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johnboy 19 October 2012 5

The blog within a blog of all your election minutiae kicks off for the penultimate day of the campaign:

Zed is still asking what’s paying for the stamp duty cuts if not a rate rise?

Team Katy has $15 million for outpatient services and imaging services which we’re sure are linked in some arcane manner.

Andrew Barr is being all smug about getting his costings into the Treasury folk who work for him.

Following the Canberra Times the ACT Government appears to think the election is over as well:

Andrew Barr is accusing the Liberals of a funding shortfall on the Autism School promise.

Simon Corbell has announced that he too has dispensed with democracy and is moving on with getting his light rail network underway.

Mark Blumer loves both Liberals and Greens to the tune of $10k each.

Crikey’s reporting a tip Zed’s already packing his bags:

Fed-up Zed? Canberrans are heading to the polls tomorrow to vote in the ACT election, with polls showing the Liberals have their work cut out for them to win more seats and threaten the Labor-Green government. So what was ACT Liberal leader Zed Seselja doing in Parliament House (the federal version) yesterday? Shouldn’t he have been out on the hustings? More than one curious tipster spotted Seselja:
“Seselja cut a lonely figure at Aussies Cafe in Parliament House this morning. He was there by himself for at least 20 minutes. Lining up for their morning coffee, staffers from all sides of politics were wondering why he was wasting his time sitting there doing nothing just two days out from the ACT poll.”
“Seselja was at Parliament House this morning for a meeting, possibly with Tony Abbott’s staff. The tip is that if Seselja loses the election this Saturday he’s going to go after Gary Humphries’ Senate spot. The Liberals haven’t held preselections for the ACT Senate places yet. Seselja is from the ACT right which has the numbers in the ACT branch.”
Seselja, who is young and energetic, has stabilised the ACT Liberals, but may steward them to a so-so result in the Labor-lovin’ town tomorrow. (Canberrans can only bring themselves to vote Liberal at the territory level if someone like former chief minister and “Liberal lite” Kate Carnell is at the helm.) So will Seselja make a tilt at federal politics? If you have the inside goss, let us know.

The Canberra Times’ Katy boosting plumbs new depths with a psychic prediction. To be fair the psychic seems to analyse poll data better than Noel Towell.

Joy Burch is jumping up and down on the Liberals costing a 20 place autism school despite promising 40.

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5 Responses to T-1. Election digest
c_c c_c 7:51 pm 19 Oct 12

Zed has flipped! He’s now saying he will be open to forming a coalition with the Greens, he just won’t let them have a ministry. Back flip of the campaign right there. Give the man a prize.

johnboy johnboy 3:28 pm 19 Oct 12

One almost wonders if all the relentless katy boosting will have a counterproductive effect.

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 9:59 am 19 Oct 12

I have already voted and I still don’t think I’m that happy with what I did. I didn’t want to waste my vote, and voting electronically, I’m not sure how you can just scrawl a rude picture over the screen! Anyway, I stayed with my in-built sensibilities, even though I have doubts about this particular party’s overall readiness and some of their slightly regressive ‘we just want to reverse labor things’ policies, (might give you a clue), I tried to make them work to get the vote in the bag.

miz miz 9:50 am 19 Oct 12

Or, Davo, do you vote to the same old lot that are slowly running Canberra into the ground? As a letter to the CT states today, ‘I just want the Canberra we had before Stanhope’. I will be using my vote tomorrow to say ‘me too’.

davo101 davo101 9:24 am 19 Oct 12

Zed is still asking what’s paying for the stamp duty cuts if not a rate rise?

Oh dear, do I vote for:

Labor–who think I’ll be stupid enough to think rates won’t rise, or
Liberal–who think I’ll be stupid enough not to notice that the total tax I’ll pay will still go up anyway?

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