” post.

While things weren’t turning over very much for a bit there, there were some really good discussions/debates/arguments/shirtfights…

BTW been meaning to say: good on Jazz, Thumper, and the other guys for holding things together over recent months.

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