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Tania Tominac not guilty

johnboy 28 September 2009 86

666 Radio is reporting that the Former St Francis Xavier College science teacher Tania Tominac has been found not guilty of having sex with a 14 year old student.

More on this as it comes to hand.

UPDATE: Make of this what you will. The accompanying photograph is the current profile photograph for a facebook profile in Ms Tominac’s name. Bear in mind the possibility of fraudulent profiles on Facebook.

FURTHER UPDATE: The ABC has a very brief story:

    Today in the ACT Supreme Court, Justice Malcolm Gray found her not guilty of all six charges.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Caf for pointing out that the ACT Supreme Court has been very quick off the mark in publishing the judgment which includes this conclusion:

    Overall, the matters put by the prosecution as support for the complainant’s account of the matters that are the subject of the charges on the indictment before me do not overcome the reservations that I have earlier expressed about the complainant’s evidence. I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that any one of the charges is made out.

Tanya Tominac Facebook Profile

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A FURTHER UPDATE: Peekz, who has an alarmingly encyclopedic knowledge has identified the woman pictured as being one Brittany O’Neil. On which basis the facebook profile can almost certainly be classified as fake and malicious.

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86 Responses to Tania Tominac not guilty
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blub blub 10:59 am 06 Jul 09

Jeebus, JB – how about NSFW links to posts.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:00 am 06 Jul 09

In aftermath of Fake Katy Gallagher’s Facebook, can you be sure that its Real Tania’s page, and not someone taking the piss?

PBO PBO 11:00 am 06 Jul 09

So, does she get her job back now? And secondly, what type of compensation is she recieving for being put through all this hassle? She had parts of her life that were not anyones business paraded before the court and in turn heard about by the community at large.

I would sue the crap out of the boys family for slander.

PBO PBO 11:01 am 06 Jul 09

I dont think that the photo is her anyway.

Granny Granny 11:05 am 06 Jul 09

It’s not real. There’s no way she’d have a photo like that in the current circumstances.

Sammy Sammy 11:07 am 06 Jul 09

The photo does bear a striking resemblance.

caf caf 11:09 am 06 Jul 09

Judgement online here for those interested. Our courts seem significantly more transparent than those over the border.

sepi sepi 11:10 am 06 Jul 09

Why are you showing that photo with this story?

You’ve lost me anyway.

barking toad barking toad 11:10 am 06 Jul 09

All dat meat and no dam potatoes!

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:14 am 06 Jul 09

Non-guilty but also unemployable.

Any teacher in the past who has had false claims made against them are deemed as outcasts despite their innocence.

Instead of being treated as the victim, she will be shunned. Don’t think it doesn’t happen, I can name several cases of ex-teachers being treated the same.

Me0314 Me0314 11:15 am 06 Jul 09

suck on it people. suck on it.

p.s i agree with sepi. still trying to make her look bad in an attempt to make people believe the lies? Sorry, didnt happen.

jessieduck jessieduck 11:16 am 06 Jul 09

OMG those tatas are not hers.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 11:17 am 06 Jul 09

Jb, I don’t think you’ve taken a justifiable position on this coverage, but even though its your editorial decision, my membership is due for renewal (or not) in a fortnight.

PS: If you absolutely -must- show the photo to make a point Jb, can you put it as an “after the jump”\”click here for more”?
“Lady with the big norks” is normally a page 3 inside the newspaper where consenting readers can find it, or other people can avoid it entirely, not a front page item for the newsstand gawkers with morning wood.

grundy grundy 11:18 am 06 Jul 09

OMFG, please censor that image! ha!

deezagood deezagood 11:22 am 06 Jul 09

Why on earth would you post this photo JB??

johnboy johnboy 11:24 am 06 Jul 09

Re: The photograph.

1) Leaving aside personal aesthetic judgments of it, it is not obscene.

2) That the Facebook profile in Ms Tominac’s name is carrying the photograph this morning is a matter, in my opinion, of considerable public interest, for all that it remains uncertain if it is something she posted, or if the profile was created by others.

A quick browse of other publicly available images of Ms Tominac suggest the picture is plausible.

Panhead Panhead 11:24 am 06 Jul 09

Poor woman! Her life has been completely destroyed by a screwed up, evil, drug addicted, lying, little prick who was able to con a gullible and incompetent bunch of cops and the DPP in this town. Those who know the people involved in, and the circumstances surrounding this farce, never had any doubt about the woman’s innocence. It’s such a joke and a tragedy that it ever got to court in the first place. Thankfully a Canberra judge has got it right for a change.

Thumper Thumper 11:25 am 06 Jul 09

Wow, I didn’t know a watermelon implant was possible.

OzChick OzChick 11:25 am 06 Jul 09

Please remove that pic as I read this forum at work. Eek.

FYI, This is what she looks like:

jessieduck jessieduck 11:29 am 06 Jul 09

The photo may not be obscene jb but it’s not safe for work in the sense that it attracts a fair bit of “double take” in the boss department.

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