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Straw Poll – ABC logos

JD114 27 April 2008 29

I would like to condust a quick straw poll of Canberra viewers who watch the ABC regularly. (Please if you don’t watch the ABC regularly, pass by this topic and refrain from leaving comments)

Basically the questions are:

1. Do the new ABC logos lessen your viewing pleasure?

2. If yes, by how much, ie a little, somewhat, or a lot.

3. If yes, would you say you’ve reduced the amount of viewing of the ABC, or do you just put up with the annoyance?

As you can probably guess, my answers are:

1. Yes
2. A lot
3. I’ve probably cut my viewing by about a half.

What's Your Opinion?

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29 Responses to Straw Poll – ABC logos
pug206gti 9:15 am 28 Apr 08

I watch pretty much nothing but Aunty.

1. No.
2. Not really.
3. Refer to above comment.

jenny green 8:09 am 28 Apr 08

JD114 said :

hmmmm, no wonder the ABC management thinks it doesn’t need to listen to its forums about the logos, if this is the attitude of msot people. Looks like we’re stuck with logos, mainly through apathy I imagine. Thanks to those who enlightened me…

Sorry, I thought you were interested in the views of Canberrans who watch the ABC regularly. If I’d known you only wanted to hear from people who agree with you I wouldn’t have bothered!

Scott 9:12 pm 27 Apr 08

Um, sorry – I have to say

As for you being retarded – I don’t know. Maybe that lower right hand side of your eye is a touch sensitive? Coming from a hifi sales perspective though (I have to have a rant here), those peice of s**t logos piss me off! I don’t know who started the untruthful rumour (from what I’ve seen) that the logos will “burn in” to your plasma screen, but they’re full of it. ABC was my last remaining hope to sell any plasma panels.. Now it’s all ruined. Ruined…!

el 8:23 pm 27 Apr 08

Must be an autistic genius or something, realityskin.

realityskin 8:15 pm 27 Apr 08

are you retarded ?

bd84 8:01 pm 27 Apr 08

1. No
2. No
3. No

IT’s a tiny somewhat transparent logo in the corner ffs! Though I think they should keep the emblem and add a 1/2 at the end. We all know that the emblem belongs to the ABC so I don’t hink they really need to get rid of it. But i’m willing to call the chinese embassy to have them organise a whole heap of rent a crowd thugs to come support my point of view, they could then rename it the CBC (chinese broadcasting corporation). WIN’s logo during sporting events to completely hide the channel 9 one is annoying though, normally when the cricket is on and it covers things you wish to see.

Thumper 7:41 pm 27 Apr 08

I’ve always wondered….

Do green frogs really go pop?

Nickamc 6:44 pm 27 Apr 08

I’m all no’s, if I think you mean the monologues different presenters have every now and then. It’s just an attempt to attract a younger audience to the ABC, which they’ve done every year I’ve been watching, and when it doesn’t affect the general programming of ABC1 and 2, I can’t see a problem with it.

green_frogs_go_pop 6:42 pm 27 Apr 08

1. No.
2. ..No.
3. Yes, ever since the chaser’s stopped. But thats a different story.

JD114 3:41 pm 27 Apr 08

hmmmm, no wonder the ABC management thinks it doesn’t need to listen to its forums about the logos, if this is the attitude of msot people. Looks like we’re stuck with logos, mainly through apathy I imagine. Thanks to those who enlightened me…

Thumper 12:22 pm 27 Apr 08

What is the world coming to?

Civilization, as we know it, is doomed….

bighead 12:12 pm 27 Apr 08

1. Yes
2. A Lot
3. A little bit

Make it smaller (not hard to do) And also for the love of God, I wish networks would cater for widescreen TV’s. You are all capable of multi-channeling, so use it.

Also. Bring Ten HD to Canberra. We are the only capital city in the country that does not actually get it. (For those out there that think they get it, yes you connect to it. But we do not get any of the programming that is available to the rest of Australia)

el 11:57 am 27 Apr 08

Pure gold, WMC.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:11 am 27 Apr 08

1. Yes, my life has been drastically transformed by the logo. I’m so glad you posted this – I thought I was the only one.

2. My viewing pleasure has been significantly reduced. I think I’d put the level of suffering somewhere greater than being overcharged for a pizza, and somewhat less (but only a little) than having an immediate relative killed by an exploding hospital.

3. I’m not putting up with this. I tried to organise a rally the other day, but busloads of hired ABC thugs took my flag and threw it into the lake. It was probably for the best – the ABC is a national network, and I hadn’t protested about local media like Artsound FM yet, so I was probably breaking some unwritten, irrational set of rules about protesting. I’ve had to resort to whining on the internet instead, trying to find other big girls blouses who’ll sulk with me.

jaydee 11:07 am 27 Apr 08

Agree totally with el – watch ABC often and hadn’t actually noticed anything intrusive!

el 10:07 am 27 Apr 08

1. What new ABC logo?

2. Huh?

3. Que?

astrojax 9:40 am 27 Apr 08

not really,
therefore no
& no

actually what does get my goat with logos is sbs news’ penchant to blur out the logo of the overseas feeder station (us abc, etc) on stories and put their logo over the top; then they go and say, ‘that was cnn’s fred nerk reporting from timbuktoo’ anyway…

why bother then??

(sorry to derail the thread slightly, but it is sorta related)

I-filed 9:20 am 27 Apr 08

Depends on what’s on the screen.

They annoyed me at first, but less so now – I didn’t know they’d been reduced in size. Now I don’t usually notice them.

Hasn’t changed my viewing habits.

Sammy 9:19 am 27 Apr 08

1. No
2. No
3. No

jenny green 7:39 am 27 Apr 08

1. No
2. na
3. na

I’m guessing you’re referring to the logo that is constantly shown on the screen during programs? According to Mediawatch, they reduced the size of this and moved it further to the right after many complaints in the first week of its introduction.

If you’re referring to something else, can you let us know?

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