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Summernats started

Thumper 3 January 2008 36

Well, someone had to post something so ….
The SMH has this little story about drag racer Victor Bray and the Summernats.

I particularly like this gem from one of the attendees, “Chicks with boobs. That’s why I come here every year,” said Michael Gratwick from Cooma. “Don’t worry about the cars.”

Don’t we live in an enlightened world?

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36 Responses to Summernats started
popgoescanberra 9:52 am 05 Jan 08

As I said before, no problem with the event taking place, but why must they rev their rather loud engines in a driveway outside my window in the inner south for ten minutes early on a Saturday morning. I get up at 5:30am weekday mornings, so enjoy a sleep in on weekends.

Shouting “faggot” at my friends from cars and balconies in Civic isn’t very nice either.

Gord0 12:41 am 05 Jan 08

I attended summernats today as opposed to some ill-informed opinionated pontificators that still think a turbo is something you click on the vacuum cleaner…

Some observations :

no of interesting lovingly maintained vehicles in static and moving displays : 100’s

no. of fights : 0

no of people (men, women, children and families) having a great time in the safe and friendly atmosphere : 1000’s

entertainment factor : 100%

value for money : 100%

Ban the aforementioned tools we have to put up with on our local roads daily such as false-economy conned drones driving overpriced $hitbox hybrid vehicles driven by a-b tunnel vision equipped drivers that think 90 on the parkway in the right lane or using an indicator to post-advise their intentions is a good driving practice.

The greater variety and quantity of motorsport of this calibre in the ACT to properly pi$$ these smokers off…the BETTER !

Oh and just one more note to the hybrid-driving grey shaded drones – I’m sure you NEVER use airflight for your holiday travel as you’d be aware of the extreme emissions of CO, NOx and HC…

..or attend a night-time football match at Bruce stadium or similar with all those nasty stadium lights burning away..not to mention the full carparks owned by the spectators !

..didn’t think so.

utah 11:09 pm 04 Jan 08

In a 400-metre race, Bray takes his vehicle from zero to 400 kilometres an hour.
…before doing a barrel roll over the airfield…

Thumper 9:17 pm 04 Jan 08

Samey same H, never been to Flowerbrigade and never been to Slumbernats….

H 7:56 pm 04 Jan 08

I’ve lived here for 7 years. Never been to Follyriarde, never been to Summernuts. So proud of me 🙂

Mælinar 7:09 pm 04 Jan 08

Everybody who uses the internet is a nerd. A true meathead’s only computer experience is running the machines at fast food counters…

astrojax 3:35 pm 04 Jan 08

i do live in a pretty country town. and it has a noice flower show on each year for the old ducks to waddle about in and wonder where all those bogans in singlets and utes have gone since they were here with the rellies just after new year…

eh? eh?

even my grandma used a computer – she also grew flowers. paradox, or what!

Typsy McStaggers 12:45 pm 04 Jan 08

I’m scared, hold me

neanderthalsis 11:58 am 04 Jan 08

I hereby propose that to minimise public expense and maximise public enjoymnet, we combine Floriade and Summernats into one festival. Grannies with zimmerframes can replace the usual Summernat trollops and the burnouts can be done in flowerbeds.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:57 am 04 Jan 08

LOL Adza. You complain about Summernats being generalised as a Bogan event then claim that anyone who posts on the internet a nerd. Nice double standards there mate. I just think they need to bring back the V8 race as a replacement. There are plenty of better car shows in Canberra throughout the year, you know, the type which don’t attract dickheads.

aa 11:33 am 04 Jan 08

plus if that’s your thing, move and live in a little country town, not a city.

aa 11:06 am 04 Jan 08

whish is more bogan, watching flower or cars? Tell me, is there any thing different about floriade? If you’ve gone to it once, you don’t need to go to it again, cause it the SAME THING EVERY YEAR! My block actually has a lot of plants and water features, but all I was saying is that floriade is more bogan than summernats. For someone who is against plasma tv’s and playsations, why are you then using a computer?

astrojax 10:58 am 04 Jan 08

poor you, aa. flowers, huh? like, nature not good enough for ye? need a plasma teev and a playstation to be ‘entertained’? guess i needn’t ask you to name your favourite constellation, or bird, or insect, or tree. is your block one large concrete expanse? poor, poor aa… such a demeaned life…

aa 10:44 am 04 Jan 08

Im not saying people who like summernats are bogans, im saying the idiots out there doing burnouts and causing trouble are. To me, those who enjoy floriade are the bogans! They’re flowers people, get over it! i don’t see why they have to change roads and add red lights to idiots who want to see flowers! Why don’t they just walk under the bridge!

Adza 10:39 am 04 Jan 08

You are right, Canberra residents make up most of the racing/burnouts etc.

Heaven forbid though that someone might like something other than floriade… and that brandishes them as bogans.

Guess they’re the ones that are out enjoying themselves, not spending time being nerds posting on the internet.

aa 10:31 am 04 Jan 08

I agree with Tempestas, most of the bogans on the roads doing the burnouts and causing trouble are the locals, and not the entrants.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 10:13 am 04 Jan 08

A search for “Summernats” on Facebook groups returns some predictable results. First is a group titled “SUMMERNATS, The only thing Canberra’s got going for it!!!” and the second is “I flee Canberra every Summernats because I hate cars and bogans”. I wish I was fleeing Canberra so I could be a part of the second group.

Thumper 9:40 am 04 Jan 08

Or temporary road closures so that only residents can get in?

Tempestas 9:35 am 04 Jan 08

ts all the local and not so local f@#&wits who think leaving rubber on suburban streets at 1am in the morning is acceptable behaviour that worries me. The entrants themselves probably are not the same sub-species of bogan.

Perhaps we just need the AFP to go an hand out heaps of road spikes to people in surrounding suburbs and every burn-out or speeding f@#kwit you get gets a $50 reward. That would make it interesting.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 9:18 am 04 Jan 08

F*ck Summernats, bring back the V8’s. At least it can be a family event.

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