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The Best Storage Facilities in Canberra


Need extra storage space? Looking for somewhere to safely store furniture, bikes, exercise equipment, and other larger household items? We’ve got you covered.

If you need a long-term or temporary storage solution in Canberra, you’ve landed in the right place. We have researched the storage facilities in the region and come up with the top three.

So, keep reading to discover a storage solution that works for you. Let’s get right to it.

What makes a great storage facility?

Not sure what you’re looking for in a storage facility? We can help. Here are a few traits that are at the top of our priority list.

  • All appropriate security measures. You want peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure when in storage. Many storage facilities boast 24-hour CCTV surveillance, on-site staff, closed-circuit monitoring, and more.
  • 365-day, 24/7 access. You should be able to access your belongings any time of day, any time of the year. And what’s more, you should always be able to unlock your unit yourself, without the help of a staff member.
  • A range of storage unit sizes. Some of us need a massive amount of storage space, while others need something small. The best storage facilities offer a range of sizes to suit every customer’s needs.
  • Flexible pricing options.Long-term and short-term storage solutions will often come at varying price points. Shop around and find a pricing option that suits your storage requirements and budget.

Agree with our list? What else are you looking for?

The Top Storage Facilities in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for storage facilities in the Canberra region.

Storage King Fyshwick

Storage King is one of the most trusted names in storage here in Australia – it’s no wonder the Fyshwick branch is so popular. Providing solid concrete, insulated storage units, on-site staff, and 365-day-access, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are in safe and capable hands.

Plus, they offer insurance and give you your own lock and key for self-service access. It really couldn’t be easier.

Kennards Self Storage Canberra

Located just 9km from Canberra’s centre, Kennards Self Storage offers convenient, safe, and good-value storage facilities. Their friendly team offer a range of climate-controlled storage spaces, mini-warehouses, and wine cellars, all protected by latest-gen 24/7 4k CCTV surveillance.

What’s more, you can enjoy free wi-fi whenever you visit!

Box It Canberra

If it’s a competitive price you’re after, Box It Canberra could be the storage facility for you. They offer a Best Price Guarantee and service that will “knock your socks off”. Whether it’s small-scale furniture storage or full on commercial storage you need, the team at Box It Canberra can secure you the best deal.

Your experience with storage facilities in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback, if you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Do you store belongings in a Canberra storage facility? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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15 Responses to The Best Storage Facilities in Canberra
sarahjames sarahjames 6:49 pm 26 Feb 12

Hi There, I have a large storage space for rent. If interested please email me on:


Blingiton Blingiton 9:08 am 05 Feb 12

…and I could do meals on wheels out of the camper in exchange for free parking and storage. We’re really cooking with gas now Rioters!

1337Hax0r 1337Hax0r 11:51 am 04 Feb 12

Sandman said :

Rent an industrial unit In Mitchell/Hume/Qbn that has a kitchenette and bathroom and move out of your apartment. That way you get to claim all your rent as a business expense and it’s a really short trip to work.

And as a bonus advertise at ANU that you are a panel beater and do cheap jobs on cqampervans. Before you know it you’ll have your choice of accommodation for months at a time.
Or cut out the industrial unit all together and just take a campervan off of the hands of a uni student. They won’t miss it for 6 weeks.

Sandman Sandman 10:09 pm 03 Feb 12

Rent an industrial unit In Mitchell/Hume/Qbn that has a kitchenette and bathroom and move out of your apartment. That way you get to claim all your rent as a business expense and it’s a really short trip to work.

Blingiton Blingiton 5:14 pm 03 Feb 12

Thanks Poplar & Deejay. Great suggestions. I need regular access to the storage space for my business. It really needs to be at least within Canberra or Queanbeyan. I think I probably have to conceded defeat with this dilemma. If anyone else has any ideas, I’d love to hear.

Poplar Poplar 11:54 am 03 Feb 12

One of the best places I’ve come across for storage is a family-owned business, Apple Storage Solutions in Marulan. It’s an hour or so out of Canberra and so much cheaper than storage in Canberra.

Give Garth a ring on 9986 3618 – he’ll sort you out and give you a decent price.

deejay deejay 8:30 am 02 Feb 12

Have you considered storage in Goulburn, Yass, or Cooma? They’ll probably cost less due to lower real estate and employment costs. Assuming you don’t need to get to your things too often, you’ll probably find it much more affordable.

Blingiton Blingiton 9:51 pm 01 Feb 12

I know…the cost of self-storage is astronomical but I can understand why given all the security costs etc. I have friends living on properties but they are too far out to make it practical. Fingers crossed for an alternative solution. Calling on all golden oldies/empty nesters who have a large garage they’d like to rent out. Please keep the suggestions rolling…I am listening:)

Sandman Sandman 8:58 pm 01 Feb 12

That’s a lot of space you need. Some friends recently went overseas for a year and told me what it would cost for them to store a sentimentally significant vehicle and some personal belongings and I was astounded at the prices. I instead suggested they come out to the farm for a day and help me vermin proof and seal up one of the small sheds. Saved them about $6,000. Unfortunately container trucks can’t get out there otherwise I’d be able to make good use of the land for storage.

Blingiton Blingiton 8:57 pm 01 Feb 12

Thanks so much for the suggestion:) It’s a good one. I’m just lacking somewhere to plonk a pod – I’m in an apartment.

dpm dpm 8:12 pm 01 Feb 12

dpm said :

I’ve seen these in a few people’s backyards.
Though, as another poster said, that’s a lot of space…..!

Hmm, I just checked their website and they said they don’t service my ACT postcode. Yet, I saw one recently in Bruce….? Anyway….

dpm dpm 8:05 pm 01 Feb 12

I’ve seen these in a few people’s backyards.
Though, as another poster said, that’s a lot of space…..!

screaming banshee screaming banshee 7:04 pm 01 Feb 12

That’s a pretty large amount of space, most households can be squeezed into the space of between a 1-2 car garage

Blingiton Blingiton 6:07 pm 01 Feb 12

Unfortunately not. A good idea though – thanks for trying:)

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 3:49 pm 01 Feb 12

Do you have real estate or access to some spare land? If so these guys can help out…

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