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Tara – terrible experience

By - 16 February 2010 20

I have used Tara for years but recently when i picked up my dog he was very distressed and looked like he had been forgotten by the staff (who had no idea where he was). When i enquired about the possibility that he had recieved less than optimal care I nearly had my head bitten off!  Previous to Tara I had used Canberra Pet Care but my dog came back quite a bit thinner after just two weeks. I’m searching for a new option now… (surely its not meant to be this hard)…third time lucky? I hope!

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20 Responses to
Tara – terrible experience
lemon delicious 10:08 pm 17 Feb 10

I have always hated boarding kennels – they always felt like doggy prison to me. We tried a home pet care service for our last holiday away – we were only gone a week, but I think it worked really well. They popped in once a day to feed her – they walk pets at an extra cost. They also collected our mail and took out our bins. I think it was about $20 a day. I googled for the service – we used Home Pet Care Services (or something like that) but there’s a couple in town.

nic0 8:44 pm 17 Feb 10

Don’t ever leave your pets at Red Hill Dog Motel & Cattery, i used them twice never again. The second time i left my two Labs there for a month. When i came back they were skin and bone, their ribs were showing. Both times all the kennels smelt and there was shit everywhere.

I have never had a problem with Tara or the Barton Hwy Dog‘Otel and Cattery but after discovering these guys i will never use the kennels again.

hetzjagd1 7:14 pm 17 Feb 10

MrMagoo said :

Best Friend in Parkwood are fantastic and have been for along time. It is under new ownership now i believe but our dog has been going there for ten years and she’s always been well treated and happy on her return to us.

Seconded. We’ve had our dog there several times in his 9 year life and he looks excited when we drop him off there and well-taken-care-of when we pick him up. The staff have always been friendly and helpful

andym 4:54 pm 17 Feb 10

After a similar post last week, we went and visited Rovers Retreat last weekend. Looked like an excellent facility and James the guy running it was friendly, enthusiastic and obviously likes dogs.

madamcholet 1:39 pm 17 Feb 10

I recently found out about Don’t Fret Pet – a service where people take your dog/cat/whatever, into their own home and care for it whilst you are away. Seems to have been a well kept secret as everyone I tell about it actually seems to either be a carer or knows someone who is. It is quite pricey – up to $40 something a day, but what price the contentment of a family member who unfortunately can’t travel to exotic locations with you???

Buzz2600 12:44 pm 17 Feb 10

There may be a few reasons why your dog appeared thinner and distressed after being in kennels, especially after a number of weeks “on the inside”. Animals are often hyper-active as they’re in a very different environment compared to home (where they probably sleep most of the time) and they think they’ve been abandoned by you. It’s not necessarily poor quality care being provided but the individual dog’s reaction to the kennel experience. Perhaps you should consider a house-sitter next time you’re away.

luther_bendross 11:34 am 17 Feb 10

I have used Bendora for two years now and will continue to. It’s what looks like a family run place, they’ve gone as far as to replace those silly computer system thingys with individual cards for all their clients. The infrastructure isn’t new and doesn’t pretend to be. However having used quite a number of kennels in Sydney and also Canberra Pet Care (aside: our dog came back noteably thinner from there as well, three days later she was back to a normal weight) I’m more than happy to recommend Bendora.

MrMagoo 11:17 am 17 Feb 10

Best Friend in Parkwood are fantastic and have been for along time. It is under new ownership now i believe but our dog has been going there for ten years and she’s always been well treated and happy on her return to us.

icantbelieveitsnotbu 10:41 am 17 Feb 10

You’re right, in my experience they’re not the best. But then again, what do you expect for $20 a day? Best option, get someone to house sit… or a relo/ friend to take the dog while you’re away.

54-11 10:35 am 17 Feb 10

Woo-hoo – moved up to Picketer. Long time since I was ever promoted!

54-11 10:34 am 17 Feb 10

I’ve used Tara over many years and never had any major poblems. Ask them if there was any issue with your dog while you were away.

p1 10:59 pm 16 Feb 10

Some googling shows that Tara appears to be a cat and dog boarding place. While I guessed this from the OP, it was in no way clear.

astrojax 10:14 pm 16 Feb 10

you say your dog was thinner after canberra pet care – but was the dog maybe overweight to start with and they just helped get him into shape? just asking… (too many dogs, esp big ones and greedy ones like labs, are too overweight) i find cpc to be excellent and my girl loves them.

sepi 9:49 pm 16 Feb 10

Barton Hwy Dog ‘Otel and Cattery seem to have lost the plot as well.
Last thread on this issue seemed to say all the good ones are now out of town In Qbn and further afield.

Thumper 9:31 pm 16 Feb 10

See my previous comments regarding Tara.

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