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Beyond the expected

Stateline lead with a feature on Snowtown tonight

By SheepGroper - 21 March 2009 25

Tonight’s episode of Stateline had a feature on Snow’s airport empire, featuring a line-up of everyone who has a grudge against it, as the narrater stated “the relationship between the airport and community groups fluctuates between ordinary and awful”. The current spokesman said a complete rebuilding of the existing terminal was to be carried out within five years, hope it’s better thought out then the road mess.

It will be repeated at midday on Saturday [Today].

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25 Responses to
Stateline lead with a feature on Snowtown tonight
sepi 10:04 am 23 Mar 09

It isn’t insufferable now – the whole point is to act on a curfew now, before we end up like Sydney.

Holden Caulfield 9:53 am 23 Mar 09

To those complaining about the ABC’s efforts in this report, I didn’t think they were soft on the airport at all. Okay, they may not have been overly hard either. Perhaps they should have sought more alternate views than the nimby they interviewed, as she didn’t offer much more than a few tears (not literally). Apart from that, I thought both sides of the argument were given equal billing.

Not that this is a reason to let the airport do what they like, but I’m guessing there’s plenty of residents in Sydney that wish they had the insufferable issues of Hackett/Jerrabombera et al.

sepi 9:38 am 23 Mar 09

It was the shocking george bush racket all night that made me realise exactly how bad night flights from canberra airport will be.

pug206gti 9:06 am 23 Mar 09

Hackett and Watson get a heap of aircraft noise already, as does Jerrabomberra.
And Campbell.

I’ve lived in Campbell and (North) Watson and can’t say I ever noticed planes flying over the suburb overnight or early in the morning. In Watson I’ve noted, while outside during the day, planes taking off to the north and flying about to Mt Majura then turning west and climbing probably over Gungahlin, but the sound wasn’t particularly bad.

The except was in Campbell when some American honcho was here in 2006/2007 and there were helicopters doing circles, planes and all sorts ALL NIGHT.

The proof will be in whatever Airservices’ microphone in Hackett comes up with I think.

ant 10:02 pm 22 Mar 09

‘zackly. The planes they plan to bring in during the wee hours will be shockers. Old freight bangers, and jumbos. You’ll be able to hear them for miles, all the way in. And out again. It’ll be quiet, the air will be still, and many will get to enjoy them, every night.

sepi 9:27 pm 22 Mar 09

The most interesting thing about using that webtrak site has been that the planes i thought were the loudest, at 6.20AM, are actually much quieter than some of the 5PM ones.

You really notice aircraft noise when everything else is quiet and you are trying to sleep.

ant 8:57 pm 22 Mar 09

Exactly. More parts of Canberra will cop aircraft noise, regardless of Tralee or no Tralee. The airport has been running a deliberately misleading campaign around that.

Canberra AND surrounding NSW are affected and will be increasingly affected as more flights come in during more tiems of teh day and night. The Tralee issue is a smokescreen.

A curfew now is vital. Jumbos and freight planes coming over at 3am will be a lot noisier than the Virgin Blue jets from Melbourne at 4pm.

sepi 8:33 pm 22 Mar 09

I think the northern suburbs get the takeoff noise every day. And we get it especially badly on cloudy evenings.

The airport has tried to say that if Tralee wasn’t built canberra wouldn’t get noise, but that just isn’t true. We get a lot more noise now than 5 years ago, because there are a heap more planes, and more flight paths.

If there are even more planes, going 24 hours, there will need to be more flight paths again, and people who have no noise now will suddenly be getting it.

This site shows the current noise levels of various planes near Hackett.

You can input a time, then speed up the simulation to check the noise – 7.50PM yesterday was one over 70 decibels.

I think the main issue is a curfew – why on earth can’t we have one?

Donewrong 8:16 pm 22 Mar 09

cranky said :

JB, time for some investigative journalism!

I second this!

One of the last sources I’d trust would be the Canberra Airport website, but the Airservices Australia report they quote makes pretty strong statements. Does anyone know if they are simply a front for the likes of Snow, or an independent statutory body etc?

cranky 8:05 pm 22 Mar 09

JB, time for some investigative journalism!

