Swine flu measures – Alert level notched up.

johnboy 25 May 2009 14

Before any mention of swine flu I feel it’s beholden to mention that plain old vanilla flu is currently killing people every day.

Having said that Mr Stanhope has moved the ACT’s pandemic level to “CONTAIN” which involves the following:

    “School principals have been advised that, for the time being, any student arriving in Canberra from Mexico, the USA, Canada, Japan or Panama should be excluded from school for seven days after arriving home,” Mr Stanhope said.

    “The ACT Government has adopted this exclusion policy on the advice of the ACT Chief Health Officer and the Australian Health Protection Committee which has recommended that all education departments implement the policy.

    “During this seven day exclusion period, the student should stay home, whether or not they have flu symptoms, and avoid other people as much as possible. This is because a person infected with the flu can spread the virus before they start to feel unwell.

If you’re worried that you might be showing symptoms Mr Stanhope encourages you to call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

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14 Responses to Swine flu measures – Alert level notched up.
s-s-a s-s-a 9:28 am 26 May 09

schools and daycare are breeding grounds for infectious diseases

Interesting to see the letter which came home from school yesterday specifically says that children at daycare will not be excluded, based on evidence about how the virus is transmitted. Which is interesting.

James T Kirk James T Kirk 8:13 am 26 May 09

Punter – I completely agree – what I was pointing out was yet another disconnect between what would have been a good policy and the way that it is implemented.

To exclude travellers is a great plan. To not classify somebody who has travelled (for 3+ hours is a small confined compartment) is probably not so cool – and is probably a disconnect between management and the intent of the policy.

Punter Punter 10:42 pm 25 May 09

My 7yo came home from school today with a letter advising students returning from OS (named specific countires) should not come to school for seven days. The letter was sent on advice from the Cheif Health Officer of the ACT.

From all reports, this is a serious world wide health threat so fair call I say. To think it will just go away is part of the problem. Has anyone seen I am legend? Crikey!!!

James T Kirk James T Kirk 9:14 pm 25 May 09

Just heard that Teachers will be asked to stay at home if they have been travelling to the affected areas. Makes sense.

But, now the bit that doesn’t make sense – picture this….

There is this teacher I am aware of, who will be travelling to Sydney to pick her now adult child up from the Airport – Child has been living in the USA for a number of years – and they will be travelling home in a car – together. Teacher asks her boss what she should do – they say that she is not to stay at home and is to GO ON TEACHING.

You have to love govmit consistiency.

Just a hint – the microbes travel very well between people in a confined space – so – here is the potential path for the loss of the ENTIRE ACT GOVERNMENT, and therefore society as we know it…

Pig farmer travelling to Sydney -> Child on plane -> Parent in car -> Head of Department at meeting explaining unauthorised staff absence -> Principal Explaining why the department didn’t meet school targets -> Other schools via a golf game between principals -> Department of education via another golf game -> Chief ministers office via a single cough at a swankey cafe in civic.

At least then we might get to elect a new govmit. I wonder if there will be any HOT candidates like there were in the recent Federal elections?

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 3:22 pm 25 May 09

Pretty sure I heard a news thread on SBS a few weeks ago, where WHO were urging Governments and NGO’s alike not to use the term “Swine Flu”. Apparently any animal can carry this flu, therefore why continue the scare mongering about swines. Begs to question why the “always so liberal ALP” ACT Government is still using the terminology “Swine Flu”. See: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090430/ap_on_he_me/un_who_swine_flu

sepi sepi 12:46 pm 25 May 09

Definitley warranted.

I was shocked they didn’t close that school in Melbourne where 3 kids had has swine flu.

A bit of overkill is better than just hopoing for the best.

ant ant 12:46 pm 25 May 09

apparently viruses stay “live” in kids longer, as their immune systems aren’t as strong, so they have to be a bit more careful, as there’s a longer period of being infectious.

Thumper Thumper 12:16 pm 25 May 09


rottweiler rottweiler 11:46 am 25 May 09

Simple as this all sick need to say home I’ve just had one girl home for a week and the other home for two with a common cold/flu (drove me crazy),but at least the rest of their class and teacher were happy not to have their bug we picked up while in sydney.

Inappropriate Inappropriate 11:34 am 25 May 09

I think it’s warranted: schools and daycare are breeding grounds for infectious diseases (thanks to parents who won’t keep their sick kids at home).

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:30 am 25 May 09

Pigs might fly.

Granny Granny 10:05 am 25 May 09

Well, some kids will be happy. First that overseas trip and then a week at home! Cool!!

: )

It’s not going to affect a great number of people, and if they didn’t do it people would be pretty quick to point the bone of blame: “You ignored the advice of the ACT Chief Health Officer and the Australian Health Protection Committee and now this has happened! We blame you for this!”

I’m pretty sure the whole swine flu thing will blow over soon as did SARS and the last bird flu scare.

housebound housebound 10:00 am 25 May 09

For some reason, this warranted an emergency cabinet meeting yesterday (Sunday). What is it they aren’t telling us?

barking toad barking toad 9:34 am 25 May 09

Anyone with a cough will be classisfied as a potential babe-flu carrier.

The WHO has to justify it’s existence with scare tactics and the sheep follow.

Like the gorebull warming scare.

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