Summernats traffic arrangements

johnboy 5 January 2011 55

With Summernats starting tomorrow the Department of Territory and Municipal Services is giving notice of the traffic changes they’re planning for the event:

• Delays are to be expected on Flemington Road. Motorists are advised to use the Gungahlin Drive route to and from Gungahlin. Alternative routes will be signposted.

• The possible closure of the southbound carriageway of Flemington Road between Lysaght Street and Randwick Road if significant traffic congestion is experienced. The northbound carriageway will remain open to traffic. Buses and taxis will still be able to use Flemington Road in both directions between Northbourne Avenue and Randwick Road.

• Stirling Avenue will be closed between Northbourne Avenue and Aspinall Street in Watson.

• Phillip Avenue and Swinden Street will remain open to traffic at all times.

• Delays are also to be expected on Northbourne Avenue near EPIC, although access along Northbourne Avenue will still be permitted. Motorists will be encouraged to use the signposted alternative routes of Antill Street and Wakefield Avenue.

• Additional parking will be available to the north of EPIC, accessed via Sandford Street or Wells Station Road.

• An ‘Alcohol Fee Zone’ will be created along Aspinall Street, Stirling Avenue, Northbourne Avenue, Lonsdale Street and the Federal Highway, as well as short sections of Wells Station Road, Phillip Avenue and the parking area north of Exhibition Park. These zones will be signposted.

• ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Camping’ signs will be erected on both sides of Northbourne Avenue

The ‘Nats this year are running from 6 January to 9 January.

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55 Responses to Summernats traffic arrangements
akinom akinom 1:25 pm 06 Jan 11

Here’s a bit of summernats reminiscence. Back in the late 1980s, I remember getting back from Sydney late, only to find myself stuck in a traffic jam on Antill St trying to cross Northbourne Ave to get home to O’Connor. The summernats were doing their finale cruise … that’s why everything was jammed up. It was a boiling hot night. The spectators along Northbourne would ‘fire’ off their supersoaker at passing cars. Those were the daze. But now, since the ‘nats have been corralled into EPIC I don’t see any problem, with traffic, noise or whatever. Let them be.

EvanJames EvanJames 11:01 am 06 Jan 11

p1 said: “On the other hand, if the city is sick of being invaded by wankers, then the fact that the wankers like their party is hardly a reason to let it continue.”

Well said. If the people who live here don’t want the event, why is it still held here?

Solidarity Solidarity 10:20 am 06 Jan 11

I have no opinion on the event, but i’d just like to say that i’ve seen some pretty awesome cars out and about the last few days. (Not doing anything illegal, just driving, but cool none the less)

H1NG0 H1NG0 8:44 am 06 Jan 11

Yes amarooresident3, I know it lost money. But that was because the bloody thing was held in icy conditions. Hold the same event in Spring or Summer and it would be a different story.

ConanOfCooma ConanOfCooma 7:45 am 06 Jan 11

It’s not that I don’t like Summernats, I don’t like the arse clowns that continually shame the event.

I did hear it was a bit more kid friendly last year, but I think I will just stay at home and play some banned computer games with my kids.

lobster lobster 4:47 am 06 Jan 11

Nothing fills me with RAGE more than when someone likes something that I don’t like.
HOW DARE ANYONE like summernats. I don’t like it. So anyone who does like it is wanker.

p1 p1 10:43 pm 05 Jan 11

Well, actually, Hobart does experience the odd bit of race related drunken tomfoolery. But your point is valid.

On the other hand, if the city is sick of being invaded by wankers, then the fact that the wankers like their party is hardly a reason to let it continue.

Grumpy Old Fart Grumpy Old Fart 10:37 pm 05 Jan 11

As much as I hate and loathe the fuel guzzling smoke belching twits that give Summernats a bad name. The event is as much for the vehicle purists who have invested tens of thousands of dollars+ in their cars this is their Sydney-Hobart race. We can’t all like the same thing or the world would be boring. You don’t see the residents of Hobart bitching about the all night parties in the harbour and surrounding pubs.

Summernats is probably one of the few activities in January that increases occupancy rates in Canberra and also fills the coffers for the ACT, NSW and Victorian Government with speeding and other fines.

Let em have their fun. If you don’t like it move or go to the coast.

cleo cleo 10:18 pm 05 Jan 11

As long as Northbourne Ave isn’t clogged up with traffic, I will be coming back to Canberra from Sydney the 7th

p1 p1 9:16 pm 05 Jan 11

I ask, because a few years ago I ran the fuel store at summergnats, and at that time the restrictions placed on fuel onsite were extensive.

