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Street racing or just dodgy cars?

AG Canberra 30 November 2007 28

ABC online is reporting here the confiscation of more than 100 cars for street racing.

But the quote “It is very dangerous, a car was seized last night with one wheel nut left on its rear wheel,” he said.

“Potentially if the car had’ve driven on the road the wheel could have come off and they could quite have been a fatality.” doesn’t really mention streetracing – only dodgy maintenance. And if it wasn’t on the road where was it siezed from?

Also can you confiscate a car for having only one nut on the wheel (as opposed to one nut behind the wheel)?

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28 Responses to Street racing or just dodgy cars?
Serendipity Serendipity 12:55 pm 03 Dec 07

I say good on the coppers for taking morons cars. I had a long conversation with someone in the know about this over the weekend and now know that the car seized with one wheel nut was doing a burnout/circle work and stopped for this reason. It was then that one wheel was found to be held on with only one finger tight nut. Evidently its a wonder that the wheel didnt fly off during the burnout and it probably would have done so soon after anyway….with four young people in the car. I was also told that the biggest concern with events such as school formals is not the kids arriving in hotted up cars, thats taken as part of the event within common sense bounds. But burnouts etc, when there are lots of people, often family and friends of the ones going to the formals, go there for a look and will gather quite close to where the cars drop them off. Hoon and seizure laws are not unique to ACT as all states have them now. Its NSW that wants to crush cars and that seems to get more support than negatives. I agree with that for if it saves just one life, in the long term, it has worked. I think its recognised now that since ACT has had a hoon squad that their has been quite a reduction in burnouts and hoon activites, or at least that is what I see from mine and friends suburbs. I reckon its one of those things that will never be stamped out but at least if it can be reduced it has to be a positive. Unfortunately it seems a bit like its a “rights of passage” type thing for some drivers.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:49 am 03 Dec 07

Although I’m a performance car enthusiast, I am all for stopping street racing and dumb behaviours (eg burnouts in residential areas).

The problem was, is, and will continue to be, however, that our governments are much more interested in taking simple steps that result in revenue (the focus on speeding and speed cameras is a good example), than they are about real road safety. Unfortunately, any pollie who has the nuts to suggest proper driver training and sensible compliance will be voted out by people blindly accusing them a ‘hoon’. It’s a bit sad really, because it means the measures that could actually make a real difference to the safety of general road users are not likely to be implemented.

Deano Deano 11:40 pm 02 Dec 07

From my observations, most of these cars involved in burnouts and street racing have large “For Sale” stickers with the owner’s phone number prominently displayed. Why not take down the number and give them a call at an inconvenient time, like say 9am.

p1 p1 9:14 pm 02 Dec 07

You need a special restricted hire car licence and special rego on your car to legally drive paying passengers to formals (and weddings).

While this is true, if you are driving you little sister in your “fully sick” commodore, then you don’t….

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:42 pm 01 Dec 07

[i]ACT Rego, with AFP apparently in tow, took inordinate interest in the vehicles delivering partygoers to St Claire’s formal last night.

Vehicle details were recorded, I suspect with the view that any vehicle cool enough to be used for a formal HAS to be illegally modified, so a trip over the pits, causing inconvenience and cost to the owner, is definately in order.[/i]

You need a special restricted hire car licence and special rego on your car to legally drive paying passengers to formals (and weddings). That is probably what the cops were checking, as well as anti social stuff like burnouts.

VicePope VicePope 8:18 pm 01 Dec 07

Burnouts are stupid and noisy at the best of times, and that’s prt of the reason legislators and coppers react to them. There is also a significant danger issue, with some components being stressed to a point where failure is much more likely – and this is probably more likely when the cars are already old and being driven by morons. I’m all in favour of a quick police reaction on this one.

Seize the car. Allow the idiot to drive if and only if he (and it’s almost always a he) agrees to paint it pink and daub it with slogans suggesting that (a) he’s an idiot and (b) he’s gay.

Mælinar Mælinar 5:58 pm 01 Dec 07

Put a besa-block at an inconvenient place on the road. Those going the speed limit will naturally have time to dodge the obstacle.

Reduces hoon activity to 0 in about 3 crashes.

cranky cranky 5:45 pm 01 Dec 07


Lets just say Sonic is some years my junior!

My gripe is the inequality of penalty for this particular offence compared with any other.

bd84 bd84 5:27 pm 01 Dec 07

First of all the story implies that the driver of the one nut car (or driver) was doing something illegal before they pulled it over, if you don’t understand that in the first place..

