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Stefaniak the il-liberal

By johnboy - 26 February 2007 33

There was another stabbing over the weekend, an 18 year old out for his birthday was allegedly stupid enough to carry a knife and even stupider to pull it out in a fight and has probably changed the course of his life by stabbing a 21 year old.

It is alleged someone has done something wrong, they have been charged and the matter will now work itself out in the courts.

So where’s the problem?

Well the so called “Liberal” leader, Bill Stefaniak thinks the solution to this functioning system is random searches!

“Mr Stefaniak said giving police random search powers would soon put paid to the use of knives when arguments erupt, particularly around nightclubs and public places.

Why not random wiretaps? Compulsory DNA registration? An end to jury trials and that pesky presumption of innocence while we’re at it?

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Stefaniak the il-liberal
DarkLadyWolfMother 3:24 pm 26 Feb 07

I gave up carrying a knife when it became illegal to do so. However, I second bonfire’s comment that they’re damned useful.

I never once (to my knowledge) attacked anyone with it. I do admit to threatening someone with it, but since they were spying on me while I sat on the loo, I felt justified. Actually, that’s a lie, I felt scared and the knife was the only thing I had on me that I thought might deter him. Heaven knows what I’d have done if he’d called my bluff.

So. Yeah. Knives. Useful things.

johnboy 3:11 pm 26 Feb 07

unless bonfire is Captain Jack

Jazz 3:08 pm 26 Feb 07

only time im without a knife is when im in the air, or going somewhere i know i’ll be metal detected.
or perhaps in the shower.

bonfire 2:50 pm 26 Feb 07

pubs – all the time.

nightclubs – toast/holy grail – all the time.

only time im without a knife is when im in the air, or going somewhere i know i’ll be metal detected.

of course im not worried too much about ‘random’ searches. men in suits are rarely ‘randomly’ searched.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:27 pm 26 Feb 07

So, Bonfire – how often do you carry said useful tool into a nightclub?

johnboy 2:08 pm 26 Feb 07

hey futto, we *ARE* catching them after the act.

bonfire 2:04 pm 26 Feb 07

ive carried a knife my whole life.

they are useful tools for the paring of fruit, opening of envelopes, preparing plants for grafts etc.

its never crossed my mind that this useful tool could be used to atack somebody.

does this mean that the tool is a weapon ?

i would object to the further surrendering of my right to go about my business unmolested by a government agent.

more people are stabbed by kitchen knives than by knives carried in ones pocket.

lets ban that menace first.

Unbeliever 1:46 pm 26 Feb 07

I thought the solution was for a society that teaches and upholds respect for all its members. And one that equips its youth with the capacity and intellect to know how not to resolve differences by simply viciously annihilating your opponents.

futto 1:41 pm 26 Feb 07

if we cant catch them before the act, why don’t we consider targeting the deterrent factors.

If a person thought that they would be caught and punished, they are less likely to do an offense.

My simplistic example would be fixed speed cameras. The chances of getting caught are high, if not 100% probable.

Obviously, its cheaper for the politicians to just write laws then to properly fund and staff the CCTV program.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 1:24 pm 26 Feb 07

Why not just pass a law allowing police the power to search people on a risk assessment basis, using their visible profile to determine the risk?

It sounds a bit nasty, but Customs have been doing this for years, and easily have a high enough hit rate to justify the practice.

This would remove the word random, and simply allow police to search someone who appears as though they may be carrying a knife, or be spoiling for a fight.

louise 1:15 pm 26 Feb 07

I have trouble with the word ‘random’, too. It can too quickly become vicious and unaccountable, with police ‘randomly’ targeting the same people, for no reason.

It’s one of the annoying things about politicians: they keep playing a law and order card to get on the tele.

By the way, has anyone found out whether the crime appeared on the CCTV that was supposed to prevent such horrors?

Maelinar 1:10 pm 26 Feb 07

Can’t police do that already anyway ?

A quick ‘over here sonny wave’ and a “empty out your pockets” ?

Still won’t prevent people stabbing each other, on account of this is a knee-jerk reaction – the chances of the police having searched the guy when he had the knife on him before shooting down to his birthday bash are minimal anyway.

LG 12:49 pm 26 Feb 07

Surely it wouldn’t be a problem if police had the power to search someone if they had ‘reasonable suspicion’ that a person may be carrying a weapon. The problem is of course, defining ‘reasonable’.

astrojax 12:47 pm 26 Feb 07

the ‘problem, johnboy, is that someone got stabbed. i’m guessing that hurt. a lot. and i suspect stefaniak is addressing the problem. or trying to.

While I don’t agree with random searches, i would rather have police (from whom i’m entitled to expect some integrity) searching people whose actions suggest they might be conducting themselves in a way that might result in them harming someone else, and those police having some way to prevent that occurence, not just note it and wait until it ends – as it will – in tears…

How else do we eradicate carriage of weapons such as knives – follow Victoria’s lead?

futto 12:38 pm 26 Feb 07

I have a problem with the word random. Does this mean that it is truly random so grandma’s and pregnant women get searched?

If its not random Bill, then don’t call it that.

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