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Summernats started

By Thumper - 3 January 2008 36

Well, someone had to post something so ….
The SMH has this little story about drag racer Victor Bray and the Summernats.

I particularly like this gem from one of the attendees, “Chicks with boobs. That’s why I come here every year,” said Michael Gratwick from Cooma. “Don’t worry about the cars.”

Don’t we live in an enlightened world?

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Summernats started
canberra towie 12:08 am 04 Jan 08

“If they come down my way, I’ve got the Bofors gun ready & waiting at the front door”
Hasdrubahl do they FLY past you place ?? lol

Holden Caulfield 10:37 pm 03 Jan 08

“why can’t they hold it in a paddock in whoop-whoop?”

Well they kind of did. What are we up to now, the 21st year IIRC. Starlight drive in was probably still in action back then.

Still, not as cheeky as planting a fire hazard forest over the road from those nice houses in Duffy.


astrojax 10:22 pm 03 Jan 08

s’much more fun to bag out the blue-rinse oldies… they hit back.

strangely, i agree with you. as much as i personally detest the depressed mental acuity of the hoons, if they are going to congregate, they are going to congregate – might as well say hello and wish them a nice time in sunny canberra, then wander quietly away… they’ll all be gone soon.

Thumper 9:37 pm 03 Jan 08

I have no problem with the event. Sure, they are generally anti social d*ckheads, but in the end it’s simply people doing, or participating in what they enjoy. Nothing wrong with that.

I can’t stand floriade either, but I don’t bag out blue rinsed oldies.

Let the bogans have their boganfest, it’s probably a very good thing for Canberra given our reputation throughout the country (unwarranted).

And besides, it’s only a week.

disclaimer: I have never been to boganats and never will….

Lighten up hippies, it’s only a week ad it helps put this great place on the map 😉

Hasdrubahl 9:28 pm 03 Jan 08

If they come down my way, I’ve got the Bofors gun ready & waiting at the front door.

That’ll help them with their ‘burnouts’ – har!

ant 9:25 pm 03 Jan 08

any hobby or interest that makes the lives of people in their own homes a misery, is a hobby/interest that should be run out of town.

why can’t they hold it in a paddock in whoop-whoop?

popgoescanberra 8:54 pm 03 Jan 08

I can (sort of) understand the tourism benefits that this hideous event (one which I admit I have not attended) brings Canberra, but why should we the residents be forced to put up with these hideously non-environmentally friendly bogans (who wouldn’t know a Prius if one ran over them on a dark Gunghalin street)revving their cars up and down our streets outside residential buildings at all hours? They seem to enjoy gathering in downtown Griffith for some reason.

I am really quite tired of these ridiculous Holdens/Fords and their sunglassed, bearded, little dicked drivers spoiling my New Year serenity.

I enjoy plenty of leisure pursuits but they don’t disturb any resident’s lounge room peace and quiet.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:26 pm 03 Jan 08

Um, it’s actually more or less true swissbignose – 395.52km/h to be exact, which surely can be considered ‘close enough’? 😀

(And just imagine how much quicker he’d be if he wasn’t such a fat bastard!)

trix 7:03 pm 03 Jan 08

Ah, living just off Northbourne is such fun at this time of year. Is it just this chick, or does everyone else with a brain think that f*cktards over-revving and leaving rubber on the road just serve to show how crappy their driving skills are? Way to impress the ladeez (with more than one braincell). Not.

Thumper 6:31 pm 03 Jan 08

Actually, Braddon was over run by loud mouth, anti social f*ckwits this arvo….

swissbignose 5:14 pm 03 Jan 08

“In a 400-metre race, Bray takes his vehicle from zero to 400 kilometres an hour.”


Skidbladnir 5:05 pm 03 Jan 08

Maybe he means the boobs are the people who come to Summernats with chicks, and he comes for them?

Ben H 4:45 pm 03 Jan 08

Do the chicks in Cooma not have boobs?

Gungahlin Al 4:25 pm 03 Jan 08

Quite a few of the NSW Boys in blue are having a merry time on the Federal Hwy just north of the border as I write this – both directions…

Snahons_scv6_berlina 4:22 pm 03 Jan 08

when all the guy has to look at is what’s in Cooma, can you blame him ?

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