State of the Riot – June 2009

johnboy 3 July 2009 15

[First filed: July 02, 2009 @ 15:58]

So June is done and dusted.

Here’s our monthly look at where the site is going, where it’s been and what brings people here.

Key Stats:

(Note: These statistics are prepared by Google Analytics and compare the 30 days of June to the previous 30 days)

Visits: 161,102, up from 156,195
Pageviews: 458,489, up from 437,973
Absolute unique visitors: 58,489, down from 63,107

So the reader’s we’ve got are reading more. Hooray! Will have to keep an eye on where the unique numbers go next month. June did happily lack dramatic killings.


While I’ve got you here a few house-keeping announcements.

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of Canberrans enjoying reading RiotACT perhaps you should consider supporting us?

Fun stuff:

So the 20 most read stories on RiotACT in June were:

    1. Who is Godwin Grech?
    2. Accident out at Point Hut Crossing: Nismooooooooooooo….
    3. Flame Of The Week – All thanks to Point Hut Crossing!
    4. Theft By Finding – Is CISAC Operating Professionally?
    5. Information on Purchasing Fireworks
    6. Who the hell made Virginia Hausegger god?
    7. Burnouts, Boobs and Bankruptcy
    8. .. And Cyclists Wonder Why They Get Such A Hard Time in Canberra?
    9. Stupid, stupid, stupid local facebook group – “drink driving should be a sport”
    10. How NOT to do customer service, handy hints for cafe owners
    11. Photo doctoring in real estate advertising
    12. Police?
    13. Canberra 1959 – In Colour!
    14. Cheap eats in Civic
    15. A Chance of Snow tonight
    16. Given the run around by unprofessional GP.
    17. Unwarranted speeding fines at Northbourne/London Circuit?
    18. Canberra truckie unluckiest man no longer on earth
    19. Where’s the best place to buy fireworks this weekend ?
    20. Clea Rose Killer on the Run

And the hundred highest ranked search terms which brought people to RiotACT in June (having edited out searching just for RiotACT which clogs the top ten) were:

    1. tania tominac
    2. fireworks canberra
    3. godwin grech
    4. one hd canberra
    5. beating retreat 1812 overture
    6. swine flu in canberra
    7. canberra fireworks
    8. one hd in canberra
    9. southern cross ten one hd
    10. “the-riotact” and “suspension” and “2009”
    11. la cantina narrabundah
    12. hd tv canberra
    13. boot camp canberra
    14. “thomas sorahan ”
    15. ikea canberra
    16. janna sladic
    17. david harold eastman
    18. majura parkway
    19. “andrew robertson” apis events
    20. randall blair
    21. charmyne palavi
    22. min mae
    23. deakin swimming
    24. drycleaner the-riotact
    25. canberra cabs
    26. swine flu canberra
    27. churches league canberra
    28. cotter dam wall
    29. aussie junk
    30. castleton riot-act
    31. monaro highway extension
    32. tweed ride
    33. “bail breach” criminal sentence
    34. tidbinbilla adventure park
    35. dvaey riotact
    36. yass mcdonalds
    37. free tv 2009
    38. justice hilary ruth penfold
    39. riotact extension costs
    40. double fatality tiggeranong
    41. time lapse new parliament house
    42. yum cha canberra
    43. organic farrer groceries
    44. the causeway canberra
    44. canberra driving ‘it’s different out there’
    45. anu singh
    46. second hand books curtin
    47. act riot
    48. jamie peisley
    49. rush hour canberra
    50. adam and eve fireworks
    51. roof restoration canberra
    52. matthew massey
    53. hairdressers canberra
    54. lee’s inn manuka
    55. bimberi
    56. canberra book club
    57. diabetes act celebrity singing bee
    58. michelago haunted
    59. rioct act act
    60. act european wasp
    61. big poo queanbeyan
    62. dfo canberra
    63. jeremy hanson
    64. mike desmond canberra
    65. philip medical centre
    66. david heidelberg
    67. gareth higgins
    68. phil small win
    69. canberra liberals
    70. “the dinner party” anu singh
    71. nitro club canberra
    72. “josip zivko”
    73. canberra times circulation figures 2009
    74. russell field
    75. what time the million paws walk begins on sunday
    76. calibre restaurant
    77. winter warehouse
    78. fire yarralumla
    79. “chic henry” first name
    80. freecycle canberra
    81. uc gym
    82. “godwin grech”
    83. ingledene energy development
    84. one hd southern cross
    85. kane bond
    86. david palavi
    87. margaret spalding
    88. southern cross one hd
    89. cash em in cd civic
    90. dr pickup
    91. socceroos kuwait
    92. spalding case jeffreys
    93. zed seselja birth name
    94. charcoal chicken hawker canberra
    95. cranleigh homestead latham
    96. jesters pies & act
    97. teddy bears “kings highway”
    98. canberra 24 hour vet
    99. fairlight road
    100. mike jeffreys

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15 Responses to State of the Riot – June 2009
Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:47 pm 03 Jul 09

BerraBoy68 said :

MMmmmm. Mines back too, and using my real name this time. Maybe it’s time to buy that gun….

Aren’t you in enough trouble, Godwin?

willo willo 1:31 pm 03 Jul 09

it was a joke…..once………bit tired now though

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:28 pm 03 Jul 09


What the hell was that joke about anyway?

johnboy johnboy 1:17 pm 03 Jul 09

next inane “I saw … once” poster is headed to mod.

ant ant 1:15 pm 03 Jul 09

Granny said :

I saw a poo once!

: )

I saw a duck poo once.

actually, many times. Ducks poo a lot.

p1 p1 10:00 am 03 Jul 09

bouncings what tigger(anong)s do best…

weeziepops weeziepops 9:15 am 03 Jul 09

As a resident of Tiggeranong, I loved #40.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 7:08 am 03 Jul 09

dvaey said :

My stalker is back again at #35. Yay, I have a stalker.

MMmmmm. Mines back too, and using my real name this time. Maybe it’s time to buy that gun….

Granny Granny 3:32 am 03 Jul 09

I saw a poo once!

: )

willo willo 1:29 am 03 Jul 09

and poo on queanbeyan anyway……

Granny Granny 1:12 am 03 Jul 09

Ah, well … poo happens!


ant ant 9:57 pm 02 Jul 09

Well do a search and all will be revealed… (it’s in there).

I’m a bit miffed, I thought the petunia story was much better than the poo story.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 6:59 pm 02 Jul 09

*bites tongue*

i wanna know what the big poo queanbeyan is….

dvaey dvaey 5:43 pm 02 Jul 09

My stalker is back again at #35. Yay, I have a stalker.

johnboy johnboy 5:10 pm 02 Jul 09

Randall Blair beat charmyne palavi and min mae!

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