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Street racing or just dodgy cars?

By AG Canberra 30 November 2007 28

ABC online is reporting here the confiscation of more than 100 cars for street racing.

But the quote “It is very dangerous, a car was seized last night with one wheel nut left on its rear wheel,” he said.

“Potentially if the car had’ve driven on the road the wheel could have come off and they could quite have been a fatality.” doesn’t really mention streetracing – only dodgy maintenance. And if it wasn’t on the road where was it siezed from?

Also can you confiscate a car for having only one nut on the wheel (as opposed to one nut behind the wheel)?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Street racing or just dodgy cars?
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w3st0nFTW 4:36 pm 06 Dec 07

owning 60k cars @ 19yo and being unemployed?

One has to wonder where the money thus comes from….

Yeah that was my point its mummy & daddy or organised crime

vandam 1:52 pm 04 Dec 07

Caf, couldn’t agree with you more.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 11:36 am 04 Dec 07

Thumper, during my final years of HS there were a couple of year 12 kids with new HSV’s, Thanks to mum and dad by all accounts.

caf 10:56 am 04 Dec 07

Fair enough, but then they should also be seizing the cars of drink-drivers too, otherwise it just seems to be selectively beating up on younger people.

vandam 8:27 am 04 Dec 07

What everyone doesn’t realise that not all cars seized are ‘hoon’ cars. There have been some real shit boxes siezed. But generally those ‘kids’ that have high performance cars are the ones doing the burnouts. Their cars should be seized. Make it so that their cars are seized for good. On the radio this morning NSW are introducing $3000 fines and 12 mths licence suspension for burnouts.

sjp 4:41 pm 03 Dec 07

I support the cops taking swift action against hoons. They piss off so many of us on a day to day basis.

I don’t however, like Vicepope, resort to using homophobic references as a punishment. Fkn ayy

Thumper 4:21 pm 03 Dec 07

owning 60k cars @ 19yo and being unemployed?

One has to wonder where the money thus comes from….

w3st0nFTW 3:47 pm 03 Dec 07

^l2 use paragraphs.

For all you who cry about cars doing burnouts and street racing in your streets that what u get for living in bad neighbourhoods, im sure most of u know the ones and they have been the same for decades.

Some suburbs if u notice rubber cake roads on every street crn or local shops carpark it says “Performance vehicles or car theif’s live around here”= Bad neighbourhood.

I heard the RTA and cops were targeting one group of well known car enthusiasts (known for owning 60k cars @ 19yo and being unemployed..ect) so yeah easy targets.

On that day 2 formals were being held so the cops did have alot to deal with i could imagine.

I bet the guy didnt even know he had 1 nut on his car cos the nuts probly hidden by center cap!

prob some theif tryed to steel his wheels a few nights before and started to take all his nuts off then got the last 1 and realised to was a lock nut..

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