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Stolen over the weekend

By billy_bob - 6 September 2010 26



Above is a picture of a very unique bike, only one in Canberra that I know of. It was stolen over the weekend (possibly during the 23 hours of service that I put in helping people during the weather event with the SES!)

If you see this Triumph TT600 Sports Bike (Rego: 75112) please call Crimestoppers on 131 444 and report its location to them.

Thank you all.


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26 Responses to
Stolen over the weekend
billy_bob 7:19 pm 06 Sep 10

Parked in secure garage in Garran, stolen between Friday night and Sunday morning.

matt31221 6:17 pm 06 Sep 10

Bloody thieves. Just for interest where was it parked when it was stolen?

Doc Dogg 6:11 pm 06 Sep 10

Hope it is returned safe and sound, it really sucks when someone steals something you worked hard to get and enjoy riding…like my ex-girlfriend 🙁

fgzk 5:34 pm 06 Sep 10

“But do something – this crap has to stop!”

You wont stop anything by joining in.

Marco.. The phone might also be stolen. Its just as likely to belong to someone in the suburb who was also robbed. Best let the police sort it out.

Billy Bob hope you get your bike back….

arthwollipot 5:11 pm 06 Sep 10

That is indeed a very unique bike. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a uniquer bike than that. 😀

Waiting For Godot 4:46 pm 06 Sep 10

Gee, they’re making Triumph bikes again. I always thought the famous old marque had been defunct since 1967.

The Frots 3:21 pm 06 Sep 10

I have his phone and SIM card however.

Sorry for the bike Billy – like the others I really hope you get a result (and who did it).

About this phone and SIM card – what’s your next move mate? Whjatever it is, just be sure that we aren’t reading about you in the papers! But do something – this crap has to stop!

Pommy bastard 3:19 pm 06 Sep 10

Lovely looking piece of kit that Triumph, I hope you get it back safe and sound.

I also hope you get the chance to administer some “natural justice”.

p1 3:12 pm 06 Sep 10

Mothy said :

marcothepolopony said :

I have his phone and SIM card however.

I have to ask – How?

Yeah, and what did his friends have to say when you rang them?

Unless the would be crime dropped a phone he knocked off from the last house he broke into…

Mothy 3:00 pm 06 Sep 10

marcothepolopony said :

I have his phone and SIM card however.

I have to ask – How?

2.0 2:33 pm 06 Sep 10

Will keep an eye out, I hope its a good outcome..

marcothepolopony 2:28 pm 06 Sep 10

Nice bike Billy.

Must have been the night for crims to be out and about.
Some low life attempted a Home Invasion at midnight while I was asleep.
He imagined the noise from the storm would have disguised his attempt at breaking in the front door, and yes, he got away. I have his phone and SIM card however.

Holden Caulfield 2:13 pm 06 Sep 10

People suck! Hope you get it back in one piece.

Diggety 2:12 pm 06 Sep 10

That sux. Hope you find it mate.

p1 1:59 pm 06 Sep 10

That is truly shit (the theft, not the bike). I hope you get it back.

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