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Stinky 1960s Loos in Southlands

By NeedHelp - 12 February 2010 47

Having recently moved to Mawson, I now regularly shop at Southlands, with 4 year old in tow.

Was disappointd to find that the toilets I used when I was, oooh, about 6, are still there decades later. Original walls, original floors, and years and years of stench. You can smell them even before you reach the corner.

When my young child needs to go, I find it appalling that this is our only option. Or is it? Are there other public toilets at Southlands that I am unaware of?

They seem to be doing a lot of renovating in Southlands of late. It is embarrassing and disgusting to have the loos in this state. Does anyone know if these  stinky 1960s  toilets are going to be upgraded too?

What’s Your opinion?

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47 Responses to
Stinky 1960s Loos in Southlands
sepi 10:23 am 13 Feb 10

Wow – those toilet stuck to high heaven in the 80s – sounds like nothing has changed. I never ventured in – the stench from outside was enough to put me right off.

Im a country member 10:01 am 13 Feb 10

These bogs sound like a candidate for a heritage listing! I can see it coinciding with a major exhibit in the Museum of Australia; The Nation’s Capital – How We Once Shat!

There’s probably an arts council grant out there for an installation piece that incorporates a fragrance based on that classic 1960’s trough lolly / piss fusion!

NeedHelp 5:12 am 13 Feb 10

Thanks so much to the helpful people above – much appreciated.

s-s-a – was thinking about having a cuppa at Bruno’s this weekend, but I might give it a miss.

vg – not a newbie at all. Been reading Riotact but not contributing for years. Not everyone feels they have to speak out on every issue under the sun just to elevate their “status”, haha.

bd84 – thank you – I’ll give TAMS a call on Monday and check it out. Ta.

Fiona – haha, and maybe next time Southlands loos could be included in the “Things Have Changed” ad …

JC – you are welcome to use them at any time, but if the Hepatitis C does take hold of you, be sure to post here. Oh, and gas masks are available for $1.99 at local pharmacy.

s-s-a 11:52 pm 12 Feb 10

Yes I agree the Southlands toilets are gross and worth avoiding at all costs. Here are a couple of alternatives:

– Brunos has a nice clean toilet at the back of the shop. You will probably have to consume something so it’s a pity their coffee is dishwater.
– There are quite a few trees around the edges of the Woolies carpark that look like they could do with a bit of watering. At least that’s what I told my daughter one afternoon when she was about 3-4yo…

JC 11:46 pm 12 Feb 10

Do they serve the purpose? Ie give you and the rat bags somewhere to go number 1 and number 2? If so then quit complaining.

busgirl 11:20 pm 12 Feb 10

.aha ha ha ha…*shakes head*…men…

vg 10:05 pm 12 Feb 10

The only thing that hasn’t changed is hopeless whingeing.

How would you ‘expect’ this gibberish if you’re new to the site?

Everything is someone else’s fault…..isn’t it

bd84 8:52 pm 12 Feb 10

I believe TAMS may maintain those toilets, though I don’t know if they own them (and responsible for upgrading) given the rest of the building is owned by a private company. I was surprised they didn’t do anything to upgrade them when they extended and refurbished the Woolworths a couple of years ago. They have been in the same grotty condition for more than 10 years.

NeedHelp 8:30 pm 12 Feb 10

Haha, and this is exactly the sort of unhelpful gibberish I’d expect from you two.

1. Ts – The suburb of Mawson was built from 1966 onwards. The fact that you checked on the actual date that Southlands was built is commendable. Well done, but I wasn’t far off. Not like I said 40s. I hear Pantene is great for split hairs …

2. vg – kids can go, may want to go, or just HAVE to go at any time and at any place, but hey, if YOUR kids have iron-cast bladders, then kudos to you for helping create them. Do you think I don’t ask my four year old if she needs to go to the toilet before we go to the shops? Of course I do. But inevitably, I still get the “I need to go to the tooooi-letttttt”.

Things may have changed in Canberra, but the Southlands toilets are disgusting after 40 odd years.

Fiona 7:45 pm 12 Feb 10

weren’t they whining somewhere the other day that there weren’t enough public toilets in canberra? found some!

LMR 7:08 pm 12 Feb 10

Its probably to discourage Homos

MrPC 6:57 pm 12 Feb 10

They are comparable to the toilets at Los Angeles Union Station (the foremost rail interchange in southern california)

Here in oz we just expect pristine toilets for free. Unfortunately unless the loos become the trigger for people to shop elsewhere, it probably isn’t going to change.

damo1 6:35 pm 12 Feb 10

vg said :

A secret and lesser well known option is to get your kids to go to the toilet BEFORE you go to the shops.

Either you dont have kids, or are blessed with kids who have the bladder control of an adult.

vg 5:35 pm 12 Feb 10

A secret and lesser well known option is to get your kids to go to the toilet BEFORE you go to the shops.

Trunking symbols 5:09 pm 12 Feb 10

It would be a bit difficult to have “stinky 1960s loos” at Southlands considering the place wasn’t built until 1972.

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