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Stolen Commodore

Thumper 14 December 2006 30

Last night my son’s car was stolen by some toe rags.

Thank you very much to the magistrates who seem to view this as a minor crime.

Anyway, it’s a white VN Commodore with white (centre painted) mags and really low at the front.

rego is: YTV540.

If anyone sees it can they post here please.

PS. JB, I lost the last post.

Thanks all.

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30 Responses to Stolen Commodore
j j 12:18 pm 27 Dec 06

just came back from coast 3 ACT car smashed look stolen .gemini red,light green comm vb station wagon,and didnt get other cars info.
but were all broken windows.

el el 7:07 pm 18 Dec 06

That would be breaching their ‘human rights’ Nyssa. We can’t have that in Stantopia.

nyssa76 nyssa76 4:48 pm 18 Dec 06

Thumper, I hope it faired better than the white Commodore I saw today on Cotter Road (Yarralumla side).

Newish car, all windows smashed, dented etc.

Someone should shoot the little turds that do that.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:46 pm 18 Dec 06

Hooray for the “plice”.

Feel stupid now Big Al? Oh, sorry, that’s a permanent state of mind for you, isn’t it.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:26 pm 18 Dec 06

glad to hear you got it back…

Thumper Thumper 1:05 pm 18 Dec 06


The car is in bloody Chisolm (other side of the town from me) and I couldn’t get it started, even by hot wiring it.


Oh well, a tow truck will have to suffice…..

Avy Avy 12:46 pm 18 Dec 06

good stuff thumper.

el el 3:46 pm 17 Dec 06

Wow! Congrats on a very good result there Thumper. An old EA wagon was nicked from our street on Friday(?) night, was found out Belco way yesterday – it’d been torched, however.

j j 11:32 am 17 Dec 06

You guys have found most cars
i went to a auction and there was all the cars burnt out.
can you tell us how many the police find each week or is it just the public ringing you guys and saying that a strange car is found abanded.

vg vg 10:47 am 17 Dec 06

Feeling silly now Al?

Glad it came out sort of OK Thumper

Thumper Thumper 9:41 am 17 Dec 06


The cops found it and contacted my son last night. Sincere thanks.

Stuffed ignition but generally okay.

Thanks all.

vg vg 8:40 am 17 Dec 06

“The cops wont bother looking for it – unless theres a good chance that they can get someone killed during the chase…”

Bollocks. Found 5 in the last week

Been given a ticket lately sweetie?

equalitarian equalitarian 11:56 pm 16 Dec 06

Maybe too late for this tip, but as well as informing the cops (legalities, insurance etc) contact the taxi company, preferably in person. Go to the radio office, they will be sus if it’s just a phone call.
They are everywhere at all hours.
Offer a $100 reward for finding the car. Give a good description and your contact number.
It has worked for me and mates with a similar prob.
Unfortunately, a white Commodore is bit like a blue sky – but if the car is wide open near a park somewhere at 5am, a passing cabbie may have noticed.
Most stolens are used for transport, then left somewhere, unlocked and open in case someone else wants to use/trash it and cop the rap.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:22 am 15 Dec 06

Ouch that was below the belt Big Al…. love it 🙂

Maelinar Maelinar 9:16 am 15 Dec 06

Drive around your block

Thieves – unless it’s a Sydney operation generally don’t roam far. Why that is really has my brain stumped as it seems simple logic that your neighbour is as poor as you, that’s why they are living next to you.

Thieves don’t get that, then again, no thief has worked out that everybody going down to the beach hides their car keys inside their shoes yet either, again a mystery of intuition and brain capacity.

Thumper Thumper 8:36 am 15 Dec 06

I’m kind of resigned to the fact that its well and truly gone now…

Big Al Big Al 9:55 pm 14 Dec 06

The cops wont bother looking for it – unless theres a good chance that they can get someone killed during the chase…

RandomGit RandomGit 2:50 pm 14 Dec 06

I may have seen an unmarked policeman pull over this car on ginnindera drive at 11:30ish am, it was a white commodore but I didn’t notice if it was lowered at the front or not.

Long gone by now

Thumper Thumper 1:15 pm 14 Dec 06

Sorry, Sedan….

It’s got an RSPCA sticker on the rear quarterlight window.

And a sports steering wheel.

el el 1:13 pm 14 Dec 06

Sedan or wagon? Will keep an eye out.

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