Between the firies and environmental people, the organisers had to ensure that all fuel onsite was in the one place, and that that place had quite comprehensive precautions taken with regards to fire risk and spill prevention. For example, only one vehicle at a time could be in the bay actually refueling. That year, it was only really people running methanol or avgas who brought their own fuel, everyone else filled up at the servo.

If the majority of entrants will be filling onsite from drums, either these restrictions must have eased a *lot* or following them will impose a lot of work and cost on the organizers.

CoffinRX2 CoffinRX2 9:03 pm 05 Jan 11

@19 I agree with you, most car shows in town cater for all different kinds of demographic. Auto Italia, German Autofest, Shannons Wheels for everything, All Ford Day etc, … Summernats caters for the cars designed for brute horsepower and lunacy and gives them a rather controlled environment to drive them in.

If you like motorsport you have WSID, Wakefield, SDMA, Rallies etc … I personally enjoy seeing the engineering gone into a 1000hp methanol fed car rather than v8 supercars or looking at flowers at floriade

s-s-a s-s-a 8:29 pm 05 Jan 11

#42 I presume same way as you do at a rally… jerry cans.

p1 p1 8:21 pm 05 Jan 11


Since the petrol station collocated with Epic is currently not in existence, does anyone know how the VB drinking, falcondore driving pooftas summernats participants will fill up without driving their very-not-roadworthy vehicles on a public road?

breda breda 8:20 pm 05 Jan 11

The deep and visceral loathing of Summernats in some sections of the community brings to mind Pleasantville, USA, or perhaps Dame Edna “it’s so unnecessary!’ These are the same people as those who bitterly opposed popular music festivals when they began in the late 60s/early 70s. Probably still do.

I mean, we are talking about immoral behaviour, noise, strange people from who knows where, litter, traffic problems – hell, this is not a gated community, but only because we can’t get away with it! People who are not exactly like us are not welcome here, it seems.

FWIW, I have a couple of friends who come from Sydney to Summernats every year. They stay in a hotel, and eat at local cafes and restaurants. They are car nuts, and they are tourists, and without people like them the local hotels and eateries would be much worse off. But even if they weren’t, the smug and exclusive views of the Summernats haters are no different from the “is it a boy or a girl? haw, haw’ views of the locals who hated music festivals years ago.

Ryan Ryan 7:58 pm 05 Jan 11

Plenty of bus services heading past EPIC according to this:

Can’t see many of the Summernats Crowd catching one, though.

schmeah schmeah 7:30 pm 05 Jan 11

I agree with Holden Caufield. Floriade is a royal pain in the neck .. maybe the punters don’t spew on the pavement as much, but trying to avoid hitting them on Commonwealth Avenue because they think they can moesy out into the traffic whenever they like .. argh!

Summernats is the pits. I’m locking myself indoors until Monday.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:18 pm 05 Jan 11

@ EvanJames # 21 “Could you please compile a list of valid (“genuine”) things that we can complain about?”

Lycra clad cyclists?

Sonja Sonja 6:42 pm 05 Jan 11

Love that their “additional parking” is all in Mitchell… where there’s already a major shortage of car parking for people with whom I work, since our employer and the department we support feel that parking is just a luxury we can do without.

In spite of the increase of bogans driving next to my office in the next few days, I’m taking my motorbike.

vg vg 6:37 pm 05 Jan 11

Driving boganised imported cars down from the inner west of Sydney is the real Australia outside the ACT?

Who knew?

Actually you can pick the real Australians, they have the Southern Cross tattooed someone visible and stupid

fabforty fabforty 5:55 pm 05 Jan 11

I agree with those who are throwing doubts on the so called financial rewards of Summernats.

From what I can gather, the “participants” are only here for three or four days and the biggest chunk of their money will be spent within the confines of Summernats and therefore at stalls from everywhere else other than Canberra. When the tents are taken down, all that money goes back to Sydney and Melbourne.

They are not here to shop, visit local attractions or dine in nice restaurants. So for those who say they “hardly notice” Summernats, I would say that is my point exactly. Any businesses further south than Civic (with the exception of Fyshwick of course) don’t see a cent.

Of course, let’s not forget the only businesses outside EPIC who rake it in are the brothels and sex shops. The bikie gangs and other organised crime groups who own these establishments must be peeing their pants in delight that the ACT Government actually pays huge amounts for this event to be staged, controlled, and cleaned up at completion while they make a fortune.

The whole thing is a moronic farce and makes me wonder who is in John Stanhope’s pocket so far that he continues to support it. If it makes so much money for the community, let’s see the proof.

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