As a Hume ‘resident’, I claim we are NOT affected by aircraft landing from the East. Aircraft approach the airport almost directly over Jerra, not further south over Hume/Tralee. Aircraft noise IS ALMOST NEGLIGABLE!

We hear aircraft when easterly winds are blowing, and aircraft take off in this direction. Again, primarily over Jerra. And only about one day in ten.

JB, I invite you to come and watch the aircraft land from the outside tables at the takeaway at Hume, and make up your own mind as to the relative noise generated.

Tralee is not the problem. Aircraft landing are not a particularly noisy exercise.

The northern suburbs of Canberra ARE the problem. They must be getting the takeoff noise Hume misses out on, on the other 9 days out of ten.

The wisdom of Job is required.

Donewrong 7:07 pm 22 Mar 09

ant said :

Plus their other activities, like running a scare campaign about Jerra and Tralee, really stink. Basically saying that if Tralee goes ahead, everyone will cop aircraft noise. The credulous buy that lie, and think that if Tralee doesn’t go ahead, everyone will be safe from noise which is arrant nonsense.

Explain to me how the planned development at Tralee will not result in noise sharing across Canberra? It is RIGHT UNDER the current flight paths, and from my past research when I first heard about Tralee, there is pretty much no other way for planes to approach the airport. Jerra has already made them do a weird dog leg approach in some cases, and are you telling me that the future thousands of residents of Tralee will not complain or demand relief from constand 70db planes overhead? I’m not trying to be a smartass, i genuinely want to hear the other side of the story here. My mum owns a property behind Hume, and our realo friend reckons we’re gonna cop it eventually.

sepi 5:47 pm 22 Mar 09

I only watched the first few minutes and turned off in disgust.

They said how the Snow family had done so much to turn a small regional airport into a great airport, then all they showed was the office blocks. They didn’t mention that you often still have to walk on the windswept tarmac at our ‘international’ airport.

And you can’t have 24 hour planes and avoid built up areas. Hackett and Watson get a heap of aircraft noise already, as does Jerrabomberra.
And Campbell.

I thought it was a strange stateline piece – they have done better investigative stuff in the past.

ant 1:38 am 22 Mar 09

The whole airport debacle is a disgrace. We have ended up with a worse airport, with shocking roads and parking immediately around it, and the Snow CBD enterprise has ruined one of Canberra’s major gateways.

Meanwhile the terminal itself is pathetic; plainly running an airport is the lowest priority for Snow and Co. They have a ton of lovely land and they plan to build revenue-generating buildings all over it.

Plus their other activities, like running a scare campaign about Jerra and Tralee, really stink. Basically saying that if Tralee goes ahead, everyone will cop aircraft noise. The credulous buy that lie, and think that if Tralee doesn’t go ahead, everyone will be safe from noise which is arrant nonsense.

Plus the airport affects more than people in Canberra. There’s a surrounding region which is also affected by increasing traffic, and the lack of a curfew, and as for these nebulous benefits which allegedly will flow from the airport going all 24-hour and busy, I think it’s a bit like the Summernats benefits, it’s hard to find anyone who actually does benefit.

pug206gti 12:38 am 22 Mar 09

I watched Stateline. Far be it from me to ever say anything much nice about Snow & friends, but to the anti-development people, I say this: wah wah wah.

We’ve got the opportunity to have a fairly busy airport with all the development and business opportunity that brings to the region, and with some careful planning residents need not be hindered too much. It’s not that hard to steer planes around existing built-up areas (Jerrabomberra aside perhaps, but that horse has bolted).

It would be good if the spokesperson for the inner north was a bit more eloquent, I didn’t really get her points.

Of course Snowtown is being self serving, but that needn’t be the sole reason to block their plans.

vg 4:16 pm 21 Mar 09

After trying to get out of our ‘international’ airport after arriving home at 4.30pm yesterday I can only say if they said it was shithouse they are right.

Chaos is a word I would also have used

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