Tales from Tuggeranong – Zed does a runner

DorothyDix 5 February 2013 8

Many voters in Tuggeranong are seething, me for one.

After serving less than four months as the member for Brindabella, Zed has announced he is doing a runner and setting his sights on the Big House on the Hill.

Steve Dozpott was sent packing to Molonglo because, so we were told, Zed wanted to serve the voters in his home seat of Brindabella.

Now after he gets voted in what does he do?

he dump us for a bigger political playground.

Thanks for nothing Zed, not that we have seen much of you down here anyway.

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8 Responses to Tales from Tuggeranong – Zed does a runner
Grail Grail 1:46 pm 05 Feb 13

I am surprised by the number of people expressing concern over a politician serving his own self-interest ahead of his community.

watto23 watto23 12:18 pm 05 Feb 13

Yes its all about how you do these things. most likely it was in the plan if the libs didn’t win the election, but would you ever say that to the electorate……

Alderney Alderney 12:15 pm 05 Feb 13

I agree that this is a very poor look.

This does nothing to endear the Canberra Liberals to the people of Tuggeranong after the huge show of confidence they exhibited in Zed and the Libs at the last election.

No wonder the average citizen thinks politicians are just power hungry, out for themselves tospots. What ever happend to representing the community and alturism? Self serving f$@#%wits, the lot of them.

I predict a thumping for the libs (sorry, Libs, as there is hardly a small l left in the party) in Tuggers next time round.

chewy14 chewy14 12:04 pm 05 Feb 13

Solid whinge.

I’m betting you didn’t actually vote for him anyway.

It’s extremely common for a leader to resign after losing an election so I honestly don’t know why this is a big deal. It should produce a good shake up for the Libs and maybe they won’t be so crap for the next four years?

BrassRazoo BrassRazoo 11:53 am 05 Feb 13

Did he LIE to his constituents and the people of Canberra as to whether he’d be serving his term in the Assembly? Will he be denounced by shock jocks and hounded by a rent-a-crowd of vicious geriatrics? Will his seat in the Assembly be tainted? The Canberra Liberals must be in turmoil.

    johnboy johnboy 11:55 am 05 Feb 13

    Hardly turmoil, this appears to have been planned since october.

KB1971 KB1971 11:20 am 05 Feb 13

I wish you would move from Tuggeranong, you don’t seem to like anything here.

Rollersk8r Rollersk8r 11:12 am 05 Feb 13

Agree. Terrible move, terrible timing, the ACT Libs are hopeless. If it’s between Smyth, Hanson and possibly even Coe for the leadership then Katy’s got the Chief Minister’s job for life!

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