Steve Pratt – Luddite?

johnboy 15 February 2007 41

Steve Pratt has had a major whinge about the absence from Civic of a Government shopfront for those who wish to transact with the ACT Government without venturing onto teh sc4ry interweb.

Which is fair enough, it *is* a disgrace that there is no shopfront in the city’s putative CBD. I was, however, struck by this comment:

“I had my own experience this week, waiting 45minutes from 11:30am, standing in a queue with others obviously on precious lunch breaks, to renew my vehicle registration. One can only imagine the congestion during the peak of lunch hour.”

What kind of addled moron is still renewing rego in person?? You fill out the form online and they mail you the sticker fer chrissakes. Leave the shopfronts as a vestigial service for the ever declining numbers of terminal luddites (who, let’s face it, aren’t going to be around very much longer).

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41 Responses to Steve Pratt – Luddite?
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Thumper Thumper 11:46 am 15 Feb 07

The government has an obligation to provide all types of service in this regard.

We must be the only major city in the world that has no representation from it’s government in the CBD.

dr. faustus dr. faustus 11:49 am 15 Feb 07

I have to renew my driver licence some time in the not-too-distant future.

According to the paperwork I received, there is no way to do it other than in person at a shop-front.

This is despite the fact that, as a relatively new Canberran, the photo on my Canberra driver licence is less than 12 months old.

johnboy johnboy 11:52 am 15 Feb 07

and when you’re standing in that line you’ll wish the folks who could pay over the net had done so!

simto simto 11:52 am 15 Feb 07

I’ll point out that, in most major cities, Dickson would be considered part of the CBD (it’s certainly not particularly far away). And I’ve found from experience that the shopfront there is screamingly un-busy, pretty much all the time.

bonfire bonfire 12:08 pm 15 Feb 07

jb this is one of the most arrogant presumptions you have ever made.

soem peopel dont have computers.

i daresay, soem arent ‘online’.

some prefer to interact with humans instead of sitting around in their underpants all day telecommuting in their home office while they type on cheezel encrusted keyboards.

johnboy johnboy 12:09 pm 15 Feb 07

And Steve Pratt is none of those disadvantaged people you mentioned now is he?

johnboy johnboy 12:10 pm 15 Feb 07


S4anta S4anta 12:13 pm 15 Feb 07

renew your rego in person OUTSIDE of peak hours. You find the whole process takes about 20 minutes. Considering the amount of time wasted with ciggie/coffee/mastabatory breaks, 20 mibnutes is sweet FA imho.

terubo terubo 12:18 pm 15 Feb 07

I’m more concerned that SOME people start lunch breaks at 11.30.

Probably the same ones who front up to work at 9.45, get a coffee from the place across the road first up, work from 10.30-10.35, then go outside for a fag or three, work 11.20-11.30…by which time it’s lunch.

Maelinar Maelinar 12:21 pm 15 Feb 07

I am one of those addled morons who have to troddle off to the shopfront every year to attend and be told that they cannot help me to change my registration from Queensland to the ACT, which is my legal obligation under the road rules.

Then, as with every year, I contact them by telephone or via their manager to raise the complaint higher, to be informed to try again next year.

I then return home and buy the Qld registration online because they have absolutely no problems with sending it down here to the ACT, even though the vehicle and myself have been registered as living down here for the last 4 odd years.

All legal hoops passed to within reasonable expectation, I sit on my fat ass until another 12 months has passed and do the entire procedure again, comfortable in the knowledge that the savings I am making by spending less on a Qld Registration is in my back pocket, and not Jon’s.

I used to get pissed off at all the NSW plates in the carpark at the mall, thinking that they were cross border shoppers, until I realised that they too were probably going in every year to try and change their registration like me.

Danman Danman 12:23 pm 15 Feb 07

I started at 0700 today – and usually have lunch around 1200 – the type of person above is the thype of tossers I hate.

They usually have a snide comment in the lifts at 1530 – something along the lines of “You going home already” – not realising that they were still having wet dreams about their dog while humping their hand about the time I was arriving at work.

Subsequently – starting at 0700 – I pay (non electronic bills) in person after work.

Thumper Thumper 12:35 pm 15 Feb 07

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so…

bonfire bonfire 12:38 pm 15 Feb 07

‘What kind of addled moron is still renewing rego in person??’

when you attack people who dont have access to the interweb, or a PC to gain that access you exhibit arrogance that goes beyond an easy attack on a dilettante politician.

the digital divide is real. its a class seperator.

however from your ivory telecommuting tower you probably never have to mix with these people.

johnboy johnboy 12:40 pm 15 Feb 07

There I was thinking you were smart enough to realise that the addled moron in question has not only access to the internet but staff who know how to use it.

But once again I’m disppointed.

biogaz78 biogaz78 12:45 pm 15 Feb 07

I prefer to pay my car rego in person for the simple fact that I can wait until the day before it is due to pay for it.

If you choose to pay online you have to pay for it 2 weeks in advance to allow for the new sticker to be delivered by mail. That extra pay packet makes a difference to some peoples cash flow!

Thumper Thumper 12:47 pm 15 Feb 07

I too wander down to the office to get my rego sticker. Something tangible about paying the money and receiving the said sticker.

And depending upon the time you can walk in and walk straight out.

Danman Danman 12:52 pm 15 Feb 07

Yeah I usually use the rego office in dicko to renew – but phone electricity rates etc are all paid online.

A trip to the rego office once every 12 month sis not going to kill me.

Its usually dead at about 1545 anyway – and I get to watch my brothers commissioned graffiti scroll across the 42 inch plasma screen displaying the Canberra Connect TV station

Maelinar Maelinar 1:03 pm 15 Feb 07

JB – stop digging. Nobody wants him using his taxpayer funded lackeys doing his private business at public expense.

Conversely, in your defence, It takes no more intelligence to pay an online bill than it does to log into this website, so it’s not really an ivory tower issue given that aforesaid ‘addled morons’ wouldn’t be able to see the message in the first place…

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 1:16 pm 15 Feb 07

You guys should be thankful you don’t have to get your car(s) physically inspected every year, like us New South Welshmen. It’s a bit silly, really, because the pieces of crap that wouldn’t pass inspection don’t get registered anyway. Maybe we need ‘Registration Cameras (TM)’!

astrojax astrojax 2:25 pm 15 Feb 07


dunno what the actual state of play is in act, but i suspect it’d be rather like nsw, where there is legislation saying you have to register your vehicle and change your licence to the state of your residence [within certain – short -time limits, like a couple weeks] lest you are technically – and legally – unregistered. i don’t think the police will take any notice of your wrangles with the motor registry bods. and i can’t understand why you don’t just register the car in the act by applying for registration and, maybe, taking the vehicle over the pits. i’m sure your vehicle will be roadworthy?

qld’s acceptance of your rego cash is no barometer of the legality of having an unregistered car. hope you don’t run my children over!

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