As for confiscating cars, it’s a great idea. If they keep doing it the modifications (if any) should be removed and the car sold, return half the value to the owner and the other half should be paid as a fine and cover costs. Crushing the car as they’re proposing in NSW seems a little extreme at this time, will probably pose problems in the amounts of money being wasted.

And cranky you shouldn’t have any problems with the penalties being handed out, unless you’re one of the morons doing the burnouts, plus I think you will find if you’re a repeat offender you end up in court anyway.

ant ant 12:44 pm 01 Dec 07

I’d rather the police were policing this kind of stuff, anti-social stuff, rather than what they currently do (not sure what that is, actually).This is the stuff that directly affects so many of us.

Nemo Nemo 10:29 am 01 Dec 07

Nope- no police have ever attended despite complaints to police from myself and other neighbours.

Like speeding and speed cameras, drivers know the penalty and can choose whether to break the law or not- quite simple really.

cranky cranky 10:13 am 01 Dec 07

I have already expressed my opinion regarding burnouts.

My problem is that, unlike other motor traffic infringements, the fine in this case is instantly set by the Police at many, many thousands of dollars, being the value of the vehicle, and has nothing to do with any court adjudicated penalty.

The fact that the burnouts have stopped in your case is probably more a case of Police action, which may previously not have occurred.

Nemo Nemo 9:54 am 01 Dec 07

Cranky – tell me your address, so I can come around and do burnouts out the front of your house from 10pm-3am every Sat night – I might even bring 10 of my mates.

That’s what we put up with for over 12 months before the behaviour came to an end when these laws came in.

Police already issue penalties for other traffic offences without it going to court, I see no difference.

cranky cranky 9:29 am 01 Dec 07

Perhaps these confiscation laws are a glaring admission that the ACT Courts are not handing down sentences the ACT Government approves of.

Allowing ACT Police to be judge, jury and executioner neatly sidesteps the embarassment of having to appeal supposedly inadequate sentences.

Take it a step further. Allow Police free hand to judge all misdemeanors, and automatically impose a sentence already decided by Sonic and Co.

Nemo Nemo 8:50 am 01 Dec 07

I think the laws are great.
Our house backs on to a dead end long straight road with no traffic – mecca for street hoons.

When we first moved in two years ago, we had numerous cars each weekend doing burnouts and racing each other. We had a car hit the power pole 20m from our bedroom window.

Since the laws were brought in the hoon activity has dropped significantly – occasionally there is an idiot, but not every weekend as it was before.

threeze threeze 11:10 pm 30 Nov 07

ChrisinTurner, what is your rationale behind that? If i modify my car, legally, and it makes more noise I should lose it? Yeah, I think that is a splendid idea.

astrojax astrojax 10:00 pm 30 Nov 07

unless it is already a harley, whereupon it should be confiscated anyway…

mebbe the car with one wheel nut was one of those racing-style rims with only one central nut anyway – sensational reporting, mebbe?

ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 9:20 pm 30 Nov 07

Anyone who modifies a vehicle to make more noise than when manufactured should have it confiscated, as happens in Europe.

ant ant 8:42 pm 30 Nov 07

And yet the eardrum-shattering Harleys continue unabated. in terms of nuisence value, surely these rowdy, modified things are much worse than hoonish cars?

cranky cranky 8:23 pm 30 Nov 07

ACT Rego, with AFP apparently in tow, took inordinate interest in the vehicles delivering partygoers to St Claire’s formal last night.

Vehicle details were recorded, I suspect with the view that any vehicle cool enough to be used for a formal HAS to be illegally modified, so a trip over the pits, causing inconvenience and cost to the owner, is definately in order.

Sonic: Just what the hell problem do you have with motoring enthusiasts? You claim these blitzes save lives & eradicate hoon behaviour, but aren’t they simply a smokescreen for giving car nuts a really hard time?

You cannot justify the confiscation of a valuable vehicle, because it was used to make a noise, with any other penalty applied by the law. You can drive, having never gained a license, with false number plates, disregard Police, run red lights, kill a fellow motorist, AND IT DOSN”T COST YOU A PENNY. In fact, you get a suspended sentance.

Let me make it clear. I do not condone burnouts. They may not hurt anyone, but like most, the noise tits me to shears!

But your heavyhanded bureaucratic remedy will only decrease any respect the younger generation may have had for the authorities.

How about some positive action to allow venues for drags/burnouts/racing? No other interest group is so poorly served by your government.

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