Steve Pratt – Luddite?

johnboy 15 February 2007 41

Steve Pratt has had a major whinge about the absence from Civic of a Government shopfront for those who wish to transact with the ACT Government without venturing onto teh sc4ry interweb.

Which is fair enough, it *is* a disgrace that there is no shopfront in the city’s putative CBD. I was, however, struck by this comment:

“I had my own experience this week, waiting 45minutes from 11:30am, standing in a queue with others obviously on precious lunch breaks, to renew my vehicle registration. One can only imagine the congestion during the peak of lunch hour.”

What kind of addled moron is still renewing rego in person?? You fill out the form online and they mail you the sticker fer chrissakes. Leave the shopfronts as a vestigial service for the ever declining numbers of terminal luddites (who, let’s face it, aren’t going to be around very much longer).

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41 Responses to Steve Pratt – Luddite?
seepi seepi 11:57 am 19 Feb 07

Stolen numberplates, while not important enough for police to attend while it is happening, require attendance to pay for new ones.

bonfire bonfire 11:40 am 19 Feb 07

i see the ct have once again used riotact to research their articles…

vg vg 2:59 pm 16 Feb 07


Registration renewals can require going over the pits. There are also a plethora of reasons, that you would do well to check for, that require attendance. Betty has listed but 2

Mael, as you’ve lived in Canberra for 4 years technically your car is unregistered. If you have a prang and the insurance company finds out, that’s how they’ll avoid having to pay you out or fixing the car.

RandomGit RandomGit 10:32 am 16 Feb 07

Quote JB:

p0wn! p0wn! p0wn! p0wn! p0wn! p0wn! p0wn!

johnboy johnboy 10:28 pm 15 Feb 07

obviously a tax and not cost recovery on the basis of that scale, take it to the high court and you’d probably win.

el el 10:12 pm 15 Feb 07

Just getting side tracked a little – what pisses me off more is having to fork out $130+ for a licence renewal. Yet, when I lost my wallet a few years ago the replacement cost $30.

betty betty 7:27 pm 15 Feb 07

You do have to renew your rego in person if you have a gas vehicle (needs an inspection report each time?) or a concession, maybe this is why many people have to do it in person?

johnboy johnboy 7:08 pm 15 Feb 07


From the media release which you would have been well served to read before jumping in:

I had my own experience this week, waiting 45minutes from 11:30am, standing in a queue with others obviously on precious lunch breaks, to renew my vehicle registration.

I assume very little.

(oh wait, what’s that, the direct quote that it WAS a rego renewal and not something tricky was in the quoted text. Do you deploy these comprehension skills in your professional duties??)

crabb crabb 7:06 pm 15 Feb 07

re needing a credit card to pay online – you can use BPay, however I only discovered that option AFTER I’d gone in via Canberra Connect, chosen “Pay rego”, and paid with a credit card as that was the only payment option offered. Then again, I could have read the rego form with its big BPay symbol clearly displayed, more carefully….

vg vg 6:56 pm 15 Feb 07

Basic car registration can be done over the net. Rego transfers, interstate transfers and other less ordinary rego transactions must be done in person (including if your car needs an inspection). It is a little arrogant to accuse someone of being a luddite when you don’t know the full circumstances of the registration transaction.

Don’t assume

betty betty 6:29 pm 15 Feb 07

I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to allow time for the rego label to arrive if you choose to pay over the net, at the post office, or over the phone on the day that your rego is due.

I had to wait over 3 weeks for a label to arrive once (since then it has been 2 or 3 days) and the parking inspectors were (are?) like vultures at UC. I never had ‘Unregistered!’ stickers plastered all over my car. As I approached my car one day I saw an inspector hang up his phone and move on; they must have a way of checking on your rego status.

Mess Mess 6:15 pm 15 Feb 07

if anyone cares the tuggeranong shopfront is really quiet between 10.30 and 11am. Ive always been straight in and straight out never spent anymore than ten minutes renewing my rego.

ant ant 4:51 pm 15 Feb 07

Last April, I renewed my rego online from Utah! Teh sticker was waiting for me when I got off the plane, stuck it on and drove home with all my yank loot. What a brilliant system!
That said, sometimes you need to visit the shopfront. I didn’t realise the Civic one was gone. Bugger.

seepi seepi 4:17 pm 15 Feb 07

Sad that Steve didn’t notice the shopfront was gone until he himself wanted to use it.

terubo terubo 4:14 pm 15 Feb 07

When transferring rego from interstate:
a) You send back the original rego to the State from which you came (you’ll eventually get a refund for the number of months still outstanding).

b) You have to rego your car in the ACT. The ACT mob won’t/don’t have anything to do with your previous registration.

Cumbersome, I agree; but as I understand it, by law you must do it within 3 months – I think.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:13 pm 15 Feb 07

It’s funny that one of the few people in the ACT with some semblance of power to actually make or inspire changes, chooses instead to whinge on about it.

Jazz Jazz 4:11 pm 15 Feb 07

Ahh, whats wrong with paying rego over the phone. I did mine today and it took me a grand total of 3 minutes. My rego sticker should arive in the mail tomorrow.

I think it says something about Government in the ACT that one of our MLA’s waited in line for 45 minutes

edlang edlang 3:44 pm 15 Feb 07

“Electronic paper trail”? You know what I mean!

edlang edlang 3:43 pm 15 Feb 07

Paying using the website implies that you have a VISA/Mastercard/AMEX card. For a long time I avoided getting one because I didn’t like the idea of leaving an electronic paper trail of purchases. In the end I caved in and organised a VISA debit card. However, it’s from a different financial institution to the one where my pay is deposited, so I need to wait at least a day for funds to be transferred.

For me, it’s easier just to go to an ATM, get a wad of cash and take that to the government shopfront. However, I’ve not once waited less than half an hour in Woden.

threeze threeze 3:28 pm 15 Feb 07

i always pay my rego in person after once doing it over the web 6 weeks before it was due and not being sent anything. i called up and asked where it was and had been told it had been printed and sent, but that they could print and send me another one but i would have to promise to destroy the other one if it turned up. that didn’t happen either, so i ended up heading into Dickson and making them print me one.

i got two in the mail the next day, and another one the week after that.

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