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Stateline ABC TV Oct 6th.

By stateline 6 October 2006 7

* Federal Education Minister, Julie Bishop, wants a national school curriculum.
Not much argument from parents who’ve had to get their children settled in new States and into new school systems?
But is it true that there is Maoist agenda at work amongst teachers?
Is Australian history taught as a litany of Marxism and feminism?
Should the A.C.T have its own education bureaucracy and curriculum?

* The Canberra Capitals..
* The Man who wants us all to sing…
* And Flash – photos of sporting heroes.

Tonight at 7.30. Repeated at Noon, Saturday.

What’s Your opinion?

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7 Responses to
Stateline ABC TV Oct 6th.
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Thumper 8:19 am 09 Oct 06

“Is Australian history taught as a litany of Marxism and feminism?”


nyssa76 11:53 pm 07 Oct 06

ant it’s now UAIs.

They don’t mean shite and who says a person with 98 will be a great teacher? To “survive” in a classroom today you need more than the 3 R’s. They can smell a fake a mile away.

There are many teachers out there (that I know personally) and not all of them got the “score” to go to Uni. Some went as mature age students and others went via TAFE.

For every 1 “shite” teacher, there are 1000 good ones…well atm. All the shite ones are getting promoted and the good ones are leaving because of it, amongst other things.

I have to teach Civics and Citizenship this term. I’ve already collected over 200 political cartoons for the students to interpret – on their own.

Of course they’ll ask me if I like John Howard or if I’m pissed about the school closures (they know I came from the Govt system) but I won’t tell them.

Perhaps I should bring up Ms. Bishop’s Maoist statements and do a comparison – fact vs. political spin and invite her along for the debate – what do you all think?

ant 5:42 pm 07 Oct 06

I think the gov’t knows that most people (ie the idiots who voted for them) won’t stop to determine in what this Maoism consists, but will react like the dogs of Pavlov to the word and think “yeah that’s bad”.

It’s funny how they use things like how students are asked to interpret plays to ridicule the current state of education. Seemingly, anything that is not exactly the same as it was when they were at school is Baaaad.

The larger problem, which they say nothing about, is that there are some very poor quality teachers out there. Letting people with TERs of 55 into education courses was not going to result in an excellent education system.

seepi 4:49 pm 07 Oct 06

Fabulous cartoon in todays Canberra Times.
Johnny H as Mao – beautiful.

miz 4:10 pm 07 Oct 06

I’m pretty annoyed that a sensible premise (unifying school curriculums), supposedly raised for community discussion, has been wasted through Ms Bishop’s tainting it with unnecessary and extreme accusations of communistic philosophy. This proves it is just another wedge issue. Hm, do you think they are worried about another issue making them look not so hot at this time??? Um, IR? Telstra? Iraq?

johnboy 3:56 pm 07 Oct 06

Personally I’ve always thought over-powered centralist planning was the mark of mao-ism, take a bow Julie Bishop.

nyssa76 5:34 pm 06 Oct 06

Having gone to China last year to see the Education system that is in place in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, Julie Bishop wouldn’t know her mouth from her arsehole. Maoist propaganda my arse.

She can make BS statements like that but I’d like to know what her qualifications are in Education for starters.

The ACT use to have a curriculum “guru” for each KLA (key learning area) however it was closed down years ago, hence the BS curriculum being planned atm.

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